Members of the MFA ,Political and Banking Seniors, friends and relatives arrived at the Celebratory Launch event of the book 'DIPLOMAT written by Zalman Shoval ', that was held on Sunday 3rd of April at the Tel-Aviv Museum.


Among the greeters were; Ex Defense and Foreign Minister, Moshe Aarons' The Judge – Alikim Rubinstein, also in past, Cabinet Secretary, and Professor Alex Mintz, - Head of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Gad Proper, Dan Proper, Yair Hamburger, Gideon Hamburger, Micky Federman, Alfred Akirov, Yaakov Frankel – ex Governor of the Bank of Israel, Eldad Shrim, Musical Producer and others.

About the Book and the writer;

Zalman Shoval is an Israeli politician and diplomat. He is also active in Israel's economic life. He was the Israeli ambassador to the United States in the years 1990–1993 and 1998–2000, and an active member of the Knesset in the Rafi party of Ben Gurion, the State List, and the Likud party.

There is ongoing and widening Kaos in the Middle East, and it looks like it will be around in the coming decades, but there are some things that remain stable and permanent, and in that context, one must emphasize the importance of the special relations between Israel and the United States, despite the international withdrawal status voluntarily expressed, hopefully, on a 'temporary' basis.

So asserts ZALMAN SHOVAL, The only man who has twice filled the most significant post ever in Israel – Ambassador to Washington. Between the years 1990-1993, and 1998-2000, under Four Prime Ministers, so diverse in their character traits and in their approaches. Yiitshak Shamir, Yitshak Rabin, Binyamin Netanyahu, and Ehud Barak, the relations that Mr Shuval so openly talks about. James Baker, the most prominent among the American Foreign Ministers in this modern period says about him; ' There is no man who has done more for the Peace Process than Zalman Shoval.'

Shuval, who arrived as a child to Little Tel-Aviv at the end of the 30' {until today he is a captive of Tel-Aviv's charm}, was drawn to Politics ever since his youth. At 16, he met Moshe Dayan for the first time, and in the following years, a deep and trusting relationship developed between the two. After completing his studies in the United States and Switzerland, Zalman served as Service Officer for the Study of Charge [AMAN] and commenced work in the economic sphere., mainly as a Banker, but as he evidently declares; ' The political bug has never left me'. He was among the founders of the political party RAFI in 1965, and entered the Knesset of David Ben-Gurion in 1970, and was very active in the establishment of the Likud in 1973. During Moshe Dayan's term as Foreign Minister 1977-1979, he was entrusted in Israeli Abroad Information, including the Camp David Conference in 1978, where the peace agreement was signed with the Egyptians.


In both his government terms as Ambassador to Israel in the United States, he won favor by his political view and understanding, his talents as a Diplomatic Spokesman, his sympathetic and empathic manner which have given him precedence over previous Israeli Ambassadors, and among his political comrades in the American Government, including the great Jewish Community in the United States. He participated in the Madrid Conference and in the peace talks in Washington. In addition he dealt with very sensitive issues such as the occurring frictions with America on the subject of Military Technology, the efforts and struggles in Iran Nucleation, and he fulfilled the task in obtaining American Guarantees for the U.S.S.R. absorption immigrants back then.

The book, that is written freely and with shades of humor, presents to the reader a wide and curious spectrum of diplomatic activity from within, as it truly is, and defines political and state destinations permeating the horizons in front of us. This book is a MUST for all those who are interested Israel's political and parties' history.