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The Embassy of Peru in Israel celebrated 198 years of independence with its annual celebration at the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv, with Peruvian cuisine, music, and a traditional dance performance. 

After hearing the national anthems, H.E. Ambassador Carlos Daniel Chávez-Taffur Schmidt began his opening remarks. The ambassador pointed out the common values and industrious nature shared by Israelis and Peruvians. The Ambassador noted 20 years of continuous economic growth at an average of 4 percent of GDP as the results of that industriousness and macroeconomic planning in Peru. He thanked the government of Israel for the four thousand scholars from Peru who have participated in various Mashav training programs, further strengthening the economic capacity of Peru.

Looking forward, the ambassador expressed confidence that the bilateral cooperation between the countries could be further increased, in sectors as wide-ranging as health, education, security, and of course finance. The ambassador highlighted that the Peruvian Embassy has promoted the signing of a “Memorandum of Understanding between the Lima Chamber of Commerce and the Israel Latin American Chamber of Commerce” to boost trade relations, and hoped to sign it soon. He also thanked Israel for supporting Peru’s application to join the OECD.

Noting the proximity of the Eighteen Pan American Games and the Sixth Para Panamerican Games, set to be held in Lima, the ambassador explained that this is the most important sporting event in America, with the participation of 7 thousand athletes. He suggested a Panamerican Maccabi Games in the near future. In concluding his remarks, the ambassador welcomed a very unique group of guests: Peruvian students in different Israeli academic institutions, as well as Israeli students who participated in a special one year course about Peru which exposed Israeli students to different fields of Peruvian reality and its challenges. These students will then conduct research projects proposing possible solutions to improve the quality of life of Peruvians in deprived and rural areas.



Foreign Minister of Israel Mr. Yisrael Katz spoke next. The minister noted the long history between the countries, with Peru supporting the creation of Israel over 70 years ago as part of UNSCOP. The Minister also noted the success for the Mashav Program, as well as a seminar that Israel conducted on the subject of innovation for the countries of the Pacific Alliance, and in particular Peru. The minister stressed the shared the values of the two countries and the appeal that Peru’s rich and unique culture offers to Israeli tourists, with tens of thousands of tourists annually. 

Minister Katz congratulated Peru for hosting the recent Summit for Pacific Alliance countries and expressed interest in upgrading Israel’s status at this international forum. He also offered congratulations on Peru’s impressive performance of Peru in America’s Cup finals. In closing his remarks, the minister offered a toast to the best wishes and continued success of the people and nation of Peru.



Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed Peruvian delicacies. The Consul, Victor Alejandro Reinosor, wore traditional clothing and performed a traditional dance with Mrs Leisly Reyes Escalante. A cake ornately decorated in the colors of the Peruvian flag further added to the festive atmosphere.

Among the many distinguished guests in attendance were Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz; Ambassador Meron Reuben, Chief of State Protocol in the Israeli Foreign Ministry; Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, president of the Ambassador’s Club; Tzachi Braverman  the secretary of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister; Ambassador Modi Eprahim, Deputy Director-General for Latin America and the Caribbean MFA; Roberto Spindel the President of the Israel Latin American Chamber of Commerce; Gabriel Hayon- President of The Diplomatic Institute, Superintendent Moti Meiry as representative of the Israeli Police; Vered Swid, former Director of the Authority for Advancing Women’s Rights; Roy Roznek, member of the international committee of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce; Drs. Ronit and  Shmulik Lewinger, and many additional diplomats, business leaders, and members of the Peruvian community residing in Israel

Diplomacy.co.il extends best wishes to the Embassy of Peru on the occasion of its national day

Steven Aiello
Photos Silvia G. Golan