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Hundreds of Young Jews celebrated in the first ever Taglit Birthright Israel Mega Event in French

The celebration was held on August 6th throughout the day, ending with a Mega Event in the evening, in the presence of 700 young adult Jews from France at the "Wohl Amphitheater" in Ganey Yehoshua.

August 6th, 700 young Jews from France marked Taglit-Birthright Israel’s 18th birthday in a special day of urban activations in Tel Aviv and a Mega Event in French. This is the first time such an event is organized especially for French speakers, with a record presence of 700 participants.

Participants attending the events in Tel-Aviv enjoyed a full day of unique activations including –Zumba classes and volleyball at the beach, a Mayumana show at the Abraham Hostel, self-navigated tours in the city and a colorful Mega Event at the evening. The Mega Event was held at the "Wohl Amphitheater" in Ganey Yehoshua.

1,800 French-speaking participants have arrived this summer season with Taglit Birthright Israel. They are arriving from different countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, and more. Most of the participants come from Paris and its suburbs, Marseille, Strasburg, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, and surroundings.



About Taglit-Birthright Israel

Birthright-Israel was founded in 1999 with the aim of strengthening Jewish identity among young Jews worldwide, enhancing their ties to their home Jewish communities and solidify their association with the state of Israel. BRI is a gift of the Jewish people to its young generation in form of a free educational trip in Israel. Since its establishment 18 years ago, over 650,000 young adults from 67 countries have enjoyed their free gift of an educational tour of Israel. Over 100,000 young Israeli soldiers and students have joined various groups on their tours. The trip wishes to establish an understanding, friendship and a lasting bond with the state and the people of Israel and to reinforce the solidarity of the Jewish people worldwide. Over the years, several studies have been conducted by Brandies University, demonstrating the lasting effect on Birthright Israel participants’ Jewish identity, communities, and connection to Israel.


 Photo credit - Birthright Israel