Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv will host, between October 18th - November 23rd 2017, the exhibition called ” Voyages on easel” by Romanian artist Sorin Adam.

The exhibition will include approximately 20 medium-size works, oils and pastels, meant to celebrate the artistic tradition of the journey in Romanian interwar painting.

During the exhibition the public will have the opportunity to discover the painter’s personal perspective on some foreign destinations preferred by the great interwar artists, making a symbolic dialogue, spreading over the decades, between the classical generation of Romanian artists and the painters of the 21st century.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on October 18th 2017, at 18:00. Participants: Sorin Adam, visual artist, and Shlomo Katz, sculptor.

The exhibition is open to the public at the RCI Tel Aviv gallery, on 8 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard, 6th floor, from Monday to Thursday, between 10:00 and 16:00, as well as during the events organized at the institute throughout this period.

Considered one of the most prolific Romanian artists of the moment, Sorin Adam embodies in his compositions, beyond the chromatic symphony, an impressive force of landscaping, visible through the precision of the color construction and the careful structuring of composition and architectures. His teacher – painting master Vasile Grigore portrayed him as "a talented painter, with a destiny of great artist and successor of the European painters Gheorghe Petrașcu, Nicolae Dărăscu or Corneliu Baba."

Assuming this heritage, Sorin Adam proposes an exhibition commemorating the artistic tradition of the journey in Romanian interwar painting. A passionate traveler himself, Sorin Adam remakes the symbolic itineraries of the great interwar masters, from Theodor Pallady’s Britain to the Florence of Ștefan Popescu and Gheorghe Petrașcu, finishing this thematic journey with Iosif Iser's Istanbul or Henri Catargi's Morocco.


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Photo provided by Instititul Cultural Roman de la Tel Aviv