The Embassy of Ecuador in cooperation with the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, Department of Performances, at a special event: Cacao - the luxury taste of Ecuador

The Cacao and Chocolate Experience of Enchanted Ecuador

On November 2, 2017, Tel Aviv’s New Station Compound (Hatachana)  host a special event at which Ecuador  reveal the unique tastes and aromas of its superlative Cacao and chocolate, considered the best in the world

The event  feature chocolate tastings for the public at large and an exhibition of photographs depicting the history of cacao in Ecuador and the breathtaking vistas of Ecuador and the Andes



Enchanted Ecuador’s Cacao and Chocolate Experience: On November 2, 2017, the New Station Compound in Tel Aviv will host a special event of the Embassy of Ecuador in cooperation with the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, Department of Performances - at which Ecuador will, for the first time in Israel, showcase the unique aromas and flavors of its superlative fine aroma cacao, considered the finest in the world.

As part of the event, there will be chocolate tastings for the public (Pre-registration) led by the Ecuadorian Chef, Ricardo Gallegos. The chocolate made by the famous "Pacari" Chocolate Company from Ecuador, winner of many international prizes. The company, which produces chocolate from organic ingredients only, exports to twenty-five countries around the world. The event will also feature a breathtaking photographic exhibition called “the fine Aroma of Ecuador identity”. The fine Aroma of cacao is an emblem of Ecuador. Its value is not limited to its potential agricultural and commercial exploitation. Its value is heritage and culture.

The cacao beans, also known as the “golden seeds” is an all-season crop, and its many varieties come in green, red, orange, yellow, purple, and other colors. The cacao enclosed by a hard rind, contains anywhere between twenty and seventy beans inside a soft, sweet, delicately-flavored pulp. After the beans are dried and fermented they turn brown and take on the familiar bitter taste of cacao. Leading chefs and chocolatiers claim that Ecuador sits on a goldmine of cacao plants as these produce the best chocolate in the world. Aware of its special resource, the country’s Tourism Ministry has led an initiative called “Ecuador: Land of Chocolate,” to promote the exciting experiences the country offers, specifically the chocolate museum, chocolate tasting tours, and cacao plantation visits. Scientists think that the cacao tree originated in Ecuador’s Amazon region, and findings suggest that cacao beans were consumed in Ecuador 5,000 years ago. The ancestors of Ecuador had in the seeds of the cacao the most valuable coins known to man. So, what’s in the bean that makes it such a super-food? It contains many antioxidants, which strengthen the body’s immune system, delay ageing processes, and improve bodily functions in general.



Ecuador – so named for its location on the equator – is to be found in the northwestern part of South America and serves as the gateway to the fascinating Galapagos Islands, which are part of the Republic of Ecuador. The cold water streams of Antarctica flow around the Galapagos, near the equator, creating unique climate conditions. The group of islands was formed as the result of volcanic activity on the ocean floor and is therefore a natural museum of flora and fauna unlike any other.

Ecuador, bordering the Pacific Ocean, covers an area of 270,670 square kilometers. Quito, its capital, is surrounded by snowcapped volcanic mountains and native villages. Quito has the best preserved, least altered historic center in Latin America, declared by UNESCO the first World Cultural Heritage in 1978. The Andes mountain range bisects the nation from north to south. The Cotopaxi volcano is an impressive sight: perfectly cone-shaped, it rises 5,897 meters above sea level and is topped by snow.

Ecuador is a presidential democracy. Spanish is Ecuador’s official language. The majority of Ecuador's population is mestizo, a mixture of both European and Amerindian ancestry. A 35% of population is formed by Amerindians, afro descendants and whites. The National Constitution recognizes Ecuador as a multicultural and multiethnic society. The main products Ecuador exports are: oil, bananas, flowers, sea food, tourism and Cacao. The US dollar is the currency used in Ecuador. Because of its topography, featuring a coastline, a high mountain range, and primordial jungles, Ecuador is blessed with an unbelievable range of landscapes, animals, and plants, in addition to the fact that the country straddles the equator, making it an excellent travel destination year-round. The Ecuadorean kitchen features tropical fruit, fish, seafood, rice, corn and potatoes of many kinds.

María Gabriela Troya, Ambassador of Ecuador in Israel: " It is to my pleasure to invite the people of Israel to share a special taste of Ecuador’s flavors: Fine aroma cacao. Ecuador’s cacao differs from others due to its large variety of flavors thanks to the country’s ecosystem. Cacao has always been an integral part of the natural and cultural heritage of the country. We take great pride for our mega diversity and wish to invite you to discover a unique aroma at this exceptional occasion. This event will also allow you to discover Ecuador: four worlds in one country: the Pacific Coast, the Andes mountains, the Amazonian jungle and the Galapagos Islands".

 Photos by Silvia G. Golan