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The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) will open its 63rd overseas office in Tel Aviv.

Please join us in witnessing the launch of this new platform for economic cooperation between Israel and Taiwan!


Israel and Taiwan-Complementary Advantages

Israel and Taiwan have many things in common. Both are small countries surrounded by the challenging environment; both have limited natural resources but worked hard and stood out in the world economy; both are democracies that recognize the value of education, and both foster high levels of entrepreneurship.


Israel is a startup nation and a global hub of tech and R&D centers that gave rise to successful stories such as Mobileye, Gett and many more. Meanwhile, Taiwan is a supply chains nation and home to the world's most powerful electronics industry. Taiwan is one of the world’s top ICT manufacturers: 83% of global laptops, 50% of desktops, 90% of motherboards are made by Taiwan. Taiwan was ranked the world's 18th largest trader in 2017, registering 317 billion dollars in export and 259 billion dollars in import, and the world's 13th most competitive economy in the 2018 Global Competitiveness Report released by The World Economic Forum.


Located in the heart of Asia, Taiwan has formed deep connections with the markets of China and South East Asia. Israel has great influence in America and Europe. Together, the complementary advantages of Israel and Taiwan could enable both countries to achieve new heights in the international market. A close partnership synergizing the idea innovations of Israel and the manufacturing innovations of Taiwan will generate immense benefits for everyone in the world to enjoy.



Facts about TAITRA/Taiwan Trade Center, Tel Aviv

Founded in 1970, TAITRA is Taiwan’s foremost trade promotion organization. With the inauguration of Taiwan Trade Center, Tel Aviv, TAITRA now operates 63 offices around the world with a team of 1,300 specialists. Nowadays, TAITRA serves as a smart integrator that connects businesses with opportunities. In the future, Taiwan Trade Center, Tel Aviv will focus on facilitating cooperation and exchange between Taiwan and Israeli businesses.

For more about TAITRA, see: https://www.taitra.org.tw/About-TAITRA#


Facts about Taiwan

  • 18th largest exporter (2017)
  • PPP per capita: US$ 49,827, 21st in the world (2017, IMF)
  • Investment Climate: 3rd/50 (2018, May Business Environment Risk Intelligence)
  • Index of Economic Freedom: 13th/186(2018 Feb, Heritage Foundation & The Wall Street Journal)
  • Innovation: 11th /137(Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018, World Economic Forum)
  • Literacy rate (15 or older): 98.8% / Institutions of higher learning: 144(2017)
  • Outlays for education, science, and culture: 20.2% of central government budget (2017)



More about Taiwan: http://multilingual.mofa.gov.tw/web/web_UTF-8/MOFA/glance2018-2019/English.pd


Photos Silvia G. Golan