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The Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv will host, between April 4th – May 12th, 2017, the photography exhibition “An Israeli in Romania, a Romanian in Israel” by Romanian-born Israeli artist Yoel Harel.

The exhibition is comprised of photographic works that capture instances of social and family life in Romania and Israel, in order to reflect the ambivalence of identity and the sense of belonging to two cultures and societies. During the exhibition, the audiences will have the opportunity to discover special places and moments that define daily life in the two countries. In the same time, the artist presents his strong connection with Romania, as well as the very special relation with Israel that Romanian-born Israelis have following their Aliyah.

The opening of the exhibition, in Hebrew and Romanian, will take place Thursday, April 20, at 17:00 at RCI Tel Aviv (8 Shaul HeMelech Blvd, 6th floor).

Participants: Yoel Harel, artist, Amb.Tsvi Mazel, former ambassador of Israel in Romania, Michel Mazel, author

The program will include the presentation of the book ”Un pact cu diavolul” (A pact with the devil) signed by Michelle Mazel and published in Romania at the Scrisul Românesc Publishing House in 2016, as well as a musical intermezzo performed by Dr. Amira Dor in Romanian, Hebrew and Yiddish.

”From the beginning I knew that my perception of the objects that surround me is different and special. I managed to extract the visual symbols found in ordinary objects and to explore their beauty which lies beneath the surface. During my work as a photographer, I have learned that it’s possible to communicate with people without using words, but only through the universal language of the visual, which we all understand and perceive.” (Yoel Harel)

The exhibition is open to the public Monday - Thursday 10:00 - 16:00 hrs at Romanian Cultural Institute, Tel Aviv, 8 Shaul Hamelech blvd., 6th floor, as well as during the events organized at the RCI Tel Aviv gallery during this period.

Born in Bucharest as Julien Langberg, Yoel Harel is a Holocaust survivor, having made aliyah in 1951 together with his parents, following the persecutions from the totalitarian Romanian regime in 1941-1944 in Bucharest. Member of the Israeli Photographer’s Association, Yoel Harel have been creating in the field of photography since 1954 and has participated at numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world, in Israel, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. He is currently working and creating in Eilat and Raanana.

More details about Yoel Harel’s works: http://www.artphoto.co.il/