Israel's population crossed the 8 million mark, as revealed by Central Bureau of Statistics data, released on the eve of the country's

 65th Independence Day.

The number of Jews among Israel's population has reached the symbolic figure of 6 million – the same figure of Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

The Jewish population composes 75.3% of the general population; Israeli Arabs compose 20.7% of the population and number 1.66 million.
The remaining 4% (318,000) are of other religions, mostly non-Jewish spouses and children of Israeli Jews, and other non-Arab Christians.

Additional data:

* Israel's population today is exactly 10 times of its population on the day it gained independence in 1948.

* 70% of Israelis are born in Israel.


* 10% of Israelis live in Jerusalem (804,000). 5% of Israelis live in Tel Aviv (404,000). Fourteen cities in Israel have over 100,000 inhabitants.

* Immigration to Israel has slowed in recent years to about 20,000 a year. Hence, the annual growth rate is currently 1.8%. The number of births is 4 times the number of deaths. Average life expectancy in Israel is 81.7, 5th highest among OECD countries.

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