Inconceivable: The totally true one-woman semi-fertile quasi-"musical"

Israel's professional English-language theater, English On Stage, is set to debut its new stage production this November.  The show's title, "Inconceivable: The totally true one-woman semi-fertile quasi-'musical'", quite simply says it all.  Taking an honest look at the complexity of modern infertility, this comedic solo show is insightful, moving, absurd, and compelling.


The show will premiere in English, with Hebrew performances to follow. 
Experienced, written, and performed by Meirav Zur, everything seen in this production is amazingly and amusingly true. "Inconceivable" will open with three premiere performances across Israel.

Written & Performed by: Meirav Zur
Styling:  Wendy Lehmann
Dramaturgy: Natalie Feinstein

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Nov.11, 20:30, Beit Yad Labanim, auditorium, 147 Ahuza St., Ra'anana:
Nov.18, 20:00, First Aliya Museum, 2 Ha-Nadiv St., Zichron Ya'akov:
Nov.23, 20:30, Eshkol Pais, 25 Hana Avarech St., Rehovot:


Photo Meirav Zur