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Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood or Viennese Spirit) is an operetta named after the "Wiener Blut" waltz, supposedly with music by the composer Johann Strauss the Younger, who did not live to witness the première. Such was the popularity of the original "Wiener Blut" Op. 354 waltz until the time of the composer's death that his work would be chosen as the name of the operetta with libretto by Victor Léon and Leo Stein .

40 participants, accompanied by the Donksi Symphony Orchestra of Hungary

Directed by Pal Farkas

Director: Jozsef Bozso


This is a comedy of musical errors, full of witty jokes, that takes viewers to the lively and vibrant atmosphere of "old and good Vienna." Do not look for depth and drama, they do not exist there. The plot reminds something of the plot of the Operetta "El Murciélago". Confusions between people, betrayals and lies of the main character, and ... a happy ending, the Count finally falls in love with his wife


The musical background of all the intrigues is the wonderful rhythm of the waltz. In the opinion of the critics: "This is the most beautiful and melodic scandal in the history of music!"

"Wiener Blut " is an inseparable part of the repertoire of opera houses in Europe, but so far only parts of it have been played



Johann Strauss did not write the work specifically for the stage, nor did he call it Viennese blood. He agreed to collaborate with a couple of script writers Victor Leon and Leo Shane and gave them permission to use the existing musical passages he composed. Strauss died a few months later and was not present at the premiere of the Operetta in October 1899

At the beginning, the operetta was received coldly by the audience. The director of the opera committed suicide about a month and a half after the premiere. Five years later, the Operetta was reintroduced in Vienna with slight changes in the libretto and the musical structure, and it was a great success

The waltz known in the operetta "Wiener Blut " is what gave the name to the whole operetta

The Hungarian Music Theater is composed mainly of singers and dancers of the National Opera, including outstanding soloists. The work is accompanied by the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Donski under the direction of Pal Prakash. Hungarian plays are known to music lovers in Israel.

The Operetta "Wiener Blut  spoken in Hungarian with subtitles in Hebrew and Russian

Duration: 2 hours, including the interval


 175 - 295 NIS Eijal Hatrbut Meir Nitzan Rishon J׳, 01.02.2018�20:00
175 - 295 NIS Mishkan Omanuiot - Ulam Hagadol Beer Sheva V׳, 02.02.2018�20:30
175 - 265 NIS Eijal Hatrbut Ashkelon Sab, 03.02.2018�21:00
205 NIS Eijal Hatrbut Modi’in-Maccabim-Reut Modi’in D׳, 04.02.2018�20:00
195 - 235 NIS Eijal Hatrbut Alex Meir Or Akiva Ma׳, 06.02.2018�20:00
205 - 295 NIS Eijal Hatrbut Petah Tikva J׳, 08.02.2018�20:00
186 - 306 NIS Teatron Hatzafon Haifa V׳, 09.02.2018�20:00
216 - 306 NIS Merkaz Rappaport Sab, 10.02.2018�20:00
195 - 315 NIS Beit Hajaial Tel Aviv - Yaffa D׳, 11.02.2018�20:00
175 - 235 NIS Eijal Hatarbut Narkan Carmiel L׳, 12.02.2018�20:00
205 - 305 NIS Eijal Omanuiot Herzlia Ma׳, 13.02.2018�20:00
195 - 295 NIS Teatron Yerushalaim- Sala Schruber Jerusalen Mi׳, 


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