Every boy and girl in Australia and New Zealand know stories of the ANZAC warriors, who conducted their courageous campaign during WORLD WAR I in the Middle East. They all know about the tragic defeat in Gallipoli and many know of the victory of the Battle of Beer Sheba from the Ottoman Empire's military forces. In what is considered to be the last cavalry charge in modern history very few Israelis know of how this Australian victory freed the path for General Allenby's British soldiers to advance to Jerusalem and change the course of history.

This coming October, exactly 100 years since that heroic battle, a unique (once in 100years) opportunity is being offered. It is to live history and ride like an ANZAC. However instead of horses – bikes, instead of war – peace, but the spirit, location and path are the same. The Anzac Centennial Bike Tour will take you back 100 years , in a 100 Kilometers track (covered over two days) that follows the trail used by the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps to victory.



Organized by the Budo for Peace non-profit organization as a fund-raising campaign for The Kids Kicking Cancer Program in Israel  - This amazing bike ride is already attracting hundreds of mountain-biking enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy the remarkable & famous single-biking trail of Kibbutz Beeri to the outskirts of Beer Sheba.

Riders may also enjoy a typical Australian and New Zealand cultural evening and the viewing of the reenactment of the horse-back charge by Australian and New Zealand troops (some of whom are family of the original Australians and New Zealanders who fought the battle 100 years ago!).

Other special ceremonies at the time are sponsored by the Israeli, Australian and New Zealand governments all planned in Beer Sheba and attended by Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as Australian and New Zealand heads of state.

The Anzac Centennial ride is organized by two nonprofit organizations – BUDO FOR PEACE and SHEKEL, and all revenues are for supporting empowerment programs for children with Cancer (Kids Kicking Cancer) and people with special needs (Shekel):

Danny Hakim, Founder of Budo for Peace and Chairman of the Kids Kicking Cancer Israel Society, said: “We are greatly encouraged by the global interest in this special mountain—bike experience. As a both Israeli and Australian citizen I am proud to be part of the 100-years' celebration serving as an opportunity to promote a cause as viable as the Kids Kicking Cancer program.”

Mr. Hakim added: “Kids Kicking Cancer Israel is already operating in 6 hospitals throughout the country, and with the reinforced attention and funding to our Heroes' Circle program we are about to bring relief and empowerment to many more children and their families facing the kind of challenge that comes with treating pediatric Cancer and other chronic diseases”. The Anzacs were the heroes of the past, our Kids Kicking Cancer members are the Heroes of now, as they have the courage and fortitude to get out of the hospital and teach others how to deal with pain and stress in today’s world.”

So register now for the October 30-31 Centennial Tour! And come Ride Like An ANZAC! www.anzacride.com

Riders can choose from 3 available tour-packages:
A) 2-day ride (October 30-31) totaling 100 Km that starts at the ANZAC memorial near Kibbutz Beeri and ends at the Beer Sheba park.
• This package includes the night accommodation and the festive dinner event.
B) 1-day ride (October 30) with or without the evening program - full day (52km) or shorter (30km to Park Eshkol).
C) Community and family ride (October 31) suitable for families, children from 14years and people with special needs. This is 16km from Neot Hovav to Park Beer Sheba.



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Budo for Peace (BFP) was founded in 2004 by Master Danny Hakim, a veteran Martial Artist originally from Australia, who had immigrated to Israel following several years of living in Japan. Since then, this non-profit NGO has touched the lives of thousands of Jewish and Arab children and young adults in Israel and the region - and their respective communities – through consistent administration of the organization's educational program such as : social harmony, respect for the other, humility, social responsibility, self-control, self-confidence, courage, mateship and more.

In parallel of promoting co-existence and social harmony among diverse Israeli communities and cultures, Budo For Peace also leverages Martial Arts training as a platform for running programs designed to empower women; help youth of immigrant communities better integrate in their new environment; help youth at risk across diverse ethnic backgrounds; and empower children challenged with Cancer and other serious diseases.


SHEKEL - Community Services for People with Special Needs
is Israel's leading organization for integrating people with special needs in the community. SHEKEL has created a wide array of programs and support systems offering a plethora of services and equal opportunity for people with special needs.

SHEKEL was founded in 1979 by Israel's Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Joint Israel, and the Jerusalem Municipality. Today, 550 employees and 700 volunteers assist 8,000 people with special needs from every sector of Israeli society: Jews, Arabs, Christians, religious and secular.

SHEKEL's vision is to develop community services for every person with a disability in order to enable independent functioning at home, work, and during leisure and social activities. Services are provided at the highest professional level while taking into account the individual's needs and interests, and allowing for a life of respect, self-fulfillment, inclusion and participation in the general community as people with equal rights.

Photo credit Budo for Peace