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Israel's Fashion Week Celebrated SpongeBob Square Pants' 20th Birthday

The main fashion show was inspired by Nickelodeon's iconic figure and dedicated to 'Krembo Wings - A Youth Movement for Children with and without Special Needs'


On Wednesday, March 13th, at 20:00 Israel's fashion week launch a unique fashion show celebrating the most iconic cartoon character of them all, SpongeBob Square Pants.

Israel's most prominent fashion designers, including Karen Oberson, Vivi Balaish, Dror Kontento, Shai Shalom, Commes-il-faut, as well as many others, will present their own custom designs, inspired by SpongeBob.

The presentation includes 25 designs, each one representing a unique aspect of SpongeBob's personality and values. The designers have incorporated into their work visual elements reflecting some of SpongeBob's core values: environmental consciousness, optimism, tolerance, creativity, imagination, and playfulness.

For instance, Tal Rosenfrab, chief designer for comme-il-faut fashion house, present an outfit featuring characters from the show woven into it, as a statement against ocean pollution.

Also, fashion designer Yarden Mainfeld premiere a design inspired by SpongeBob's playfulness and optimism, with the caption "Follow the Rainbow", as a tribute to the LGBT community.

Yael Arad, one of the event's organizers and head of the commercial division at Nickelodeon & Viacom Brands, Israel: "SpongeBob has established himself as a cultural icon, far exceeding the limits of a popular cartoon figure. As such, he is an inspiration for creative minds ranging from all fields. It is only befitting that Israel's Fashion Week, one the country's biggest international affairs, will collaborate with the international phenomena that is SpongeBob."   

The show was dedicated to 'Krembo Wings – A Youth Movement for Children with and without Special Needs'. The movement operates so that all children - regardless of gender, race, religion or abilities – may participate in an all-inclusive social environment.

The benefit will help to finish work a new branch of 'Krembo Wings'. The branch, located in Netivot (in the south of Israel), will offer socio-educational activities based on a model of private sponsorship in group settings. The activities are meant to raise awareness to special-needs communities, and social accessibility.


The connection between SpongeBob and "Krembo Wings" is a natural one: The optimistic sponge is a symbol of positivity, happiness and the acceptance of others. It is only fitting then that the show will end with a special celebration involving kids from the 'Krembo Wings' movement.

The Event will be hosted by Eyal Kitzis

The designers participating in the show: Vivi Balaish, Karen Oberson, Dorin Frankfurt, Shai Shalom, Shani Zimmerman, Yaron Minkowski, Idan Laros, Daniela Lehavi, Comme il faut, and others.

On the runway: Yael Arad, Kim Or Azulai, Eliana Tidhar. Omer Hazan, Sophie Machner, Roslana Rodina, Maya Wertheimer, Miri Nevo, Noam Frost, Talin, Shani Klein, Natalie Dadon,  Shai Lee Shindler, Arbel Keinan, Bell Agam and others


All Proceeds are going to Krembo Wings

Tickets Prices:  250/500/100 NIS

Date: March 13th , Wednesday

Hour: 20:00

Location: Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port


"With Imagination, You Can Be Anything You Want”

SpongeBob SquarePants


Photos by Silvia Golan