It is August again and with it comes the annual Czech Film Week festival.

From July 26th to August 6th 2017, the International Masterclasses of Vocal Arts & Žamboki Awards, Jerusalem, took place for the third consecutive year. From its modest start in 2015, the project has grown into a multi-faceted program, enriching its students from many countries with high-quality tuition, offering them a fulfilling experience on both artistic and personal levels and, for those at the outset of a career, providing a springboard into the opera world.

The 2017 Vocal Fantasy, hosted by the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, followed the vision of the late Shimon Bigelman, who founded the festival in 2012. The six concerts, a celebration of choirs and voices taking place from July 12th to 15th 2017 and with the endorsement of the Jerusalem Development Authority, was dedicated to Shimon Bigelman’s memory.

Every boy and girl in Australia and New Zealand know stories of the ANZAC warriors, who conducted their courageous campaign during WORLD WAR I in the Middle East. They all know about the tragic defeat in Gallipoli and many know of the victory of the Battle of Beer Sheba from the Ottoman Empire's military forces. In what is considered to be the last cavalry charge in modern history very few Israelis know of how this Australian victory freed the path for General Allenby's British soldiers to advance to Jerusalem and change the course of history.

Athletes from all over the country, Jews and Arabs, all came to a joint training on the beach and proved: We are all equal, we all want to live together in peace. "It's symbolic of a city like Haifa hosting a festival of peace"

Last Thursda(July 13th), the Maccabia’s beach was filled with more than 100 athletes, aged 10 to 60, all wearing a karate gi (training suit), who came to take part in a martial arts festival held at Leonardo Beach.

All of them practice part of the Budo for Peace Association, which uses the principles of traditional martial arts (restraint, determination, respect) for bringing together and bridging populations in Israel.