The EU Delegation in Israel and the Municipality of Tel-Aviv-Yafo presented:  Performance Europa!
Urban celebration of live performances and interactive installations
Tel Aviv’s White Night ,Rothschild 1 Plaza, 29 June 

For the third consecutive year the Delegation of the European Union in Israel and the Municipality of Tel-Aviv-Yafo are collaborating for the White Night festival, and the result is: Performance Europa - a celebration of live performances and interactive installations coming from seven EU Member States.


 For the entire evening, Rothschild Plaza 1  be converted into a Performance art event with an "urban-happening" atmosphere for the entire family. Towards the end of the event, we hold a fabulous party until late at night.

The Member States and cultural institutions participating in Performance Europa were: the German Embassy, the Lithuanian Embassy, the Belgian Embassy, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Romanian Cultural Institution, the Czech Centre and Cyprus Tourism Organisation.
With the support of the the Austrian Cultural Forum, Performance Europa is proud to introduce a special collaboration with Ars Electronica - a cultural and scientific institute that runs an annual festival on the interlinkages between art and technology. We will exhibit two interactive installations of Ars Electronica: GigaPixel Viewer - allows to zoom in into high-resolution visuals and to explore it in detail and open up new points of view. Brain Ranking - high-performance computer that allows the recognition of patterns in the electrical signals in the brain and classifies them as having to do with particular functions.

Performance Europa  also include interactive video installations that  be projected on the surrounding buildings of Rothschild 1, and will engage the public in an active and playful manner.
From Lithuania was  exhibit “The Arkanoid” - an interactive version of Gluk Media to the classic video game, that will allow one or more participants to compete with other teams.

From Romania wasl exhibit Bucharest. Layer by Layer - an interactive installation of the multimedia and creative technology studio Mindscape. The participants  use rollers to “paint” the wall and by that discover video images of Romanian culture and history.
In addition, Performance Europa  included live performance shows that  taked place at the main square of Rothschild 1. Two artists have come to Performance Europa from Germany: Liv & Tobi are a trapeze duo that create different circus projects and perform around the world. At the event they  performed their live act twice the same night.
From the Czech Republic, artist David Vrbik  also attend Performance Europa. Vrbik is an audiovisual artist that uses a laser string as a musical instrument, and apart from his main performance, the visitors at the event  be also able to play the laser string.
At Performance Europa, Belgium be represented by a circus performance of Carre Curieux. This performance is called “Entre Nous”and is described as “an acrobatic ballad, a curious concerto for two bodies and a pole on a wooden stage”.
From Cyprus, performer and choreographer Elena Antoniou and Sound Artist Stavros Gasparatos  also be at Performance Europa with an intervention dance project “i open my palm. i called a space”. This performance focuses on the choreographer’s research about the physical and emotional limits of a solo performer.


 Artistic Director and Curator – Amit Youlzari

Chief Producer - Gilad Barnea
EU Delegation
Artistic Consultant: Nataly Zukerman
Photos by Silvia G. Golan