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Bulgaria Embassy “Doors of Hope and Music for the Soul.” Delightful Music and Photographs.


The setting was intimate and unusual, the music was gracious and unusual, and the photographs were delightful – and unusual.


Yesterday at the Immanuel Church in Tel Aviv’s historic German-American Colony, the Bulgarian Ambassador to Israel, His Excellency Dimitar Mihaylov, the Embassy of Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian Cultural & Information Center hosted a small gathering of diplomats and friends to a concert of organ music. The concert title was “Doors of Hope and Music for the Soul.” The guests were privileged to hear a concerto played by Professor Sabin Levi of the National Academy of Music in Sofia, and at the same time to view a series of slide photographs, the ‘Doors of Hope’ – pictures taken of doors by Mrs. Nora Mihaylova.



In one of his previous diplomatic postings, Ambassador Mihaylov & Mrs. Mihaylova lived in Syria. Needless to say, many of the beautiful images were from the old city of Damascus, but also from Greece, the USA, and of course Israel – Jaffa, Jerusalem, Akko and Tel Aviv, to name a few. The juxtaposition of the images, combined with the music in the unusual setting was very special.


Guests include Mr. Moni Bar, Honorary Consul of Bulgaria, diplomats, friends and Bulgarian society in Israel (including former Tel Aviv councilor and former Bulgarian, Ms. Shelly Hoshen, who celebrated her birthday as well.)


In his brief welcome to the guests before the performance, the Ambassador added: “What unites us are beauty and art, culture and music”. The evening proved him right: A Jewish Bulgarian professor playing international organ music for the soul in a church in Israel to an enthusiastic mixed audience viewing doors of hope from around the world.



The cocktail reception following the concert was a lovely intermezzo allowing guests to mingle over a glass of wine and snacks.


 Photos Silvia G. Golan