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In recent weeks, Israel has fought for its home. While the IDF shined in the field, the diplomatic front had its ups and downs. In light of increasing anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment globally, a group of young Jews from all over the world decided to improve Israel's image. Last week they came to Rambam to learn about – and spread – the Israeli spirit.

A delegation of 36 people from 24 nations arrived last week at Rambam to participate in an international seminar for young Jewish leadership. All aim to be future leaders of Jewish communities worldwide.

The participants, selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, included doctors, lawyers and academics, as well those in high tech, the public sector and communications.

The foreign ministry, which maintains close ties with Rambam, organized the visit. The ministry holds several such seminars yearly, and 'graduates' go on to support Israel through various activities.

At Rambam, the visitors met doctors who participated in altruistic activities abroad, the hospital's multi-cultural staff and patients. They toured the world's largest underground emergency hospital, in Israel's largest medical center.

"I am from a country that doesn't sympathize with Israel," said Bolivan-born Ruben Iberkleid, "So it is heart-warming to see the wonderful activities at Rambam." Sanaz Meshkinfam, born in Iran and now living in LA, added, "Rambam symbolizes everything in Israel." Here you can see how medical teams work toward humanitarian goals, not just in Israel but throughout the world. This makes you want to be a part of it."

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