Starting today- and for the first time ever – 'united for Israel's soldiers' is launching a unique "week of appreciation", thanking IDF's soldiers across Israel. Throughout the week, special events will be held, treats and gifts will be handed out and discounts by various businesses will be offered- all to the benefit of IDF's soldiers.

Volunteers will travel across the country, advancing different individual initiatives and activities aimed at one purpose- showing their gratitude.

 During the 29.6.2017-8.7.2017, shows, events and various volunteer initiatives aimed to benefit the welfare of soldiers throughout the country.

In addition, Different brands and businesses will offer various benefits and especially for soldiers.

Among the events, two major performances for recruits and soldiers will take place:
The 'Yoter' festival- the largest party for recruits in the country, (approximately 20,000 recruits) will be held on July 5, 2017. Performers will include Statik and Ben-El Tavori, Hadag Na'chash, 'Café Shachor Chazak', Natan Goshen and The military bands.
The following day, on the 6th of July, another musical event including international ensemble "Infected Mushroom", Hatikva 6, Eliad, Itai Levy and Adir Getz will appear on July 6, 2007, at Ganei Yehoshua, Hayarkon Park will be held for 15,000 soldiers.
Major General (Res.) Yoram Yair, Chairman of 'United for Israel’s soldiers': "In addition to the ongoing activities that we hold for the benefit of IDF soldiers throughout the year, we are launching a new project that will enable tens of thousands of individuals, businesses and authorities to express their appreciation to IDF soldiers. The IDF is an essential element of our country, reflecting the character and identity of Israeli society. This week is an act of gratitude for their vital role in the future of the country".
Brig. Gen. Merav Kirshner:  "Throughout the year, IDF soldiers spend days and nights defending the State of Israel in the various sectors, and we, their commanders, are doing their utmost to take care of them fully. To train, develop and express our appreciation for their actions every day. This year we decided, under the leadership of 'United for Israel’s soldiers', to dedicate a special week of appreciation to all IDF soldiers, which will include various events for Ground, Naval and Air Forces. This special week is dedicated to all of you - the new recruits, the soldiers in active service and those who are about to be released after meaningful service. Go forth and succeed".
'United for Israel’s soldiers' (the united body of the Lehi Fund and the Association for the Wellbeing of the Soldier), together with the IDF, will hold a National week in honor of IDF soldiers for the first time ever.
The entire week will be dedicated to soldiers with events and activities that will be held for their welfare throughout the country. The special week will take place on 29.6-8.7, in order to thank the soldiers serving in the IDF, to strengthen their spirit, to strengthen the value of the service and to increase the motivation for meaningful service.
Activity throughout the week-
Businesses across Israel, from all sectors will offer soldiers significant benefits. Special mobile volunteer units will visit the bases throughout the country, and will offer treats to the soldiers. Battalions that are adopted by "Adopt a Fighter" will receive special gift sets. Volunteers will set up special stations to distribute refreshments at IDF bases, funded by various organizations, including the 'International Fellowship of Christians & Jews' and the 'Friends of the IDF' in the United States and Panama. 
Additionally volunteers will visit hospitalized soldiers, prepare parcels and write letters to soldiers together with children in kindergartens and schools and more.'Kaveret', a chain of convenience stores for soldiers of 'United for Israel’s soldiers', will distribute snacks through its mobile volunteer units, which will reach the most remote outposts. They will also sell a variety of products at a subsidized price of only one shekel.

Photo Credit: Tzalamim Beclick