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Tourism Minister Dr. Uzi Landau: "There are many sites in Israel that are holy to different religions and the Tourism Ministry invests significant resources in order to encourage incoming tourism during the time of religious holidays. In addition to the historical and religious sites, tourists will enjoy Spring weather and a wealth of cultural activities from the north to the south of the country."


Jerusalem, April 4 2015 - The Tourism Ministry is expecting about 130,000 visitors in Israel over the period of Holy Week and Passover. About 20 direct flights are expected in Ovdah airport, bringing tourists from France, Russia and the UK to celebrate the Passover holidays in Eilat.


Given the ongoing effects of Operation Protective Edge on incoming tourism, as well as the economic crisis in Russia (Israel's second largest source country for incoming tourism), the ministry views these statistics as a vote of confidence in the Israeli tourism product. According to reports received by the ministry occupancy levels in most of the popular tourism areas will reach 80-90%, with some areas completely full.


The Israel Government Tourist Offices in Jerusalem (Jaffa Gate), Nazareth, Eilat promenade and in the arrivals hall at Ben Gurion airport will be open as normal during the holiday period, offering services and information to tourists about attractions, national parks, tours, events, festivals etc. More information can be found at the tourism ministry's website:


As part of its preparations for the Easter festival, the Tourism Ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and the Jerusalem Municipality, will broadcast live the Holy Fire ceremony from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (April 11) on giant screens set up in shaded areas in the church courtyard and at the Jaffa Gate for the benefit of visiting pilgrims.


The land crossings (Allenby, Rabin, Jordan River and Taba) will be open as normal throughout the Passover holiday. On 9 April, the Allenby crossing will be open from 08:00-15:00 and the Jordan River crossing from 06:30 - 19:00. On April 10, all the other crossings will be operate as normal.


Wishing everyone a Happy Passover/Easter.


Photo provided by Israel Tourism Ministry