The Department of State has announced an increase in consular services fees, which includes passport and notarial fees, effective Tuesday, July 13, 2010. The new fees will be: PASSPORT AND CITIZENSHIP SERVICES: An adult passport (using form DS-82) will change from $75 to $110.

A minor passport (under age 16, using form DS-11) will change from $85 to $105.

An adult passport (using form DS-11) will change from $100 to $135.

Please refer to to determine which form is appropriate.

The application fee for passport cards will increase, from $20 to $30 for adults, and from $10 to $15 for minors.

A new fee of $82 for additional passport pages will be imposed.

The fee for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad will change from $65 to $100.

A new fee of $450 is now established for documentation of formal renunciation of U.S. citizenship, which applies only to those persons who choose to take the Oath of Renunciation.


The fee for making arrangements for a deceased non-U.S. citizen will be $200, plus expenses.  (There is no fee for making arrangements for a deceased U.S. citizen.)


Notarial and authentication services, which now range from $20 to $30, will all be $50.


The fee for processing of letters rogatory will increase from $735 to $2,275.

Fees for taking depositions and executing commissions to take testimony will change as follows:

scheduling/arranging appointments for depositions, from $475 to $1,283;

attending or taking depositions or executing commissions to take testimony, from $265/hour to $309/hour plus expenses;

swearing in witnesses for telephone depositions and supervising telephone depositions, from $265/hour to $231/hour;

providing seal and certification of depositions, from $70 to $415.


Consular per-hour overtime charges will decrease from $265 to $231.

Applications will not be processed until the appropriate fee is paid in full with the American Citizen Services cashier.