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The tango ensemble ASTOR TANGO״ led by Marcos Ayala will appear in a World Premiere with original tango music of Astor Piazzolla from August 19 to 24 at the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater

The bonus code 4545 will grant our friends a discount of 45% of the full price.

The full price is 260/320 NIS –with the discount is 175/145 NIS.

For a discount call at the telephone 03-5105656 or contact thru website https://www.suzannedellal.org.il/

A show you won't forget!

I can’t define them in a technical point of view.

These are forms of music playing, forms of feeling, something that emerges internally, spontaneously - Astor Piazzolla.

Marcos Ayala, inspired by the artistic life of the famous tango music composer Astor Piazzolla, faces a new challenge with the contemporary tango language.

In a theatrical show that is hot, expresses desire, sensuous, sexy and exotic, to Astor Piazzolla’s great tango music, covers, with his sensuous choreographic creation, the spectator of the composer that broke through the musical borders of his time, despite the rejection of his contemporaries. Piazzolla became the greatest tango music composer and his works the most often and best players around the world.

Marcos Ayala and his partner Paola Camacho, together with other ten extraordinary dancers express the geniality of Piazzolla’s musical works.

The bonus code 4545 will grant you a discount of 45% from the full price.



Performance dates at the Suzanne Dellal Center:

Monday 19/08 at 9:00 pm

Tuesday 20/08 at 9:00 pm

Wednesday 21/08 at 9:00 pm

Thursday 22/08 at 9:00 pm

Friday 23/08 at 2:00 pm

Saturday 24/08 at 9:00 pm

Telephone to acquire tickets: 03-5105656,

web site  /www.suzannedellal.org.il/להקת_טנגו_מרכוס_אשאלה___ארגנטינה

or https://www.suzannedellal.org.il/en/Marcos_Ayala_Tango_Company_-_Argentina




Marcos Ayala:
Stage director, choreographer, and dancer proposes to redevelop again and again the tango genre to keep it relevant for the newer generations.

Together with his tango ensemble, he has succeeded in creating a language rich in significance and surprises the audience far beyond expected.

He also expresses all his experience and knowledge by means of choreographic creations that tell contemporary stories without neglecting the tango style dance, which he interprets in the best way.

Marcos Ayala’s with his partner, Paola Camacho, make up a perfect dance couple, with synchronized movements and fabulous interpretation technique. 


Suzanne Dellal Center of Dance Adress 
5 Yechieli st.
Tel Aviv



Milonga in Suzanne Dellal’s square – free entrance – 22/08   

 Photos by Federico Paleo