Embassy of Japan in cooperation with the Israel Japan Friendship Society Friday Lecture Japan: A Consumer's Paradise...or not

Friday October 20, 2017 at 11:00 | The Museum Tower, 19th floor 4 Berkowitz St., Tel Aviv

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 Japan is a society uniquely complex. Often totally contradictory things can be said about it where both descriptions will be absolutely correct.

Japan's consumer culture also fits this split personality pattern. Foreign visitors to Japan are often enchanted by the degree of service and caring they receive when engaged in even the simplest of consumer transactions, a phenomenon often described by the Japanese themselves with the term "omotenashi." But there is another side to Japan's consumer culture as well, one that is as real as the unbelievably courteous and attentive behavior encountered everywhere.

Pricing, portion size, unavailability of products that could be easily found in countries less affluent, and other anomalies are part of the consumer experience, which simply makes Japan a challenge for foreign marketers and a complex commercial environment that is fascinating in its contradictions.

We will explore this phenomenon in this lecture.

LECTURE IN ENGLISH Kenneth Alan Grossberg was Professor of Marketing and Director of the Waseda Marketing Forum at Waseda Business School until mandatory retirement in 2016.

He has been active in international business and management education for more than forty years, much of that time spent working in Japan and the Pacific Rim.

He currently serves as an advisor to the Knowledge Center for Innovation at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and mentors Israeli startups in his capacity as a strategist and global marketing expert.


Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/dk5BA52QIrwWakbu1 :

Photo Courtesy Embassy of Japan