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''Expressions – Impressions'' Nurit Rosen Solo Art Exhibition


Curator: Irit Levin  May 6 – 26, 2016


Beit Sokolov (Journalists House) 4 Kaplan St. Tel Aviv


Opening: Friday, May 6, at 12:30 pm


This is Nurit Rosen's first solo art exhibition after participating in several group exhibitions, including one in London. "The exhibition sums up a year of creative activity by the artist. Rosen's three bodies of work presented in this exhibition, side by side, move from a state of intense color to serenity and calmness. The spectator is engulfed in a maze of shapes, which are part realistic and part imaginative'' said Irit Levin, the exhibition's curator.


Nurit Rosen begins a work sometimes with a line and sometimes with a spot. She works spontaneously, intuitively, and without any plan, on small cardboards, using oil pastels. Her black acrylic lines form a dialogue with a strong range of colors.


''These new works – comments Rosen – are different from the strict figurative drawings I used to paint. They are the result of my dealing with ovarian cancersince 2014. The works reflect my state of mind, the feeling that there is no way out, of meaningless, of frustration, chaos, and uncertainty. I work without thinking, using my emotions, and each time the result takes me by surprise. However, when I look at the entire body of works, I see a celebration of optimism.  Apparently, my wish to survive is stronger than the pain and skepticism that I will overcome cancer.''


Two very talented musicians –Taly Rubinstein on the recorder and Tal Even-Zur on the piano - the famous duo Tal Y Taly, will perform at the exhibition's opening, playing original music and their adaptations of Israeli songs. These world-renowned musicians have recently contributed to an album that won a Latin Grammy award.