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 On January 16th, 2020, the Embassy of Croatia in Israel launched the Croatian presidency of the Council of European Union and celebrated the 28th anniversary of the international recognition of the independence of the republic of Croatia.

H.E. Mrs. Versela Mrden Korac, the Ambassador of Croatia in Israel and the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel helds a reception to mark the occasion with the Kozahinof family at the “Beresheet Bavli Tower,” the most prestigious residential tower in TLV. 


Mr. Emanuele Giaufret, the head of the EU delegation in Israel representing the European Union and Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, President of the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel and former Israeli Ambassador to Denmark, the Council of Europe and UNESCO) were the honored guests . Among the many other distinguished guests of the event were also Mr. Roy Schlesinger (son of Samuel Schlesinger, Honorary Consul of Croatia), Itsik Kamilian, CEO of the Ambassadors Club of Israel (ACI), members of the “Beresheet Bavli Tower” Project such as President and Chairperson Mrs. Nurit Kozahinof, her son Moti Kozahinof, the CEO, Mr. Dan Catarivas, Director General – Foreign Trade and International Relations at the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel head of International Relations at the Federation of Israeli Economic Organizations (FIEO), Mrs. Anna Azari (Deputy Director General Europe Division Israel MFA), Mr. Adi Baruch (Senior Counsel of Government Ministries), Mrs. Tony Levy (Director of Foreign Relations and Innovation at the President's Office), Miran Denac Ph.D. (SVP, head of Israel & APAC operations, TGO) ,representative of the Israeli Police Mr. Moti Meiry (The Yarkon Space Police Security and Licensing Officer), members of the Croatian Embassy in Israel such as: Mrs. Lada Curkovic (first secretary), Goran Vidosrich (Cultural attache), and a variety of distinguished business leaders and diplomats.


The event began with time to mingle as Croatian products that are going to be sold in Israel, including kosher drinks and wine, were served. The formal part of the event started when Ambassador Versela Mrden Korac welcomed the guests on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the International recognition of Croatia and launching the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Israel, noting their motto: “A strong Europe in a World of Challenges” and their will to: “ balance the regional developments, protect the environment by fighting climate change,  build stronger transport, energy and digital connectivity, aim for the comprehensive approach to migration and stronger resilience to hybrid and cyber threats, promote European values, advance security and defense cooperation and to improve the European leading role globally.” The ambassador also added that Croatia has a responsibility to its south eastern neighbors in “encouraging reforms and contributing to the sustainable stability in our wider region.” The ambassador mentioned her plans to implement a project with " Yad Vashem ".

Mrs. Korac also thanked to Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, President of the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel for the his initiative and partnering in the organization of the event, to the Kozahinof family for offering to host the event at the glorious “Beresheet Bavli “ compound, Mr. Roy Schlesinger the son of the Honorary Consul Mr. Shmuel Schlesinger, and to Bura Consulting and the Orbico Group for bringing some new Croatian food samples such as Fish, Zigante Truffles and some great kosher wines to Israel.

After this, Mrs. Emanuele Giaufret (head of the EU delegation to Israel ) spoke about his proximity to Croatia, which was the first country he served as a diplomat. He welcomed the new Croatian EU Representation and in his remarks he spoke about the importance of the Holocaust Day and said that: “ the importance of Holocaust Remembrance from the European side with the aim of working against anti-Semitism and not forgetting the past is an important goal that the EU must fulfill.”


Mr. Moti Kozahinof also welcomed the guests who came to the prestigious complex, and especially the ambassadors club of Israel (ACI) and wished Croatia good luck in the new role. The sales manager of the project, Mr. Oved Zangi, added that “We are pleased to host you in the complex of the largest and most prestigious housing project in Israel“.

After the speeches came the delicious part of the event which included tasting of Croatian foods that are going to be sold in Israel. And finally a beautiful cake in honor of the 9th anniversary celebration of the Ambassadors Club of Israel was cut for the guests.



Diplomacy.co.il congratulates the Embassy of Croatia and the Ambassadors Club on the memorable occasion.

Eliran Ben Yair (member of Debate for Peace)

https://debateforpeace.wordpress.com/about/ )

Photos by Silvia Golan