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In order to assist small businesses in the south that have been affected as a result of Operation Protective Edge, the Agency for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises in the Ministry of Economy invites e-commerce platforms to promote on their websites goods and services of businesses in the Gaza periphery and within the 40 kilometer zone - and benefit from free advertising exposure in a campaign the Agency is spearheading.

The agency directive has just been published on its Hebrew-language website (, is directed at e-commerce platforms and price comparison websites, encouraging them to increase consumer accessibility and therefore extra sales to those small and mid-sized businesses located within the area in the south that has been designated "a special situation in the home front".

Those e-commerce platforms that receive approval from the Agency for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises will then benefit from exposure - free of charge - within the framework of a radio and internet advertising campaign to be launched by the agency. The advertising campaign will direct viewers and listeners to a dedicated landing page on the agency's website where all the relevant e-commerce platforms will be promoted.

Agency for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises Director Ran Kaviti: "The objective of this campaign is to assist small businesses by advertising their products and services and thereby generating increased sales. This will help them overcome the significant drop in sales they have experienced as a result of Operation Protective Edge. We call on e-commerce platform entrepreneurs, managers and owners to submit their applications and receive help from the agency so that, together, we can reach every home in Israel and strengthen the small businesses in the south economically and commercially."