Israel Gateway 2010: An unparalleled success


Hundreds of people associated with the Israeli business and diplomatic community gathered Monday and Tuesday at the Dan Panorama in Tel Aviv for The Globus Gate Group's Israel Gateway  Foreign Trade Exhibition.


Ilana Kapitolonik, 'Managing Director' - Israel Gateway


Starting on Monday and culminating Tuesday evening, the annual foreign trade expose (the 8th to date) brought large numbers of business executives, entrepreneurs, diplomats and Israeli government officials together for the country's most notable and comprehensive networking event having to do with foreign trade and international economic cooperation.

Israeli Minisiter of Industry, Trade and Labor, Binyamin (Fouad) Ben-Elizier highlighted the importance of the event in his opening speech as he stressed the need for Embassies, Commercial Attaches and foreign business delegations to take a closer look at how Israeli companies can assist in the overall economic growth and stability abroad.  

"Today, more than ever, Israel is a preferred choice among leading global players, equipped with a market economy that may be characterized as resilient, globally-oriented and technologically advanced.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor - Binyamin Ben-Eliezer

Mr. Ben Eliezer was spot on when he said that the Israel Gateway 2010 forum was the best place to create a more welcoming and approachable environment for conducting future trade endeavors.  

Meanwhile, Ilana Kapitolnik, Managing Director of Israel Gateway, thanked the wealth of participating organizations and diplomatic missions stating that the event itself would only further increased collaboration within the international community while also contributing to the individual success made possible by such ventures.

The Embassies of Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, Romania and Russia held the largest delegations in terms their diplomatic presence at the event while organizations like the Manufacturers' Association of Israel and companies such as Mashov Group illustrated the success they have achieved facilitating global business coordination and partnerships within the international arena as they lead Israel respectively into 2011.

Other notable speakers included Dr. Golan Benita of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Paula Alayo of the International Finance Corporation and Dr. Uzi Landau, Israel's Minister of National Infrastructure.  

Dr. Landau made special note of Israel's expertise across the agricultural sector.

 "Treatment of water, water management, ingenious irrigation systems and desalination are all areas of Israeli excellence and pride of the Zionist experience." 

He further declared that the government [Israel] had full intentions of increasing the amount of desalinated water available to the population.

As Tuesday came to end, it was easy to see both the satisfaction and approval amongst those in attendance.

Diplomacy's Daniel Schwarz and DRC Counsellor Mwakumbi


By the final hours of the event, it was clear that yet again, Israel Gateway has established itself as the prime resource for facilitating the necessary tools in building and furthering Israel's international business aspirations.

As was such, the praise given to Kapitolonik and her husband, Oded (President of Israel Gateway) by the event's speakers was well earned.  

Heading into 2011, Israel itself looks poised to further prosper financially while even contributing a greater deal to global market's economic needs and developments.