Inspired by the city’s vibrant culinary scene, a duo of Russian investors who own restaurants in Russia and Europe have now established a presence in the heart of Tel Aviv.


Following a long search, the team identified a 3.5-storey bauhaus building on Dizengoff Street as their ideal location and spent months transforming it into a restaurant with a spacious al fresco area and two floors of tables, with a third underway.


The concept of the new restaurant is a cosmopolitan bistro where conversation is meant to flow, fueled by drinks and good food. Hence the name Table Talk, which derives from the literary genre that evolved from stimulating discourse.





The cuisine at Table Talk is fusion, while the menu is cosmopolitan with a solid Eastern European foundation. Among the specialties are calves’ liver pâté, chopped herring, fresh salads with sunflower oil dressing, and the pièce de résistance -- blini with crême fraîche, red caviar, and salmon cured in-house.


There is a well-stocked bar, of course, with premium vodkas taking pride of place.  


The Russian theme carries over into dessert as well, with delicious cherry vareniki topped with crême fraîche.


The restaurant is open all day, with enticing breakfast and brunch entrées on offer. There is even a children's menu.





Table Talk is already becoming an active venue for cultural events, including exhibitions, literary evenings, film screenings and lectures. Musical performances are scheduled to take place every Thursday, with occasional artist meet and greets.


In addition, Table Talk is an attractive venue for private events and functions.


The restaurant is open daily from 09.00 to 01.00 (Saturdays from 10.00). Reservations are accepted.

Table Talk

Dizengoff St. 64 (corner of Bar Giora), Tel Aviv

Tel. (03) 774-6655



Photos by Silvia Golan.

Buzzy Gordon is a regular contributor to The Jerusalem Post, and ESRA Magazine.




 Photos by Silvia Golan




Socca Market in Tel Aviv has brought a new concept in dining to its unique venue for weddings, parties and major events. Instead of the standard fixed menu and waiter service, guests are invited to make the rounds of food stalls, each one featuring cuisine from different corners of the globe.



Drawing its inspiration from London’s Borough Market, New York’s Chelsea Market and Barcelona’s La Boqueria -- and more recently, Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market and Shuk Tzafon -- Socca Market comprises stalls that serve food representing the following cuisines:



Israeli (Mediterranean) - hummus, tehina, lamb kabab, skewers of shishlik and sabih

Italian -  pastas, focaccias, antipasti (grilled vegetables) and bruschettas

Greek - souvlaki, dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) Greek salad, gyros, fried red mullet

Asian - dim sum dumplings, stir-fried noodles, bao sandwiches, Asian cabbage salad  

American - fresh grilled hamburgers from prime beef, coleslaw, French fries






A delicious spread of desserts is served, featuring brownies with hot fudge sauce, chocolate chip cookies, hot apple crumble with pareve vanilla ice cream, meringues with berry sauce, lemon meringue tarts, and assorted pastries.



There is a full bar serving cocktails, sangria, and soft drinks, and a separate bar for wines.



Socca Market, which is certified kosher, is located in a trendy district of lofts and studios in south Tel Aviv.



Address: 27 Shocken Sreet (entrance from Shvil Hameretz)




Tel. (073) 248-0313












Regina, the veteran kosher restaurant in the Hatachana compound, has launched a new winter menu and a lavish “all you can eat” buffet, served Fridays from 11.00 until 14.00 (or one hour before the commencement of the Sabbath).



The buffet reflects the philosophy of the restaurant, which is to serve traditional Jewish food representing the cuisines of all the ethnic communities of the Diaspora: Ashkenazic, Sephardic, North African and Middle Eastern. As such, it is a smorgasbord of dishes that could justifiably be classified as Jewish comfort food, featuring stews and casseroles that are hearty, filling and warming -- ideal fare for the winter.



The categories of food on display at the buffet include appetizers, salads, soups, main courses and desserts. The main courses comprise meat, fish chicken and even vegan  options.




Among the appetizers and mezze are a creamy ikra, an intense chopped liver, puffed pastry stuffed with ground meat, homemade tehina, and baked eggplant with tehina, date honey and pomegranate seeds. These are complemented nicely with thick slices of fresh hallah.



The piping hot soups are chicken and vegetable with kreplakh (meat-filled dumplings), and puréed lentil soup.  



Main courses include a traditional cholent (hamin) with kishka (stuffed derma), moussaka, osh pilaf with chicken and beef, shakshuka with eggplant, fish patties in a savory tomato sauce, sofrito with meatballs, and Hungarian goulash.



Desserts are Regina’s cakes, apple strudel, dates and halva. The restaurant has its own creative specialty cocktails and an adequate wine list, along with the usual soft drinks.



The cost of the buffet is a reasonable NIS 84 for adults, and NIS 50 for children. The regular menu -- including kids’ menu -- is also available, as well as breakfast, served Fridays from 10,00 until 13.00.  





Neve Tzedek – the Tachana complex (building 10), Tel Aviv

 Contact Details
Phone: 0579428604
Fax: 03-7367575



 Photo1  Regina;s owners Tzippy Varnel Elizabeth Levy  & Nir Shafrir  with Silvia Golan 


Photo 3  Chef








Italian embassies around the world this week are marking “The First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World," an initiative of that country’s Ministry of Economic Development to promote Italy’s famous cuisine, which represents an industry estimated to be worth USD 60 billion annually; in Israel, The First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World was launched by Ambassador Francesco M. Talò at a reception held at his residence in Ramat Gan on November 21.



In his remarks to the assembled guests, Ambassador Talò introduced the slogan of The First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World -- “the extraordinary Italian taste” --  and inaugurated an app designed especially for the Israeli market: the kosher Italian eating guide (




Also addressing the reception was a special guest from Italy, Elena Toselli of the Ministry of Economic Development, who explained that the new app featured a database of 500 purveyors of Italian foodstuffs that are certified kosher.



Guests received a pamphlet outlining special events -- lectures, demonstrations, cooking classes, movies and tasting -- revolving around Italian cuisine taking place in Israel the week of November 21-29.  The evening concluded with a three-course banquet of Italian delicacies -- antipasti, pastas and desserts -- prepared by visiting Chef Laura Ravaioli, in collaboration with local chefs Massimiliano Di Matteo, a winner of the Master Chef television competition, and Michele Bozzetto, of the Sheraton Hotel’s Olive Leaf restaurant.



The reception attendees largely comprised Israeli residents of Italian descent, including Cinzia Klein, the local representative of the Italian Academy of Cuisine.





 Photos provided by  Massimiliano Guido  , Italian Embassy


Photo 1 Ambassador Francesco Maria Talò and Elena Toselli (Ministry of Economic Development)
Photo 2: Marcella Pedroni (Fiere di Parma), Jacqueline Fellus (Union of Italian Jewish Communities), Giovanni Delle Donne (Federation of Food and Drinks Industries), Massimiliano Guido (Italian Trade Commissioner)

 Photo 3  Chef Massimiliano Di Matteo and Chef Laura Ravaioli

















The Cafe Rothschild chain has opened in newest restaurant in the suburb of Givatayim, a block away from the municipal border with Tel Aviv. The kosher chain, which serves dairy but no meat dishes, has been expanding rapidly into the center of the country from its base in the North.



Cafe Rothschild, whose slogan is b’n’divut -- meaning, “generously” -- is known for its freebies, large portions and value. Guests are greeted with a complimentary drink on arrival, and free popcorn is distributed in the evenings. Instead of the conventional happy hour, beer (part of an alcohol menu that includes spirits and wine) is always two-for-one.



The categories of the bilingual menu comprise breakfast, salads, pastas, appetizers, sandwiches, tortillas, pizzas, focaccias and fish dishes. In addition to the usual hot and cold beverages, there are fresh-squeezed juices, smoothies and shakes. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available.




Desserts appear on a Hebrew-only menu, but can be explained in English by the staff. The super-sized sweets are prepared by pastry chefs off-site.



Among the special offerings of Cafe Rothschild are Italian Tuesdays -- when pasta is NIS 29 and glasses of wine NIS 10 -- and Greek Fridays, featuring mezze.








 Photos  Silvia Golan









Mateh Yehudah Wine Festival Celebrates the Judean Terroir


Mateh Yehudah, a region extending from the hills just west of Jerusalem to the valleys southwest of Beit Shemesh, will be hosting a wine festival extending over the three weekends between October 27 and November 12, 2016. The festival, which boasts the participation of 35 wineries, is one of Israel’s most prestigious annual wine festivals, now marking its 18th consecutive year.



The wineries involved in the festival range from some of Israel’s largest, producing more than 100,000 bottles a year, to some of the country’s newest boutique wineries. Many are known for their award-winning wines, encompassing both kosher and non-kosher labels, as well as white, red and rosé wines.





The festival will kick off with an evening of tasting to be held on 27.10.16 at the Yad Shmona Country Hotel in Kibbutz Yad Shmona. A number of the wines to be served during the event and the festival are being introduced to the public for the first time.


A noteworthy innovation of the festival this year is an initiative being sponsored by festival organizers together with local hotels and B&Bs: free transportation to and from tasting events and participating lodgings, so that visitors may imbibe wine without needing to drive afterwards. Designated drivers also enjoy special discounts.


The region, which is rich in Biblical history, is home to numerous fine restaurants, as well as artists’ studios. Another popular culinary aspect of the festival is home-cooked ethnic meals served in hosts’ houses.


For more information, visit the Hebrew website


 Photo  Inval Ros  /  Haim Ros











The intriguingly named The Blue Rooster is the restaurant, deli and bar of two of Tel Aviv’s most distinguished chefs: Shaul Ben Aderet and Charlie Fadida. Situated in the upscale Tzameret G shopping mall, the restaurant encompasses a handsome bar and interior, as well as an attractive al fresco area on the second floor rooftop, with stunning views of the residential towers of north Tel Aviv, and cooling evening breezes.  


We were greeted with complimentary glasses of apple cider with strawberry syrup, a welcome and refreshing gesture. The alcohol and wine menus recently underwent changes, and the new English wine list -- rather extensive, featuring Israeli and imported wines -- should be unveiled soon.





Meanwhile, the food and dessert menus are in English, and the wait staff also speak the language well. They explained the specialty cocktails, from which I ordered the house caipirinha, made with cachaça, lime, ginger and honey and garnished with mint and purple flower. Quite simply, it is the best caipirinha I have had in Israel.  


Non-alcoholic (“virgin”) versions are available for most of the cocktails; my companion enjoyed her blend of tropical fruit juices immensely.


The Blue Rooster offers a tasting menu, which takes the guesswork out of deciding among the many options on the menu. As we awaited our appetizers, we were served a loaf of braided hallah in honor of the Sabbath, together with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as well as herbed green olives.

Our first starter was tuna ceviche on a bed of guacamole, with tomato salsa garnished with leafy herbs and topped with black “caviar” made from seaweed. The freshness of the fish was evident, and the unique vegetarian mock caviar a nice extra touch.  





Our salad appetizer was a sweet and spicy cold pumpkin salad lightly dressed in a pomegranate vinaigrette, with Gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, mint and nuts. This was a delicious eye-opener -- a veritable symphony of flavors.


Next came white fish carpaccio on a bed of ikra -- white taramasalata -- with seasoned garden vegetables. The beautiful presentation made this dish a feast for the eyes as well as the palate, while the razor-thin slices of fish were enhanced nicely by the inspired combination of ingredients.


There are some excellent vegetarian options as well: the classic risotto in a porcini mushroom broth with a mix of mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, peas and truffles was one of the outstanding dishes of the evening, rich and hearty.


Similarly, the polenta with shimeji mushrooms, asparagus, truffle oil and caciocavallo cheese was a creamy delight, the al dente vegetable a brilliant counterpoint to the cornmeal delicacy.


Progressing to the main courses, we were treated to two meat dishes: sirloin steak creatively encrusted with sunflower seeds, and butcher’s cut with a smear of chimichurri. Both cuts of prime beef were grilled to perfection, tender and flavorful.  


Our main course in the fish category was Asian-flavored cod in a coconut milk casserole with curry, chili, ginger and lemongrass. The generous chunks of flaky white fish were succulent, in a dish that would please any fan of Thai cuisine.


The dessert menu is varied and eclectic, with Western, Middle Eastern and Asian options.

The kanaffeh was a confection of soft, salty goat cheese wrapped in golden strands of crispy angel hair kadaif and then suffused in lemon, geranium and honey syrup. All in all, a wonderful interplay of flavors and textures.


The semifreddo pistachio creme brûlée was like a cross between pudding and ice cream: both cooling and intense, the creme brûlée burst into flavor with ever bite.


Finally, the shortest description on the dessert menu was “the perfect Malabi.” I confess that I am not generally a fan of this Levantine sweet, but this one was truly exceptional. I would order it again in a heartbeat.


The Blue Rooster is a popular place not only for romantic dates and families, but also for events, with an elegant room off the wine cellar for private functions. Private parties may also be held in the restaurant or the rooftop garden. For more information, contact the Events Manager, Michael, at (054) 222-1100.

The Blue Rooster: Restaurant/Deli/Bar

Tzameret G Mall, Nissim Aloni Street 10, Tel Aviv

Tel. (03) 544-3349




 Instagram   @the_blue-rooster


Photo  Silvia Golan










KKL-JNF cooperates with the Australian embassy to clean the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

Sunday, September 18, Australian ambassador in Israel, Dave Sharma, Embassy staff and their families, KKL-JNF volunteers, about 150 Australians youngsters and Kinneret Authority advocacy teams - mobilized to clean the Kinneret Municipal Association ("Igud Arim") Zinbari beach. The event took place in the framework of the international clean-up day that KKL-JNF has been leading for the last 16 years
KKL-JNF Australia, Australian embassy in Israel, Kinneret Municipal Association Zionist Federation of Australia has cooperated for the “international clean-up day” joining them are 150 Australian youngsters who are in Israel as part of an Australian youth movement. The teens, escorted by the diplomatic and professional embassy staff, Kinneret Municipal Association team and KKL-JNF workers and volunteers, worked and labored under the hot sun to clean up the beach in favor of one goal - to protect the environment in which we live in. The participants made sure to separate garbage in order to recycle into friendly bags (Brown paper for garbage, Blue for plastic garbage, green for organic garbage, white for general garbage). It is important to note that the cleaning teams had been surprised to find fairly clean beaches.
KKL-JNF Chairman, Danny Atar, welcomed the activities and said: "keeping the environment and natural resource is part of KKL-JNF DNA; our goal in the International Day is to educate the young generation to be responsible and caring of the environment, to ensure a greener and cleaner environment for the current and future generation. It is not the first year that the Australian Embassy has joined the efforts, and I am thankful and appreciative of such, together we show that the environmental interest knows no boundaries".
At the end of the activities, the Australian ambassador in Israel, Dave Sharma, said: "the international clean-up day initiative, which started initially in Australia, has become an international tradition, I am proud for that. Each and every one of us needs to treat the environment the same as one does its own home. Our home is not the street or city in which we live, but planet Earth, the responsibility is international, crossing borders and countries, only together in cooperation, can we protect our planet. 100 years ago Australian soldiers fought right here against the Ottoman Empire to liberate the country, and now, Australian youngsters are here to safe keep and preserve it."
The Kinneret Authority congratulated the Ambassador for his engagement with the teens and noted that by joining forces and pushing the concept into the public awareness, we can keep the Kinneret, in particular, and the environment, in general, clean. Yael Sela, Education and Community Department Manager in the Kinneret Authority noted: "during the months of July-August the National Lake was attended by about 760 thousand visitors. Regardless of these amounts, "Igud Arim Kinneret" preserved the cleanliness and order thanks to well-planned and executed activities, advocacy teams in the beaches and clean-up crews. We feel the change in the Israeli vacationer who safeguards the environment more and as a result, both the Ambassador and the volunteers found clean beaches today. We will continue to raise awareness of the importance of guarding the environment and the purity of water sources."
The clean-up activities mark the opening of Australia week in Israel (OZRAELI) that celebrates the diplomatic-cultural-social cooperation between the two States, and continue in a line-up of events during the week.



International cleanup day background
Clean up the World organization was established in 1993 in Australia, and operates under the sponsorship of the UN Environmental Program (UNEP), and is currently the biggest environmental safekeeping organization in the world. During the International cleanup day activities, 40 Million people from 120 states around the world will note the occasion.
Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) joined the organization in the year 2001, and followed to lead the international cleanup day in Israel, which turned, now in its 16th year, into the biggest event including thousands of volunteers taking part in the different clean-up activities in open areas and inside cites. It is also executed in cooperation with the Union of Local Authorities in Israel and the Center of Regional Councils.


Pictures:  (Photo Credit: Michael Huri - KKL-JNF, Photo Caption: KKL-JNF, Australian Embassy and teens cleaning-up and collecting garbage at the Kinneret w\ Australian Ambassador, Dave Sharma).




Menta Magazine presents: "Good Life Guidebook"

On the 6rd of September, Menta Magazine launched its first book - "Good Life Guidebook" in a glamorous event in Tel Aviv  

Menta health magazine held it's first ever book launch for the "Good Life Guidebook" in a glamorous wellness dedicated event in Arca at the Tel Aviv port.

The event included a lecture about happiness, a Yoga class, presentations and demonstrations by several lifestyle, health and fitness brands etc.

Among the participants: Omer Dror, Model, Shir Elmaliach, Model, Titi Aynaw, Former Miss Israel, Shani Hazan , Former Miss Israel 2012 , Anastasia Judith Michaeli Former MK and many others


 Photo  Silvia Golan












 Peruvian Cuisine Showcased at the Sheraton Tel Aviv


The Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel, in collaboration with the Embassy of Peru in Israel, is hosting a celebration of Peruvian cuisine from now through August 24. The culinary festival was launched at an inaugural dinner on August 15, in the presence of Peru’s ambassador to Israel, H.E. Gustavo Otero. The dinner, held at the Sheraton Tel Aviv’s signature restaurant, the Olive Leaf, was prepared by visiting Peruvian Chefs Pietro Luis Ricse Campos and Hans Balvin Sierra of the Sheraton Lima Hotel.



At a cocktail reception prior to the dinner, Ambassador Otero welcomed distinguished guests, which included Brazilian Ambassador Henrique Da Silveira, Uruguayan Ambassador Nestor Rosa Navarro and Paraguayan Ambassador Max Haber; Mr. Modi Ephraim, head of the Latin American desk at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and leaders of the business community, including food importers. Also in attendance were members of the Peruvian community residing in Israel.





In his remarks, Ambassador Otero thanked the Sheraton for its initiative in organizing the festival and expressed his gratification that it is kosher. Noting that Peruvian cuisine is gaining in popularity worldwide, with Peruvian restaurants opening worldwide, he expressed the hope that some entrepreneur would open one in Israel as well.  



For the festival, the guest chefs have created authentic Peruvian dishes using local produce and ingredients, as well as imported herbs and spices. Featured dishes include fresh fish ceviche, anticucho, and quinoa prepared in a variety of ways. When the chefs were introduced following the opening dinner, they were greeted with a standing ovation.  



The Peruvian menus are being served weekdays at the Olive Leaf restaurant from 12.30–15.00 p.m. and from 19.00–22.30 p.m.


Reservations may be made by calling (03) 521-9300.


The adjacent Olive Leaf Terrace bar overlooking the Mediterranean is open Sunday –Thursday, 17.00–22.30.


 Photos  Silvia G Golan
















Onza Food and Vibe


Onza was the first restaurant of celebrated chef Yossi Shitreet, who now reigns at two other acclaimed restaurants: Kitchen Market and Mashya. Onza has evolved since Shitreet left the restaurant in the capable hands of Chef Muli Magriso, who has taken the kitchen in the direction of a modern interpretation of Turkish cuisine. The restaurant’s slogan now is “food and vibe” -- and along with the revamped menu, there is Turkish music on Sundays and live music on Mondays and Fridays.

Most of Onza’s tables are al fresco, in a quaint side street of Jaffa’s flea market. It is the kind of place that calls for starting off with a drink, and the talented bar’s specialty cocktails make that idea especially appealing. The smoked margarita -- tequila reposado, Grand Marnier, citrus and orange bitters, served in a martini glass rimmed with sugar -- is complex yet mellow, imparting a sweet finish. The wheat mojito -- rum, St. Germain, lime and wheat beer, garnished with fresh mint -- is very refreshing, like a supercharged shandy. There is also an extensive wine list, with vintages from around the world.  

The meal itself is best commenced with the restaurant’s mezze. Onza’s long, sesame-crusted soft rolls are perfect for dipping in all of the unique and truly delicious appetizers: the warm eggplant dip made with yogurt, butter and chopped pistachio; the hummus-like fava bean cream, with a dollop of grape leaf skhoug that imparts just the right amount of heat; or the rich and creamy ivory-colored ikra, garnished with red onion and black olives.





The pachanga borek, which resembles a Moroccan cigar filled with succulent smoked sausage and leeks, goes well with the gigik -- Turkish tzaziki of sheep yogurt, cucumber and mint, with a splash of olive oil and a sprinkling of zaatar. And the tomato salad with walnuts and feta cheese in pomegranate syrup, garnished with green chili pepper, is a symphony of flavors.

There are also intermediate-sized dishes, such as drum fish carpaccio topped with tabouleh and garnished with mint, parsley, and green chili pepper. This unusual combination of the ultra-fresh fish with the delicate tabouleh salad, enhanced with dollops of labaneh, is as tasty as it is inventive.  

Another dish with labaneh as its base is the grilled artichoke salad, with arugula, radishes and onions in a distinctive burnt vinaigrette. The interplay of the warm and cold vegetables with the unusual dressing is startlingly successful.

Main courses run the gamut of fish, meat ,seafood and vegetarian  options​


Our first entrée was the filet of sea bass stuffed with nuts and herbs on a bed of cauliflower cream. The fish was cooked perfectly, and the cauliflower cream was heavenly.

The second entrée was Gaziantep kebab: two skewers of herb-seasoned ground lamb on a bed of eggplant cooked in butter, under a drizzle of tehina sweetened with pomegranate syrup. A truly inspired combination.

A third main course is the seafood pan: shrimp, calamari, mussels, chickpeas and artichokes in a distinctive marinière sauce made with raki instead of wine. A nice touch was warm lafa with kashkaval to mop up every last drop of the juice.






The dessert menu, delivered orally, comprises two Western and two Mediterranean options. The knaffeh with yogurt mousse and white chocolate, which takes 15 minutes to prepare, is well worth the wait. The coconut cream malabi on raw tehina with caramelized fruit is another sweet delight, guaranteed to make you think of traditional malabi in a new light.

Naturally, there is a chocolate option as well: the chocolate mousse on chocolate crumble is slightly salty and particularly intense. There is also a delectable cheesecake mousse with dried fruit on lotus cookies.

From start to finish, Onza is a casual, informal place with the exacting culinary standards of many of Tel Aviv’s fancier establishments.


Not kosher

Rabbi Hanina Street 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel. (03) 648-6060








The future is good looking


Yarin Shahaf, school principal for makeup, styling and hair  academy is already prepared for in 2017-18 and produced a rich catalog specifying future beauty trends


 About 60 journalists and opinion leaders in the fields of fashion and beauty have gathered  recently at Yarin Shahaf Academy in Tel Aviv. The reason: Every year, Shahaf releases a prestigious magazine in which he reveals his vision of makeup and fashion for years to come.








Born with a makeup powder by hand


Shahaf (54) continues to maintain a youthful appearance. This week, it indicates 30 years of  teaching makeup. He has fostered generations of makeup artists, stylists and hairdressers.


The graduates of his academy are 78 percent in the local beauty industry.


The academy has recently moved to a spacious building, which spans up to four floors, including a gallery Of contemporary art for the benefit of young artists.



Trends & Colors


The three main beauty trends are black & white films at the early days of cinema, the State of Peru,  and the ocean waves, as follows. The dominant colors would be black, gray, purple, and orange.




Inspired by the black and white films at the early days of cinema





Inspired by the State of Peru




 Yarin Shahaf Makeup Studio


  Telephone  1-700-50-60-80


 Facebook  Yarin Shahaf ירין שחף


 Instagram  Yarin Shahaf Makeup Studio


Yarin Shahaf website:


Photography: Hila Elkayam







Dixie Celebrates Second Annual Burger Festival


The cool, slightly dark interior of the Dixie Grill Bar is an inviting place, especially when entering from the heat of a summer’s day. It is also handsome, with beckoning booths and a gleaming, well-stocked bar.

The occasion of my visit was the restaurant’s summer hamburger festival, being held this year from July 25 through August 18. During the festival, seven special burgers are added to the usual Dixie menu of four burgers; additionally, two of the usual burgers are “supersized” during the festival.


Another feature of the festival is that each burger on the special menu is paired with a “chaser” of liquor (for a small additional charge). As an added bonus, milk shakes are discounted when ordered with a festival burger.


Along with the regular English menu, we were given the separate festival menu, the cover of which is entirely in English. Imagine our surprise, therefore, when we opened the menu pamphlet and found it was all in Hebrew. When we asked for the English festival menu, we were told there is none.


Our friendly waiter did his best to explain the festival burgers in English, but they are a bit complicated; if I were not able to read and understand the Hebrew menu, I would not have gotten the total picture. My advice, therefore, is that at least one of the members of your party be capable of fathoming a Hebrew menu if you want to get the most out of the remaining days of the festival.  

Knowledge of the local language will also come in handy when it comes to ordering one of Dixie’s special summer cocktails; the regular alcohol menu is in English, but not the card on the table listing the summer cocktails.  


The drink we chose from the summer cocktail list -- a watermelon daiquiri, garnished with a small wedge of the red fruit -- was sweet and refreshing; the caipirinha, from the regular cocktail menu, was a particularly lemony version of the Brazilian classic.  

With the drinks came an exceptionally well outfitted condiment tray: Heinz ketchup, barbecue sauce, mustard, horseradish sauce, and authentic Tabasco sauce.  


We elected to share three of the festival burgers: the mac and cheese, the entrecôte burger and the blue cheese burger.  

The first burger -- smothered in a melted blend of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese -- was perched atop macaroni and cheese that had been shaped into a pasta patty and fried, replacing the traditional bun. This is old-fashioned American comfort food at its best.


According to the menu, this burger comes with french fries, although you may substitute for all designated sides. We followed our waiter’s suggestion and chose the green salad, which was just arugula leaves, in an Asian-accented dressing.

The entrecôte burger was on half a bun under a portobello mushroom and grilled onion bathed in a rich stock beef fortified with bone marrow. The quality of the meat and the sophistication of the ingredients make this a gourmet burger. It comes with steak fries on bed of greens.


The blue cheese burger with pear poached in wine is also bunless, and on a salad of romaine lettuce hearts, bean sprouts and shredded cabbage with assorted nuts in a soy-based dressing. On the whole, this dish represents a nice interplay of flavors.


There is a special festival dessert, designed to mimic a hamburger order: a sandwich of  chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream (the burger), with meringue chips (french fries), strawberry jam (ketchup) and passion fruit syrup (mustard). It is not bad, and should appeal to kids. After a substantial meal, however, we found that the thick vanilla milk shake -- in a glass decorated with swirls of chocolate syrup -- was enough of a sweet finale.


Clearly , Dixie Grill Bar , one of the restaurants of celebrity chef Haim Cohen,

​ ​
gives pride of place to its juicy and flavorful hamburgers, both during its summer festival and throughout the year.

Dixie Grill Bar

Not kosher

Yigal Alon 120, Tel Aviv

Tel. (03) 696-6123
 Photo  Asaf Razon




Pastel: The Art of Dining



The arts complex that houses Israel’s Opera House, the Cameri Theater and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is also home to Pastel, winner of Idea Tops’ 2014 International Space Design Award for the best designed restaurant in the world.


Fortunately, the stunning restaurant can rely not only on its impressive décor but also on the artistic creativity of Chef Hillel Tavakuli to attract customers.




It is not just the kitchen that brims with talent. Pastel recently recruited mixologist Shir Dagan from Aria to revamp its cocktail menu. It is with good reason that the full name of the restaurant is Pastel Brasserie and Bar.  


The tempting selection of specialty cocktails features the eponymous Pastel Muse, which combines gin with vermouth, lime juice, tonic water and berries, resulting in a slightly astringent drink that is bracing and refreshing. The intriguing Guatemala Sour, meanwhile, blends quality rum with classic sour mix and orange, for a complex citrusy cocktail that is both sweet and tangy.


Another drink with a Latin American pedigree is the Mexicana -- tequila, lime, passion fruit syrup, chili -- an explosion of sweet, sour and spicy in a martini glass. For those who want the experience without the alcohol, Dagan whips up a mean “mocktail” -- berries, pineapple, passion fruit, cucumber and mint -- that is a terrific thirst quencher for Tel Aviv’s hot summer.


A meal at Pastel starts with a basket of fresh, whole grain breads, studded with olives or nuts, accompanied by a tomato salsa in olive oil. The salsa is so tasty you have to be careful not to fill up prematurely.




Our first appetizer was the beetroot gazpacho with smoked labaneh, blue cheese, caramelized hazelnuts and melon balls. Poured tableside by the waitress from a dainty pitcher, this variation on the famous cold soup was a symphony of flavors.  


A popular appetizer at Pastel is the chicken liver pâté -- a generous, decadently rich slab of the delicacy atop a toasted brioche. The pâté itself was paired with an intriguing pear chutney, which nicely cut the extreme richness of the star of this dish.


Another of Patel’s classic appetizers is the tuna sashimi: slices of the glistening, burgundy-hued fish were draped over pieces of green apple and cucumber (or avocado, when in season), atop a curry vinaigrette. The astoundingly fresh fish melts in the mouth, and the interplay of flavors and textures -- helped along with garnishes of coriander and chili, and the crunch of scattered chopped nuts -- is extraordinary.


When the time came for main courses, we discovered that Pastel’s special pasta, formerly kept in reserve for vegetarians, had been deservedly promoted to the printed menu. The mafaldine in cream of pea sauce with broccoli and feta cheese rivals the best pasta course any dedicated Italian restaurant could offer. The wavy ribbon pasta itself is distinctive enough, but the combination of the sauce with the al dente cruciferous vegetable, the salty cheese, toasted pine nuts and gremolata (a pesto-like condiment of lemon zest, garlic and parsley) truly made the dish unforgettable. (It is available also as a vegan option: the kitchen would use olive oil instead of butter and substitute for the cheese.)


While Pastel has expanded its vegetarian options, carnivores need not worry: the grilled beef fillet in cream and brandy sauce on a bed of spinach will more than satisfy any steak aficionado. The tender, flavorful fillet is accompanied by superb mashed potatoes, as well as a tower constructed of a bone filled with succulent marrow and crowned with portobello mushrooms.


Fish and seafood are more than adequately represented as well. The seafood gnocchi pairs soft pillows of the potato pasta with shrimp, calamari and mussels swimming in a delicious sauce redolent with garlic.


Finally, the dessert menu is constantly being tweaked, but Pastel’s signature dessert bears the evocative name “floating islands”, whose exotic components include strawberry sorbet, amarena cherries, caramelized pistachio, soft meringue, kadaif and rose malabi. Once again, there is tableside decanting, this time of the malabi, to create an “island” of multi-layered confection. The kadaif, uniquely shaped in a hoop completes the tableau of a dessert that looks almost too pretty to eat.


Chocolate lovers will be delighted with the Ferrero Rocher -- a large candy shell studded with hazelnuts praliné encasing layers of dark chocolate and milk chocolate mousse, with additional hazelnut granite for extra crunch.


Pastel Brasserie and Bar

Not kosher

Shaul Hamelekh Blvd. 27, Tel Aviv

Tel. (03) 644-7441




 Photos Silvia G. Golan
















Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Introduces Its Latest Restaurant and Bar 


 The Garden Terrace



Gourmet Tapas, Cocktails and Cigars - The Garden Terrace Presents New Approach to Relaxation in Jerusalem This Summer





(JERUSALEM- July 11, 2016) The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem announces the official opening of its latest culinary offering - The Garden Terrace. 

Located on the roof-top of the historic restored building, The Garden Terrace takes advantage of the cool air of Jerusalem’s evenings while ensuring a sense of quiet seclusion just above the city’s downtown areas.



Featuring a fully-stocked bar with newly designed cocktail menu and an internationally gathered cigar collection, the menu for The Garden Terrace has been designed by the hotel’s Executive Chef Itzik Barak presenting a wide variety of Mediterranean-inspired tapas dishes. 


  Diners are invited to select from a range of dishes - from Veal Spareribs to Fresh Fish Ceviche and Chef Barak’s take on traditional meatballs which are battered in a beer-infused tempura and served with pepper cream.  The all-Kosher menu relies on the freshest ingredients and highest quality meats and fish all available to be combined with fine wines, liquors and drinks mixed to order.

Designing the menu and the overall experience has been a project months in the making with the goal of making The Garden Terrace a sought after location in Jerusalem for the ideal evening of relaxation.




The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem has already assumed a reputation as one of the world’s best luxury hotels, including being named as the top hotel in the Middle East by readers of Conde Nast Traveller Magazine.  The Garden Terrace is the third restaurant located in the hotel alongside The Palace and The Kings Court, both of which have received acclaim for introducing a new style of dining to Jerusalem. 


“The Garden Terrace introduces a new level of culture to the city that puts delicious food and drink at the forefront all presented in a setting that is uniquely Jerusalem,” says Guy Klaiman, General Manager of the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem.  “We look forward to seeing this quickly becoming a landmark to be appreciated by anyone looking for a quality, relaxing and enjoyable evening.”




The Garden Terrace at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem is open Sunday-Thursday 6:00  PM to 11:00PM. 

For advance registrations (recommended) please call 02-5423333.









Festival Between the Vineyards  2016  -Tu B'Av    at Merom Hagalil (  from 18 to 26.8.16)


Tu B'Av - a Jewish traditional holiday in which the young Israeli unmarried woman, are dancing in the vineyards, in full moon in order to "Catch" a groom.

There is no better place to celebrate this holiday than Merom Hagalil area. The area offers lovely country side accommodation, located between vineyards with the harvest fragrance, breathtaking scenery along with the Festival "Between the Vineyards" organized by "Merom Hagalil" Regional Council.


The Festival will take place between 18 to 26.8.16 celebrating a decade of activates with eight days and nights of various events: Festival Opening night, with the two giant Israeli singers- Shlomi Shabat & Rita-At Ein Hozim forest. A sunrise performance of Miri Mesika overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Golan Heights at Livnim Amphitheater. Two classics on one stage-Avraham Fried & Yoram Gaon at Ein Hozim. A special show At Amirim village- "G'hbls Reggae from the North Zion". "Peter-Pan" will take the kids and youth, to a magical tour, in the woods with Tinkerbell and friends. Street Fairs, local musical events, tours to wineries and vineyards, Festival special menus in the local restaurants, lots of activities for the family all accompanied with good wine and romance..




For tickets and information please call 04-6919807 & 04-6220066

The Festival website with a full program and options:  www.2beav

On-line ticket purchasing:











July is Chefs and Beer Month at Porter & Sons


Porter and Sons, the restaurant whose slogan is Kitchen and Beer, is hosting a special Chefs and Beer festival this month, featuring new dishes created by four guest chefs, with beer pairings specially selected to complement each dish. The restaurant, with 120 kinds of domestic and imported beer on tap and in bottles, has a rich tradition of pairing beers and ale with food.


Chefs and Beer month is being held in cooperation with Israel Beer Breweries Ltd Carlsberg, brewer and importer of many of the country’s leading beers and ales. The beer pairings were conceived by IBBL Carlsberg in conjunction with Itai Laifer, manager of Porter and Sons.    


The chefs for this event, who represent some of Tel Aviv’s most popular restaurants, are:


  • Avivit Priel, of Ouzeria

  • David Almakias, of David and Yossef

  • Orel Kimchi, of Popina

  • Guy Mualem, of Porter and Sons




The dish created by Ms. Priel is lamb tartare with freekeh (green wheat) and Tassos olives, garnished with chili peppers and topped with yogurt dressing. The perfectly seasoned raw lamb is meant to be wrapped in accompanying fresh lettuce leaves. The beer paired with the lamb tartare is Jacobean saaz blonde, a Danish ale.


The dish devised by Almakias is a salad of pulled lamb shank with mixed greens, Thai okra, shimeji mushrooms, asparagus and peanuts in a spicy lime vinaigrette. There is a very nice interplay of flavors going on in this dish, reminiscent of a Thai salad, which is well-suited to warm weather. It is paired with Leffe brown, a Belgian dark ale, selected for its full body that stands up to the spiciness of the dish.    


The dish from Popina chef Orel Kimchi is smoked asado in a bourbon and beet barbecue sauce, with cornbread. The beef short ribs were cooked sous vide, so they came out tender and flavorful, in a sauce that enhanced the slightly fatty meat without or overwhelming it. The cornbread was also moist, having been soaked in a sauce with a touch of sriracha. The asado is paired with Guinness, for its familiar bold flavor that is strong enough for the pungency of barbecue without adding extra body to the very substantial beef dish.


Guy Mualem returns to the kitchen of Porter and Sons to create his mussels in heavy cream with tomatoes, green onions, herbs and Hoegaarden. The mussels, cooked perfectly in the beer and cream sauce seasoned with thyme, tarragon, coriander and mustard, melted in the mouth. This dish is paired with, not surprisingly, Hoegaarden.  According to Laifer, this wheat beer spiced with coriander seeds and peels of Curaçao oranges is ideal for the hot Israeli climate.


Porter and Sons’ complimentary house beer bread comes in very handy to mop up the delicious sauce.


Dessert continues the beer pairing theme: a wedge of Porter and Sons’ New York cheesecake served with a shot glass of Leffe Ruby, a beer flavored with red berries that evokes the sweetness of the fruit without losing its essence as a beer. A nice extra touch is a scoop of pearls of gelatin flavored with the unique beer.


Porter and Sons’ Chefs and Beer dinners are served nightly for the first three weeks of this month, commencing at 19.00. The dinners are a la carte, and course may be combined with items from the regular menu. The beers are available in regular full-sized glasses or special tasting sizes.


Porter & Sons

Not kosher

Ha’arba’a Street 14, Tel Aviv

Tel. (03) 624-4355








Saphira at the Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria Sets the Salon Standard



Saphira Hair Care, the company that pioneered the use of Dead Sea minerals in hair care products, recently launched its first branded hair and beauty salon, Saphira Salon by Maurice, on the premises of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem.


The salon was conceived as a partnership between Saphira founders Aviad and Saphira Greenberg and Maurice Dadoun, master hairstylist from Beverly Hills and artistic director of the new salon. Designed and built at a cost of NIS 2 million, the salon is furnished with the finest materials and equipped with everything a full-service salon needs.  




According to Saphira management, “This full-service salon is a confluence of dreams and inspiration, as well as a fusion of luxury products together with world-renowned talent, to create a new standard in Israel. The artistic talent of Maurice, combined with the Saphira boutique hair care line, promises to leave everyone both feeling and looking beautiful.”


The salon’s range of services includes hair styling (and coloring) for men and women; manicures, pedicures and nail care; hair and scalp treatments; and expert make-up consultation and application.   


The salon is also stocked with the complete line of Saphira quality products -- infused with 26 active minerals from the Dead Sea plus keratin -- for nourishing, healing and beautifying all types of hair.




Photos By Silvia G. Golan 





Italian Festival Underway at the Sheraton Tel Aviv



The Sheraton Tel Aviv, in partnership with the Embassy of Italy, the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Cultural Institute, is celebrating Italian cuisine this month. Highlights of the festival include special dinners prepared by Italian celebrity Chef Max Mariola, evening cocktail hours, cooking classes and a food market.


The festival was launched on June 6, in the presence of H.E. Mr. Francesco Maria Talo’, Italy’s ambassador in Israel. At a cocktail reception featuring such Italian classics as the  Bellini, the Rossini and the Aperol spritz, Ambassador Talo’ and Sheraton general manager Franco Vella welcomed members of the Italian diplomatic corps in Israel and journalists to the opening of the festival, which will run through June 30.




The festival’s inaugural dinner at Sheraton Tel Aviv’s signature restaurant, Olive Leaf, was a special four-course meal prepared by Chef Mariola, who will be cooking for the general public through June 9. His authentic Italian dishes will remain on the menu of the kosher restaurant through the end of the month.


Chef Mariola, a native of Rome, is the face of Italian cooking channel Gambero Rosso and hosts a popular cooking show on SKY TV. This is his first visit to Israel.


As part of the festival, Chef Mariola will teach a cooking class at the Sheraton on June 7. Another class at the hotel, also open to the general public, will be taught by Chef Michele Bozzetto of Olive Leaf on June 20.


In addition, the Sheraton Tel Aviv lobby will be the venue of an Italian food market from June 13-16. Imported kosher Italian foods -- pasta, olive oil, cheese, gelato and more -- as well as wine, will be on sale from 17:30.





Moreover, the Olive Leaf Terrace, overlooking the Mediterranean, will be open Sunday through Thursday throughout June, 17:00 – 22:30, for an evening apéritivo, featuring an Aperol and Campari bar and accompanied by small Italian bites.


Reservations for the Italian dinners at the Olive Leaf may be made at 03-5219300. Tickets for the cooking classes (NIS 150) may be ordered via phone at 03-5211122.


Photos  by Silvia Golan












Italian Festival at Sheraton Tel Aviv


During the month of June Sheraton Tel Aviv is partnering with the Embassy of Italy in Israel to celebrate Italian culinary. Festival highlights’ consists of special dinner prepared by Italian celebrity Chef Max Mariola, cooking classes with top Italian chefs and Italian food market at the hotel lobby.



Following Italy Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica), which is celebrated on June 2nd, Sheraton Tel Aviv in collaboration with Embassy of Italy in Israel, Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Cultural Institute will launch the Italian Festival starting June 6 until June 30.


The festival will be launched on June 6 at Sheraton Tel Aviv’s signature restaurant, Olive Leaf, featuring a special dinner prepared by Italian celebrity guest Chef, Max Mariola, and with guest of honor H.E Mr. Francesco Maria Talo’, Italian ambassador in Israel. This is Chef Mariola’s first time in Israel and he is coming especially for the festival. Chef Mariola has created delicious menus, which are based on fresh and kosher Italian products and offer authentic Italian dishes. He will cook at the Olive Leaf Restaurant on 6, 7, 8 and 9 of June, and his menus with signature dishes will be served at the restaurant until June 30. For reservation please call 03-5219300


As part of the festival two Italian cooking classes will take place:

  • June 7 with Chef Max Mariola

  • June 20 with Michele Bozzetto, Olive Leaf’s chef

The cooking classes will take place at Sheraton Tel Aviv and is open to the public at the price of 150 NIS. Tickets can be purchased via phone 03-5211122 (Sun-Thu, 9:00-17:00) or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sheraton Tel Aviv lobby will host an Italian food market from 13 of June until 16 of June, featuring Italian goods such as: wine, pasta, olive oil, cheese, gelato and more. Open from 17:30.


The Olive Leaf Terrace, overlooking the Mediterranean will be open for an afternoon apéritivo featuring an Aperol and Campari bar accompanied by small Italian bites.   Sunday –Thursday,  17:00 – 22:30.  







 As the saying goes: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Being a restaurant critic (which we are not!) can be dicey. But giving out suggestions for great international eateries to try – why not? Especially if the one we are suggesting is so good.

The name "patisserie" might be misleading. Although the baked goods, the cakes and other sweet delights feature strongly, there is a nice menu of savory dishes, salads and sandwiches too. And cocktails, wine and beer. A restaurant with choices for everyone, including at least three vegan dishes. The friendly but professional waitress told me that the menu will change slightly in about a month. I can't wait to go back and see what's new.


Everything we tried was simply delicious. And nicely presented too. Even though this is no five-star fancy place, the menu items are described attractively and you get what you order! No surprises. Even the bread, baked right there, is unusually yummy.





Gerald is run by a brother and sister team, Jonathan and Jennifer, Gerald’s children. The family immigrated to Israel in 1993 from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where they had owned and run “La Gourmendine” patisserie. The traditions of regional Swiss cuisine are clear: aesthetics, comfort, cleanliness, polite service and traditional fresh Swiss food. The bistro features real Gruyere and buche cheese, pasta dishes the way the Italian Swiss do it, French-accented brioche and tapenade, and corned beef with German-Swiss know-how.


The restaurant is open daily from 07:30 to 21:00, except on Fridays when it closes at 16:00.


Good food and good service at sane prices. That combination is rare.  


 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Tel  : 03-5063135.



 Photo Silvia Golan







Rock'n and Roll'n - Taglit-Birthright Israel Tel Aviv Week 23-26 May 2016


"It seemed like my second semester was never going to end, it has, and now I'm finally in Tel Aviv and loving it.  I still cannot believe I'm surrounded by Jews, and learning about our advances in Israel here at Tel Aviv Week," said an enthusiastic college student from the US today.



Birthright Israel Tel Aviv week

5,000 Birthright Israel participants have taken over Tel Aviv this week for the Birthright Israel Tel Aviv week with the participation of Assi Azar, Galit Gutman, Assaf Granit, Ziv Koren, Motty Reiff, Talya Lavie and other Tel Aviv personalities

23-26 May 2016


Thousands of Birthright Israel participants are currently taking part in the Birthright Israel Tel Aviv Week by exploring contemporaryTel Aviv up-close and personal. Participants are learning Tel Aviv's history and contemporary culture by walking through its landmarks and meeting with leading figures of the Tel Aviv scene such as Assi Azar, Galit Gutman, Assaf Granit, Ziv Koren, Motty Reiff, Talya Lavi, Gil Hovav, Sahar Zangilevitch and more.

From today, May 23 through Thursday, May 26, the Birthright Israel Tel Aviv Week is allowing 5000 participants aged 18-26 to experience the central role Tel Aviv plays in shaping modern Israeli society and the impact it has had on the larger global community. The participants are exploring the fields of high-tech, fashion, culinary, art, dance, music, theater, photography and the energy that the city has to offer.


Every day of the week, participants are attending a number of different activities through the city. They are going through an improvisation workshop at the Habima National Theatre with Mayumana, meeting with leading personas in the startup, fashion, culinary and media world, enjoying Gordon Beach with watermelon, volleyball and backgammon, attending a dance workshop at Suzan Dellal Center, discovering Israeli food at the Carmel Market and more! In the evening, the participants are enjoying musical performances by the popular Israeli band Hatikvah 6 and Muki at Hatachana Station.


Gidi Mark, CEO of Birthright Israel said: "Since the project began 16 years ago, we have exposed Israel and its heritage to more than half a million young Jewish Adults from around the world.

As part of a new tradition, we are excited to launch the Birthright Israel week that will take place annually and introduces participants to modern Tel Aviv from hi-tech and innovation to the exciting music, arts, fashion and culinary scenes this city has to offer. This experience will further strengthen their personal connection and relationships with the country and its people". 


30,000 young Jewish adults between the ages of 18 to 26 are set to take part on a 10-day educational trip with their peers this summer season. Participants from 59 countries are joining more than 500,000 alumni who have participated on Birthright Israel since its inception 16 years ago. In addition to the Israeli landmarks, participants will visit Birthright Israel’s State of Mind- Innovation Center in cooperation with Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.  Taglit participants will visit an exhibition showing the history of Israeli innovation. Participants will meet with Israeli entrepreneurs who will present their personal stories and how they manifest the entrepreneurial spirit of Israel. The center will highlight all fields of Israeli innovation, including mobile technologies, life science, education, clean tech, smart cities, cyber, digital tourism and more.


About the Birthright Israel Project

Birthright Israel connects young Jews to the State of Israel as well as to their Jewish identity through a free ten-day educational tour of the country.  Over the past 16 years, Birthright Israel has opened the eyes of hundreds of thousands of trip participants to the people and land of Israel. The trip aims to build an understanding, friendship, and lasting bond with the land and people of Israel and to reinforce the solidarity of the Jewish people worldwide. This allows for the creation of new friendships between participants and Israelis as well as deepens their understanding of the country and the Jewish religion and connects participants to their Jewish heritage. Birthright Israel is considered the most successful and largest Zionist project in the Jewish world.

Birthright Israel has a unique, historical and innovative partnership between the Government of Israel, thousands of individual donors and private philanthropists, and Jewish communities around the world through the Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Since its inception in 1999, over 500,000 Jews from over 66 countries have participated in the free 10-day educational tour of Israel. Of these over 80,000 young Israeli soldiers and students have joined various groups on their tours.

Over the years, several studies have been conducted at Brandies University, located in the USA, demonstrating the lasting effect on Diaspora Jews when focusing on their Jewish identity, their connection to Israel and their ability to promote the country.












Aluma - an upmarket kosher meat restaurant recently opened in Jerusalem


On May 18th 2016, I visited “Aluma”, a recently opened chef restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem. The name “Aluma” (Hebrew: “beam”) was chosen because of the uniquely tranquil lighting emanating from the restaurant’s elegant gold light fittings, only one feature of the restaurant’s splendid interior of soft grey and powder blue designed by Michael Azulay. Another point of interest is a textured grey feature wall. Azulay’s vision was inspired by the meeting of east and west, of classical and modern. Despite its intimate ambience, “Aluma” has seating for 100 people, with another 80 seats for al fresco dining on a balcony overlooking the hotel’s swimming pool and a panoramic view of Jerusalem. The VIP room, adorned with wall paintings, caters to 16 guests. Among the drinks available in the sparkling, well-stocked bar are wines from several top Israeli boutique wineries. “Aluma”, a meat restaurant, carries the Jerusalem Rabbinate’s “Kashrut Mehuderet” certification.


Internationally renowned chef Michael Katz has returned to his hometown to preside over the cooking at “Aluma”, which is already attracting a lot of people. His experience includes working at 2- and 3-star Michelin restaurants in Belgium, teaching at “Le Cordon Bleu” culinary school in London and serving as chef de cuisine in Jerusalem restaurants. For “Aluma”, Chef Michael Katz has put together a menu based on classical European cuisine with some influence of Israeli cooking.


Our meal began with fresh, crusty rolls served with eggplant-, beet- and pesto dips. For the first course, we then enjoyed a variety of salads – a gravlax-style cured trout salad with beets in a subtle horseradish cream; red tuna salad in a soya-ginger and wasabi sauce; beef carpaccio in aromatic oils with fennel and crisp parsley; the ceviche of the day – sea corvina with watermelon, peppers, ginger and herbs; the restaurant’s own cured sardines in oil, garlic and mild harissa and, finally, the most wonderful warm “sabich” (an Israeli filling served in pita bread, of Iraqi tradition) salad with roasted eggplant, tomatoes, chickpeas, tahini, harissa and crispy poached egg. We then tried two of the main courses –  juicy, tender grilled entrecote steak flavoured with hollandaise sauce and garlic and served with beans and crispy potatoes, followed by beef filet medallions cooked to perfection in shallot- and red wine sauce. For his desserts, Chef Katz keeps a safe distance from pareve creams and other such unattractive toppings too often associated with the end of a meat meal. His desserts are sure to delight the restaurant’s guests: for example, tapioca-mango cream with forest fruits, caramelized pistachio nuts and mousse apricot; crêpe Madeleine filled with vanilla cream, orange zest and fragrant orange sauce; chocolate-espresso mousse served with cocoa crumble, forest fruit comfiture and chocolate sorbet; and, finally, what for me was the tour-de-force – pears cooked in wine and red raspberry syrup with cream of caramelized almonds.





The restaurant’s service is excellent (our waitress explained each dish to us), seating is comfortable and the ambience is delightful. Prices at “Aluma” are certainly not over the top for such excellent and lovingly prepared food.


ALUMA, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1 HaAliya St., Jerusalem; Tel: 02-643755


Opening times: Sundays to Thursdays 12 noon to the last customer; Fridays 11:00 a.m. to two hours before the Sabbath; Saturdays from one hour after the Sabbath to the last customer




The Ein Kerem Inn - one of Jerusalem's longest-standing and most popular restaurants


On May 15th 2016, I visited the Ein Kerem Inn, a popular and well-frequented restaurant on Hama’ayan St. in the magical village of Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, and met with Shimon Levy, who has owned the restaurant since 1986. The restaurant, which opened in 1985, was originally housed in a different building, now a hotel. Shimon told us that the restaurant’s present location is a protected Spanish building whose interior has been totally reconstructed by him and in keeping with its Spanish style. In addition to the large ground floor restaurant space and al fresco dining area, the Inn’s upper storey is reserved for private events.


Open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to midnight, the Ein Kerem Inn is indeed an integral part of Jerusalem’s buzzing restaurant scene.  Some of the clientele has been frequenting the restaurant since it opened. Shimon and his staff have got to know the regulars personally. “We take part in their joyful celebrations and are there with them in the sadder events of their lives” he adds. “These people are the restaurant’s mainstay, but” he adds “providing for local tourism is an important aim of the restaurant.” Weekends are a very busy time, with people there enjoying the village.  Shimon Levy’s background is academic; he made his acquaintance with the restaurant business working as a student. Most of the Ein Kerem Inn’s waiters and waitresses are students from the nearby Hadassah Medical Center or at the Giv’at Ram Hebrew University campus.


I asked Levy what typifies the restaurant’s cuisine: “We have an award-winning chef in Oren Hemo; our aim is to prepare good food that appeals to all kinds of people – we serve fish, meat, pasta… you could call it French-Italian fusion and we have the taboon oven, in which our focaccia is baked.” The menu offers a wide choice of dishes; sometimes there are daily specials. There is also a business lunch menu. The restaurant makes its own Italian ice-cream daily; in fact, absolutely everything is prepared in the restaurant kitchen and from the highest quality ingredients.


We began our meal with fresh, crusty focaccia, served with dips of sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, labneh (yoghurt cheese) and an olive paste.  As to the main courses, the goulash soup was a hearty, savoury, not over-fatty broth, in which the beef, paprika and fennel flavours were both present and satisfying. The restaurant imports the spices for this dish from Hungary. For the generous salad topped with stir-fried mushrooms, the salad dressing combined a spicy mix with a hint of sweetness. The oven-baked eggplant came with a tahini mix, flavoured with garlic; it was flavoursome, the garlic not overpowering. The deep-fried St. Peter’s fish was fresh, tender and moist. It came with a generous serving of mashed potatoes, garnished with fried onions. Hot dishes came to the table piping hot. For dessert, our waitress suggested the biscuit cake; it was perfect – creamy, subtle and not over-sweet. As to the restaurant’s homemade berry-, passion fruit- and coconut sorbets, every spoonful was a tastebud delight.


The restaurant was busy, but there was enough staff to keep everything running smoothly, with guests looked after attentively and served quickly.  Our waitress managed well in English; she was friendly, helpful and efficient. Prices are moderate. The Ein Kerem Inn’s welcoming, upbeat atmosphere and tasty food beckon one to return.


 Photo Shirley Burdick








Cognac – Not only a Winter Treat


Tradition has it that cognac is a winter drink, to be sipped before the fireplace on a cold winter’s night. Surprise! Thanks to the innovative marketing and creative presentation of the folks Hennessy Cognac, summer’s arrival heralds a new source of pleasure for casual drinkers.


At a presentation on Monday evening at Villa Dallal in Tel Aviv’s Neve Zedek suburb, we learned that cognac is certainly a welcome addition to our favorite summer coolers. Their newest cocktail creation, “Hennessy Coconut”, was a welcome thirst quencher on the warm afternoon. So simple, so good: Coconut milk frozen into cubes over which Hennessy cognac is poured. It sounds almost sacrilegious – cognac with ice, but it works. Beautifully.





We also tried another trendy summer chiller – “Hennessy Ginger”. It includes 6cl of Hennessy V.S., fresh ginger, mint, lime juice, orgeat syrup, tonic water, crushed ice and sprigs of mint to garnish. A professional barman can easily shake that up for you for your pleasure and enjoyment.


It appears that Hennessy is the world’s most senior cognac manufacturer – dating back 250 years. Hennessy was introduced to Israel in 1986 and the versatility of the brand with its three major (but not only) types – VS, VSOP and XO becoming more popular each year. Worldwide, Hennessy sells more cognac than the next three most popular cognac brands combined! The alcohol content of the 3 major types is about the same – about 45%. The differences are in the shade, the taste, the blending and the aroma. VS is cask-aged for about 3 years, VSOP for about 7-8 years and XO is blended from cognacs aged from 10 to 30 years.


L’haim! Cheers! Salut!


 Photo Rafi Daloya









Indian Culinary Week in Israel


The “shining star” of the Indian culinary orbit, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, is in Israel to orchestrate the culinary festival organized by the Indian Embassy, under the able conductorship of his Excellency Ambassador Pavan Kapoor. (It is a singular coincidence that both the ambassador and the chef bear the same name.)


So on Tuesday morning Chef Kapoor was presented to the media at a reception hosted in conjunction with Israel’s leading hotel chain, Dan Hotels, at their flagship property, the Dan Tel Aviv. Chef Kapoor is an internationally acclaimed chef and an award-winning TV celebrity and media personality in his native India. Dan Hotels and the Indian Embassy united to bring him to Israel where he will share his skills and innovative techniques with Israeli chefs, restauranteurs and other foodies. The Ambassador introduced the guest of honor and then spoke briefly of the fine bilateral diplomatic relations between India and Israel. He noted that cultural ties – as in the exchange of traditional foods, music, literature and more – go a long way to improving political and diplomatic ties. Ambassador Kapoor also praised and thanked the Dan Chain for their cooperation.




Chef Kapoor then addressed the guests and told them that he had come to Israel to learn as much as to share his knowledge. “This is my first time in Israel”, he said and added, to much amusement: “Israelis don’t know “Indian food” because even Indians don’t know Indian food”. He explained that his country on 1.25 billion inhabitants is so large and diverse that what is “Indian food” in one area, is possibly unknown in another. The scale and novelty of Indian culinary secrets awaits us all.


And what better opportunity to discover some of those secrets, in Jerusalem, than at the King David Hotel’s elegant “La Regence” restaurant on the 17th to 19th May. There the hotel’s Executive Chef David Biton will join forces with Chef Kapoor in offering authentic (and kosher) Indian dishes on a special celebratory menu. Think of bhatti ka murgh, galouti kabab, mango murgh makhani, nalli roganjosh and dum gosht biryani. The very names make us hungry.


Let’s talk international: Besides his five popular restaurants in India, Chef Kapoor also has several restaurants in various parts of the world. We can’t wait to dine at the “Yellow Chilli” in Bangalore, and the great opportunity will arise in about 10-12 months when the Dan Chain opens its first property, a luxury hotel, in India in – Bangalore!


And if that is not enough to whet your appetite, right now “Neptune Foods” is running an Indian Food Festival at several Israeli supermarket chains. Spices, preserves, sauces and more, that are often impossible (or very difficult) to find, are on sale now until the 25th May. For information on where to purchase:


Bon appetit.


 Photo Sivan Farag













Retro Pancake and Bar Expands to Kfar Saba


Retro, Rishon Lezion’s unique combination of pancake restaurant and bar, is now officially a chain, with the opening this month of its second branch, in Kfar Saba. The name of the chain derives from its distinctive decor, resembling an old-fashioned American diner, complete with chairs upholstered in red vinyl, antique signs and period black-and-white photos.


The chain’s menu is built around authentic American-style pancakes; and at Retro, they are thick, fluffy and very satisfying. Moreover, an order of the basic version starts at a very reasonable NIS 22 (NIS 28 with the standard additions of butter and maple syrup), and a stack of two flapjacks is quite filling.




Retro’s specialty, however, is taking these basic building blocks and creating innovative dishes, of both the savory and sweet variety. There are literally dozens of these towering creations, imaginatively reflecting North American, Middle Eastern and continental European cuisines. They also bear intriguingly cosmopolitan names, like Florence, Provence and Saloniki.


Retro is open virtually around the clock -- seven days a week, from morning until after midnight -- and thus there are dishes suitable for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, not to mention both main courses and desserts. In addition to the pancake-based entrées, there is more standard fare, as well as salads and toasted sandwiches. Moreover, there are ample vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.


Retro’s new location has seating both indoors and al fresco, on a spacious terrace on the top floor of the Kfar Saba Hayeruka shopping center. The rooftop venue is also the site of weekly live music performances, on Friday afternoons and evenings.   


Retro Pancake and Bar is a novelty restaurant that should certainly pique the curiosity of any food lover. And while the alcohol menu and late hours may target an adult market, both the comprehensive food and beverage selections and price ranges render the chain family-friendly. Menus are available in both Hebrew and English (the latter starting next week). SITE FACEBOOK



Kfar Saba Hayeruka Shopping Center, Rapoport Street 3, Kfar Saba

Tel  09-772-2688

Photo Silvia Golan





Retro pancake big opening


'Retro pancake' restaurant in Rishon Lezion is expanding and opening another branch in 'Kfar Saba Green Mall'


The Family Pancake network reaches the Sharon region, bringing the familiar and beloved dishes, including a variety of sweet and savory pancakes, gluten free and vegan dishes.


The menu includes sweet and savory pancakes, salads and toasts. Such as "White Night" - Warm white nougat cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate pearls and white chocolate topped pancake.


"strudel Pancake" served with apples , pastry cream , raisins , walnuts , crumble and vanilla ice cream , this dish also comes in gluten free and vegan versions.


Salted Pancakes with tahini, chickpeas, fried onions, fried eggplant and hard-boiled egg.


The price range moves between 22-48 shekels per portion, Including The "Retro Pancake luxurious Dutch Breakfast" which offers 4 mini pancakes, Kesten bread, salad, two eggs with a side dish, dips, hot and cold drinks. An alcohol menu of beers and liquor is also available.




Like the restaurant in Rishon Letzion the one in Kfar Saba has a unique retro décor that gives the feeling of an authentic American diner. With musical instruments hanging from the ceiling, old newspaper clippings, photographs and rare collectibles such as music machines, accordions, trumpets, radio and more.


Live music shows are playing every Tuesday and Friday afternoon until night




"We are pleased to come to Kfar Saba and bring with us the music, the atmosphere and of course our pancakes", says Doron Schwartz, owner of Retro pancake.


 Photo  Silvia Golan









Café Ella, one of Jerusalem's most charming eateries


Café Ella, located a few steps away from the shops on Jerusalem’s busy Herzog St., but high enough off the road to offer people a quiet place to meet, to take time out from the bustle of everyday life and enjoy coffee or a meal. On April 17th2016, Shirley and I visited Café Ella at noon. The charming establishment, with its air of tranquillity (no noisy music) and European look, was already quite busy. Opened four and a half years ago by Avichai van Levin, the café is kosher and offers some interesting and nutritious dairy meals. Van Levin, there to help and see that all runs smoothly, joined us at a table on the balcony. “I have always worked with food” said the gently-spoken restaurateur. “At age 15 I began to work in various Jerusalem restaurants, starting with dishwashing, then learning kitchen skills and eventually working as a waiter. After my army service I travelled to the USA, where, for some years, I worked in a large New Jersey restaurant that also catered events. I learned a lot about the profession there.” Making for a family atmosphere at Café Ella, van Levin’s sister Hefzi also works there; we found her most attentive. The café takes its name from van Levin’s daughter, Ella. “So, you see, my heart is in this place”, the owner added.


What kind of food does Café Ella serve? Italian, French, Israeli and a combination of all, fish and fresh pasta.  All the dips, pickles and sauces are prepared in the kitchen, as are the cakes, biscuits and desserts. Van Levin lays emphasis on the importance of careful preparation and on the fact that the food must be tasty. The menu changes every year. “But we do have a fixed menu, which guides us in our daily preparation. We also have specials; when it comes to those, our chef Roy has carte blanche from me; I never limit him, even if he wants to create a dish using expensive ingredients.  This spontaneity is important as it adds interest to his job and to what we offer our clients; profit is of secondary importance.” In summer, Cafe Ella offers cold soups, such as iced cucumber- or tomato soup, also more salads and fruit; in winter, there are hot soups and more substantial dishes, “which is what we need in cold weather”. I asked Avichai whether Café Ella does catering. He said they do not cater large events, but if clients request some dishes for small celebrations, he will oblige.




For those going out for a special breakfast, the café opens at 7 a.m. and, because Israelis are so keen on their breakfast, they can order from the breakfast menu up to 4 p.m.! Breakfast at Café Ella offers a number of options – for one or two people; for those whose appetite is smaller, there is a “quick” breakfast consisting of a bruschetta roll with cream cheese, salmon, scrambled egg, a small dish of muesli and coffee.  Chef’s Morning for two, on the other hand, is more comprehensive and includes special cheeses, Teller bread and more treats.


I asked the owner to mention some of what he considers to be the restaurant’s more unique dishes. He thought for a moment. “Perhaps… beetroot filled with cheeses in a spinach sauce, fish we cook in our stone oven and risotto with asparagus and mushrooms, to mention a few.” Shirley and I relished every bite of the beetroot dish Hefzi brought us, the tasty polenta with asparagus and mushrooms, as well as he fresh, crunchy focaccia served with pesto-, tapenade- and sun-dried tomato dips. We rounded off our meal with a delicate pear-and-almond tart.


Café Ella, 69 Herzog St., Jerusalem




Sail Tel Aviv - the largest maritime event in Israel


SAIL TEL AVIV, the largest maritime sports festival in Israel, will take place for the first time between April 18th-28th, 2016.


The highlight of the festival includes a large flotilla for numerous types of vessels. The flotilla, on April 28th, will start from Tel Aviv Port at 11:30 and will sail across the coastline of Tel Aviv to the Jaffa Port and back.


The rest of festival will include a variety of water sports activities and competitions: Yachts, Kayaks, SUPs, beach volleyball and open water swimming.


The festival is held in partnership with Atarim, a municipal-owned company, and Israel Yacht Club.


 Photo  Ziv Koren 











 “Ethnic food” has been given a bad name in certain parts of the world, where faux-chefs do the wrong things to the wrong foods in the wrong places. Fortunately, Reena Pushkarna, owner, founder and hands-on manager of the Tandoori chain in Israel (actually only two restaurants today) does everything right.


When you go to Tandoori in Herzlia Pituach (so convenient for the diplomatic corps!) hope that Reena will have time to chat, even briefly. Her delightful personality is enchanting, adding to the authenticity of the dining experience. The restaurant is attractive, the service is “Indian” (read: polite and deferential), the menu (Hebrew and English) clear and explanatory, but most of all, the dishes are authentic and delicious, with choices for everyone.



Of course Israel has its own ethnic food, some very very good, so one might puzzle over why anyone would want to dine Indian in Israel. There comes a time when hummus and falafel and kebab – no matter how good – need a rest. There comes a time when another Italian or Thai or Turkish meal doesn’t sound like fun. Indian food, properly prepared and served authentically, is attractive, delicious and different. Besides the fact that Israelis travel to India in droves and when they return they ache for another good curry or whatever, there are many Indian, Singaporean and Sri Lankan diplomats, consular staff and other diplomats who yearn for those tastes and aromas – not to mention tourists who have the urge to try other ethnic styles, and who find Tandoori the perfect answer.


Tandoori was founded some 33 years ago. As Reena tells it, when she opened her first (then) vegetarian restaurant “… to Israelis, vegetarian meant a tomato, a cucumber, a carrot and maybe a few lettuce leaves ... Indian vegetarian cuisine was too exotic back then”. Today at Tandoori, besides the selections of dishes than include fish, lamb and chicken and even beef, there is a wide offering of vegetarian and vegan dishes, redolent of the fragrant spices that so perfectly define Indian culinary specialties. And beyond vegan, the restaurants also offer dishes (probably by advance notice) that adhere to the stringent delineations of people who obey the principles of Jainism. Needless to say celiac sufferers will also find wheat-free dishes to accommodate their dietary limitations.



Afraid of hot spicy foods? Don’t be. At Tandoori they can accommodate all tastes, from mild to wild. Also remember, the waiters will usually suggest packing up what you do not finish (the dishes are very generous) as take-aways for tomorrow’s lunch – a grand idea.

If words like masala, kulcha, pilaff, biryani, curry, tikka, somosa and kulfi make your mouth water, or even if they don’t, a meal at Tandoori is a whole new experience. We had dinner at the Herzlia branch and cannot wait to go back.  SITE  FACEBOOK



   Zamenhof Street Tel Aviv  2  

Tel   03-6296185

Herzliya, 32  Maskit Street 

Tel  09-9546702





KKL-JNF hosts "Israel Calling" - Celebrating Eurovision together - Planting a tree with KKL-JNF


KKL-JNF hosts "Israel Calling" - Celebrating Eurovision together

For the first time in Israel: Eurovision artists from all over Europe attended in a unique promo event on April 12th, 2016 in which they planted trees in KKL-JNF’s Tzora forest.


Mr. Danny Atar, KKL-JNF World Chairman: “The current visit by leading artists from Europe will connect diverse musical talents to Israel's rich nature thus promoting cooperation and fellowship between various Nationalities and cultures over common ideals – Nature and musical art are entwined.



KKL-JNF is Israel's largest green organization, with a well established reputation around the world. We believe that through common grounds, which nature and music represent so well, we can communicate more aspects of the country of Israel”.


Photo Credit: Avi Hayun, KKL-JNF Photo Archive.

Photo Caption: Eurovision contenders at KKL-JNF President's Forest in Tzora Forest shouting: TREES!

Video clip from the event:








Austria :Travel, Tourism and Tirol.


On Monday evening tourism professionals gathered at the charming residence of His Excellency Martin Weiss, Ambassador of Austria to the State of Israel, where he and his wife Suzy hosted a cocktail reception in honor of emissaries from the Tirol Region of Austria. The group was in Israel to promote the region as an attractive tourist destination for the locals. Israelis are known as inveterate travelers, who do more business and pleasure trips annually, per capita, than any other nation in the world.



Beautiful posters of the region attracted almost as much attention as the guests. Nevertheless, the Austrians chatted amicably with the Israeli counterparts while everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and delicious refreshments. It was not all “fun” for the visitors, who that same afternoon had met with other tourism officials for a working seminar at a Tel Aviv hotel.




Among the guests were Moni Barr (Domicar), Aviva Lavi (El Al), Ofer Adler (B.D. Graiver), Wilma Himmelfreundpointer (Austria-St. Anton), Maritta Jungmann (Austria-Ischgl), Guenther Schabhuettl (Commercial Counsellor, Austrian Embassy), Michael Eiter (Austria-Swarovski Tourism), Ben Segenreich (Austria-media specialist), Holger Gassler (Austria-Tirol Tourism Board), Silvia Golan (LatinaMediaGroup &, Yigal Ravid (Israeli radio & TV presenter), Rolf Kohler (Austrian Airways Manager, Israel), Marina Kaplon Digmi (Stern Ariely PR), and more.


Tirol – here we come.













President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos Plants a tree at KKL-JNF Grove of Nations


His Excellency the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos planted an olive tree at KKL-JNF Grove of Nations Forest today, Wednesday, March 30th, 2016.


Mr. Pavlopoulos is the 83rd head of state to plant a tree in the Grove of Nations, where presidents and prime ministers plant a tree as a sign of friendship with the State of Israel and the Jewish people and as a symbol of hope for peace between all the nations of the world.


President Pavlopoulos' current visit to Israel is in celebration of 25 years of bi-lateral relations between Israel and Greece, which stem from the ancient bonds of the two countries' history, academia and culture, as well as shared goals for economic stability and regional security.


Greece provided Israel with aid and assistance during the December 2010 forest fire which devastated the northern Carmel forest. Greek planes were among the first to come help Israel put out the raging fire, sending aircrafts with technicians, firefighters and equipment to Ramat David Airbase.


President Pavlopoulos is well known for his support of the Greek Jewish community. His visit marks the third Presidential visit from Greece since full diplomatic relations were established.


Photo Credit: Yael Herman, KKL-JNF









EL AL Does it Again – Before You Even Fly



Diplomats, business people, impresarios and entrepreneurs – not to mention society members and other travelers – know that flying in First or Business Class is much easier long before the flight takes off. Booking, checking in, security checks – everything is faster, easier, hassle-free and more convenient. But perhaps the main aspect of flying the exclusive cabins is the airport Business Lounge before the flight. Of course there are lounges and there are lounges … they are supposed to be comfortable, tranquil places to have a cocktail, read a newspaper, check emails, grab a meal, even have a spa treatment, and then board the flight relaxed and calm.



At Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, the exclusive EL AL Lounges (there are two – for First and for Business travelers) just got better (the final steps of the “new and improved” upgrade take effect from mid-April just in time for the spring-summer season). Whereas EL AL’s exclusive lounges have always been highly regarded, the improved versions are distinctively unusual. The airline joined forces with a number of outside service providers to enhance the passengers’ flight experience on the ground: “Mazal Talleh” the caterer with revamped menus; an elegant “Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky Lounge”; an exclusive Golan Heights Winery wine bar in the First Class Lounge and the winery’s wines available in the Business Lounge; a “Bonjour” on-premises bakery (!); a professional espresso bar with “Café Joe” gourmet coffee, and more.



Standard services in the EL AL lounges include telephone and internet, massage loungers, exclusive toilet facilities, luggage storage, service desks, electronic flight-information boards and of course a serene lounge area for business or social meetings while passengers enjoy refreshments and appetizing meals.


The step-up to the lounge modernity of international standards obviously took a lot of thought and work. The DIPLOMACY website congratulates EL AL on its ongoing efforts to improve the flight experience for its customers.


 Photo  Silvia Golan /  Sivan Farag







Once again, for the 22nd successive year, the International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) will take place at the Convention Center of the Tel Aviv fairgrounds 9-10 February 2016


The successful ITN – ORTRA team is organizing the event again. Israel Travel News (ITN – publishers of tourism magazines, websites and newsletters) and ORTRA (Israel's premier conference organizers) make sure that the fair, which has grown in leaps and bounds from year to year, will be a grand success.




The Israeli public is hungry for travel news on new destinations and also on the old favorites. IMTM is the perfect solution. As always there will be an interesting range of special presentations, screenings, lectures and discussions, some by invitation only, but most open to the general public. This year two interesting presentations will focus on medical tourism, incoming and outgoing. This hot topic is being given center stage at IMTM for the first time. There are multiple aspects and the discussions promise to be absorbing.


One of the desirable "by invitation only" events is the lavish pre-opening breakfast on the first day, exclusively for ambassadors serving in Israel. All ambassadors have already received an invitation. Ambassadors who have not yet responded (“RSVP”) are reminded to do so as soon as possible.


Once again, a series of start-ups under the title of "Digital Travel Dome" (designated separately in the catalog, distributed free) display the ingenuity of Israel, the “start-up nation”, in the field of digital apps that make information easy to find on your smartphone. If for no other reason (and there are plenty of other reasons), make sure to get your catalog when you visit the fair.


No need to say that Israel is going through trying times, so the promised success and numerous exhibitors is a real indication of the attraction that IMTM has for travel-industry professionals worldwide. Cross-border travel is the hallmark of peaceful coexistence. Can tourism will be the flashpoint of peace in the Middle East? Perhaps for world peace as well? Time will tell.


Silvia Golan, the Executive Director of , and yours truly, will be at IMTM 2016. We hope to see you there.


The Tel Aviv Convention Center, commonly known as Ganey Hataarukha, is located on Rokach Boulevard in northern Tel Aviv, Israel, adjacent to the Tel Aviv University Railway Station.

Address: Rokach Blvd 101, Tel Aviv-Yafo






Lifestyle: Opening of the New Central of Hair Center Chain


The Hair Center chain of hairdressing shops, owned by businessman Zahi Revivo, opened its new center in Tel Aviv, at 14 Ahad Haam St., facing Kolbo Shalom, which is the fifth branch of this chain, together with those in Haifa, Natania, Rishon LeZion and Beer Sheva. This new center includes, besides the regular rooms, five VIP rooms for private reception.


Founded in 2015, Hair Center always leads the high technology in Israel relating hair treatment and care. Next year Zahi Revivo plans to open three new branches in Tel Aviv and three abroad.


Hair Center Israel is an integral center de of hair treatments, such as hair restoration, extension, mesotherapy, filling and preservation (for women and men). It also provides coloring, cuts, hairdressing, and advanced hair designs, such as straightening, curling, filling, etc.


Hair Center Israel brought to Israel the most advanced method for hair extension using laser and Keratin treatment, widely used in Hollywood, lasting 4 to 6 months.

Phones * 27597 * 8959 *


Instagram #haircenterehadhaam   Haircenter_il




 Photos Silvia Golan











Cohen’s Deli nestles in the tranquil Jerusalem suburb of Old Katamon. Owned and managed by Shimon and Yehuda Cohen, the business has quite some family history. It began as their grandfather’s grocery and was then taken over by their father. Coming from a restaurant background, brothers Shimon and Yehuda moved into the premises three and a half years ago and decided to change the business into a café and deli. With its attractive red-rimmed shop-front and pot plants adding color to the street, clients and passers-by find the shop a high quality place to buy specialty foods, its large selection of cheeses, wine, olives, honey and jam, crackers and excellent breads appealing to those with finer taste. Shimon travels all over Europe visiting dairies and choosing the most exclusive cheeses to sell in the shop, a place where clients come to buy specialty cheeses not otherwise available in Israel. All the other food products in the shop are locally sourced.

The intimate café, with its cheery, warm décor serves dairy meals – quiches, sandwiches and salads, soups in winter, to be followed by some inviting sweet treats for dessert. Clients can choose to sit inside or outside. I spoke to Yona and Ilana, two local ladies, who had met there for morning coffee and a chat. Regular customers, they enjoy the high quality coffee served as well as the café’s special ambience. They are happy about the fact that clients wishing to relax there in peace and quiet can find some interesting magazines to read but no newspapers! Ilana also insists that there are no better salads served in Jerusalem eateries than at Cohen’s Deli. Shimon spoke of the business’s clientele as coming from all sections of the community - local people, tourists and people working in Israel… also plenty of English speakers. Yehuda and Shimon are friendly and welcoming, addressing several of their regular customers by name.




My companion and I decided to sit ourselves outside to enjoy the noon sun. Shifra, a waitress working at the Deli, served us with a rousing glass of tea with cinnamon, fresh lemon, ginger and honey, the perfect tea for a winter’s day. A native of New York, she is well informed as to all the food items they serve and sell and is happy to talk about them. We were then served a selection of four cheeses – Manchego – a Spanish sheep cheese, Bouche – a French goat cheese, Landana – a Dutch goat cheese and a French cow’s milk Camembert. These came with green olives, sun-dried tomatoes and thin slices of good bread from Russell’s Bakery in Jerusalem. Shifra also brought us a generous serving of salad. Ilana was absolutely right in her opinion of Cohen Deli’s salads! Comprising cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, parsley, almonds, walnuts, tahini, olive oil, lemon and seas salt, this salad was a celebration of flavors and textures…a joy to the palate, an absolute winner! We were delighted with our visit to Cohen’s Deli, enjoying both the ambience and the food. The Cohen brothers recently opened another deli-café not far away – at 16 Harlap St., Rehavia.


Cohen’s Deli
24 Hizkiyahu Hamelech St.,
Old Katamon,
Open 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. weekdays
Fridays 7:30 to mid-afternoon
Tel: 02-5719050


 Photos by Shirley Burdick






An Evening to Remember - Yaron Minkowski at Gindi TLV Fashion Week

The glamour surrounding the Israeli Fashion week was an integral part of last Tuesday’s event where a very unique experience awaited the guests. It was a twofold one.

The first was the line by top Israeli fashion designer, Yaron Minkowski. In the midst of strife, suffering and pain which has been an inseparable part of life in the middle east for Arabs and Israelis, Yaron was able to inject a ray of sunshine, a ray of Hope.
Yaron’s talent and vision joined hands to craft and forge a cemented alliance through the breath of art via the convergence of the ultimate defining symbols of garb, The Kaffiya, the traditional fabric worn by Arabs and his ingenious craftsmanship.

Minkowski envisioned an alternative solution to the current raging conflict. By fusing fashion with the prospects of collaboration between the feuding sides, Minkowski paved the way to Peace on the catwalk.


The models wore the colorful Kaffiya fabric design as glam dresses. The fabrics originated in Hebron and East Jerusalem and were hand delivered to Minkowski's studio in Tel Aviv by the Palestinian manufacturer himself.


The second was the unfolding for the first time of a new line by the youngest fashion designer in the world. Her identity should not come as a surprise. She is the daughter of Yaron Minkowski. Her name is Ori.



Ori launched her own fashion collection (OM) during her Bat-Mitzvah celebration when she was a mere 12 year old girl.

Now, at the age of 14 she has got her own line and was invited to present her own innocent designs at the Israeli fashion show. She was awarded with the honor to open the premiere scene.


It is noteworthy to mention that it is a prestigious opportunity for any Israeli designer to partake in such an event, let alone a girl Ori’s age who started sketching for her own pleasure at the tender age of 5 and later had them translated into fabrics. Her childhood dream was realized through the models who were wearing what once used to be an experiment of her infancy


 Photos by Silvia Golan







Tel-Aviv Florentin neighborhood second most hip in world


In a city already known for its Bauhaus-style architecture, inspired street art, and 24-hour nightlife, Florentin is the go-to spot for artists, musicians, and people who dress like artists and musicians.


Thrillist recently posted the ten most hipster neighborhoods on earth, stating that although the neighborhood of Williamsburg, NY takes the number one spot, the USA certainly does not have the only say on "hip" as “from Singapore to Stockholm, whole neighborhoods have been overrun with raw denim, ironic sunglasses, and a deep appreciation of the superiority of vinyl records."


The Israeli neighborhood of Florentin in south Tel Aviv came in second place. Thrillist noted that "it's the blend of traditional culture and contemporary style that ultimately drew the hipster crowd there. In a city already known for its Bauhaus-style architecture, inspired street art, and 24-hour nightlife, Florentin is the go-to spot for artists, musicians, and people who dress like artists and musicians."


Florentin attracts many tourists and visitors to Tel Aviv, with its bohemian and eccentric mix of bars, cafes, restaurants and nightlife. Levinsky Street, with its profusion of spice stores and foodie shops, is also a great tourist attraction.


The other eight most hipster neighborhoods according to Thrillist are: Kreuzberg - Berlin, Germany; Malasaña - Madrid, Spain; Tiong Bahru - Singapore; Shoreditch - London, UK; Södermalm - Stockholm, Sweden; Fitzroy - Melbourne, Australia; Vesterbro - Copenhagen, Denmark; Amsterdam-Noord - Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Photo Tel-Aviv's hip Florentin neighborhood

Copyright: Israel Ministry of Tourism








Ambassador Shapiro and Ms. Julie Fisher Celebrate Sukkot with Special Olympics Israel Athletes


Guests and athletes also treated to a dance workshop courtesy of BODYTRAFFIC


HERZLIYA PITUACH– U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro and Ms. Julie Fisher hosted a Sukkot reception at their home on Tuesday, September 29, to honor the extraordinary athletes, coaches, and families of the Special Olympics Israel team. The 40-member team competed and medaled in events ranging from basketball to table tennis at the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles last month.


Celebrating with the athletes was a diverse group of advocates from the public and private sectors, and civil society, who actively hire, work with, and advocate for those with disabilities in Israel.


“I may be the only one bearing the official title of Ambassador today,” Ambassador Shapiro said, “But each and every one of you is an Ambassador, truly representing the best of the human spirit.”


The event also featured a performance and workshop by dancers from BODYTRAFFIC, a Los Angeles-based dance troupe that is performing throughout Israel for a diverse group of audiences.


“These athletes are such an inspiration,” said Julie Fisher. “It was an absolute honor to be able to mark Sukkot with them, and others who are already doing so much for those in Israel’s disabled community.”


The night was capped by a fierce match between Ambassador Shapiro and Lin Kornhauser, Israel’s competitor in Ping-Pong. For video of the match, click here.


About the Special Olympics

Special Olympics is an international organization that promotes the profession of sports among people with intellectual disabilities, through the organization of sporting events and competitions in various sports, for ages 8 and up. The 2015 Special Olympics World Games featured 25 Olympic-style sports in venues throughout the Los Angeles region.



Founded in 2007, BODYTRAFFIC has surged to the forefront of the concert dance world, and was named “the company of the future” by the Joyce Theater Foundation. The company is conducting U.S. Embassy-sponsored workshops throughout Israel until October 11, working with incredibly diverse audiences – from professional dancers to mixed religious communities to those with autism.


Photo : Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv








Experience in the 2nd Vineyard Extravaganza


The second Vineyard Extravaganza Festival at the Gezer Regional County will take place on September 3-5 2015.


Thursday September 3rd

The opening event will be at the BARKAN WINERY on Thursday evening September 3rd at 19:30.

A celebration of Israeli wineries, offering tastings of wines from our local region and also food stands will be available.

The opening session will be held in the beautiful Gardens of the Barkan Winery with live music during the evening,




Friday September 4th

Art Visits- Different local artists will open their houses and studios, providing art lovers the chance to browse and buy original artworks direct from the artist. With a focus on quality and value for money, the Artists Open Houses aim to bring a dynamic mix of arts and crafts to the widest possible audience, providing visitors and viewers with engaging and inspiring experiences.

Visitors can expect to see a wide range of art including jewelry, ceramics and textiles, paintings, sculpture, printmaking, photography and many other media whilst also having the opportunity to chat directly with the artists. The Artists Open Houses is free for visitors and open to everyone.


Saturday September 5th
The closing event will take place at Hulda Forest, families are sure to find something that everyone will enjoy. These events offer a time to have fun together, a place for kids to be kids.




The Festival is open to the public   &  free of charge!


More info :    050-6569296   /  08-9576450


 Photos Silvia Golan










Sweden, Ikea, Eurovision – a Winning Combination.


The Swedish Ambassador to Israel, His Excellency Carl Magnus Nesser and his charming wife Maria hosted an unusual party at their Herzlia residence last night, with a double celebration: first, to honor the winner of the 2015 Eurovision concert, Swedish singer, entertainer and TV host, Måns Zelmerlöw, who was visiting Israel, and secondly to announce the launch of the 2016 Ikea catalog. Ikea, in case you are unaware, is an international Swedish company with a major presence in Israel with three huge store locations. The catalog launch was perfectly timed to match the launch worldwide (no less than 213,000,000 copies) with about 1,700,000 copies in Israel alone (in Hebrew of course, perfectly attuned to international and local markets.)



The guest list was long – and interesting. In his brief welcoming address to the assembly, the Ambassador mentioned that the “Swedish Embassy had never been as popular as this evening”, and that many people who asked for invitations had to be turned away. Shuki Koblenz, CEO of Ikea Israel and co-host of the event also addressed the guests. “Ikea is one of the most powerful Swedish brands in Israel”, he said. He gave a brief overview of Ikea and the services and locations in Israel, referring to the new 326-page catalog as a guide.


Among the guests: Itzhak Aberkohen, CEO of the giant Supersol (“Shufrasal”) supermarket chain; David Castel, Consul General of Sweden in Haifa; Doron Sapir, CEO of CAL – Israel Credit Cards Ltd.; Nira Awad, Israeli finalist in the 2009 Eurovision contest; Svika Pick, who in 1998 wrote the song “Diva”, performed by Dana International, who won the Eurovision Song Contest that year; and many other VIPs of Israeli industry, the media and entertainment. (It is interesting to note that Pick was also asked to write songs for contestants from other countries, including the Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia.) Guests mingled inside and outside the elegant residence, enjoying a delicious buffet and a selection of beverages.



Sweden has won the Eurovision contest seven times, a record matched by only one other country – Ireland. Sweden’s first and perhaps most famous winners were the “ABBA” (ᗅᗺᗷᗅ) group in 1974. However, Måns Zelmerlöw’s popularity seems destined to match. His performance of five hits last night, including the winning Eurovision song “Heroes”, was met with an astonishing audience response. No doubt his charming personality (in fluent, unaccented English) added to his appeal.



Tiny Israel has not been unappreciated at the Eurovision contest, with three winning songs and many other results in the top echelons. The event has been hosted twice in Jerusalem (for several reasons Israel was unable to host the event after the 3rd win.)



The Ikea concept of hosting the Swedish winner as a parallel to the other Swedish winner – Ikea – seems to have paid off. Both are popular and successful Swedish icons. What better reason to multiply success than to use both? It is a powerful recognition of Israel’s importance that on the occasion of the Ikea magazine 2016 launch, the much-in-demand Swedish performer appeared in Israel, of all countries.



 Photos  : Silvia G. Golan












NBA players slam-dunk for the state of Israel:

Omri Casspi in Friends of Zion museum in Jerusalem: “It is really important to show the world the freedom Israel gives to each religion to practice their faith. Seeing the Christians throughout history helping out our country and our people it really touched my heart”


Jerusalem, Israel, July 26, 2015: A group of NBA stars visited the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem as a show of solidarity with the State of Israel. Zionism has often appeared to be an exclusively Jewish issue—not so. Tens of millions of Christians are fervent and unapologetic Zionists.


"It is really important to show the world the freedom Israel gives to each religion to practice their faith. Seeing the Christians throughout history helping out our country and our people it really touched my heart”, says Sacramento Kings Forward Omri Casspi. The visit of the delegation is very important because the younger generation in the United States idolizes famous people from the fields of music, sport and entertainment. Casspi led a delegation to Israel that included NBA stars Demarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings), Caron Butler (Sacramento Kings), Chandler Parsons (Dallas Mavericks), Iman Amfert (Cleveland Cavaliers). The players were accompanied by other professionals and NBA league officials.


The NBA superstars visited the newly-opened Friends of Zion Museum to learn first-hand about the long history of friendship, cooperation and help from non-Jews, the hundreds who have helped the Jewish people during the last few generations, and especially during the Holocaust and the creation of the State of Israel.


The NBA stars and their delegation toured the museum for an hour and a half, watching exhibits delivered via some of the most impressive museum technology in the world, including three-dimensional projection mapping on unique sculptures and complex rotoscope animations that bring live-action video footage into a painted media.


They learned the about the contributions of Friends of Zion such as US President Harry Truman, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US president's forefather, Prof. George W. Bush, Orde Wingate, and righteous gentiles such as Oskar Schindler, Raoul Wallenberg and the Ten Boom family, who risked their lives to save Jews persecuted throughout the world.


Caron Butler, a Forward for the Sacramento Kings, said, “It was amazing to the touch the largest screens I have ever seen in my life! It was just mind blowing, a great experience! I feel like this is a must do; anyone who comes to Jerusalem must visit this museum.”


After the tour, the Friends of Zion Museum presented Omri Casspi and his foundation with the Defender of Zion award for outstanding work on behalf of the Jewish people on and off the court.



About the museum:


The museum is the brainchild of thousands of people who love Israel, of all denominations, and its purpose is to bring people closer and cultivate friendship between religions..


The museum is supported by thousands of people around the world who love Israel. Former Israeli President and Nobel Prize laureate Shimon Peres, serves as chairman of the museum’s International Board of Trustees. The museum is currently open to visitors by reservation on the Museum's website:, by emailing the reservation department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling +972-2-532-9400. The purpose of the Friends of Zion Museum is to draw people together and foster friendship between religions. Former President of Israel and Nobel laureate Shimon Peres, who serves as Chairman of the International Board, stated that ““Nothing is greater than the cause of friendship among human beings".


The Museum is currently open to visitors by reservation on the Museum's website: or by emailing our reservation department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +972-2-532-9400.


Photos: Kfir Sivan





The Embassy of India in Tel Aviv announces launch of the 2nd competition 'Cooking India-Flying India 2015'


Encouraged by the tremendous response to our last year's cooking competition on Indian cuisine, the Embassy of India in Tel Aviv announces launch of the 2nd competition 'Cooking India-Flying India 2015', with the cooperation of Yediot Achronot. The winning couple will receive 2 round tickets to India and one week's hospitality ad tourism in India. Ambassador of India in Israel Mr. Jaideep Sarkar said; " The variety of food and spices in India is reflective of our geographical and cultural diversity and our assimilatory civilisational history. They say the way to heart goes through the stomach. Cooking India-flying India is our attempt to touch Israeli hearts!"


Competition stages: stage 1. send an Indian main course dish recipe to Yediot Achronot facebook page. 2. The selected 20 participants will cook the meal according to the recipe that their have sent and bring the dish to the residence of the Deputy Ambassador of India. The judges will taste their food and select three candidates who will make it to the finals. 3. The finals will take place at TOKO restaurant, in Rishon Le Zion. The pannel of the judges include: Chef Leon Menachem chairman of the Israeli chef Asso. Owner of the Tandoori chain restaurants Ms.Reena Pushkarna, Chef Nitzan Raz, and Mrs. Sarndha CDilevsky, who was ranked high at the Israeli Master chef TV program.

Best of luck



Unique Restaurant in Jerusalem


Sometimes we choose a restaurant based on the cuisine (Chinese, Italian, Mexican etc.); sometimes because of the location (mountaintop, lakeside); sometimes for the elegance, service and ambience, and sometimes even for the price. All are perfectly legitimate reasons to choose where to dine.


“Tmol Shilshom” – the name translates loosely into “just yesterday …”, but the two words are also the name of a celebrated book by Nobel-prize laureate S.Y. Agnon – is one of those restaurants we choose for multiple reasons. It is located in an old and charming building on a quiet side street in downtown Jerusalem; the cuisine is modern Israeli with a European touch; the service is efficient, friendly but professional, and the pricing is sane. If you seek elegance in a formal setting with starched white napery and polished silverware, please look elsewhere. If you are looking for a fun place to eat with good food and a special atmosphere, this is for you. Go to “Tmol Shilshom” to relax and enjoy and to absorb the unique atmosphere.


Because this is not just a fine restaurant, it is also a laid-back cultural institution that resonates with charm. “Tmol Shilshom” is also a bookshop, a library, a meeting place for poets, writers and media personalities. There are two indoor spaces, and a pleasant outdoor patio, from which to choose. You can relax over a cup of coffee or a beer while you scan magazines and books, or order an entire meal and people-watch as other diners do their thing too. The waitstaff are pleasant and informed, the eclectic menu (kosher – this is Jerusalem) has something for everyone, with indications on the menu of vegetarian, vegan and even gluten-free dishes. No meat whatsoever, and the restaurant is closed on Saturdays. Visit the website for more photographs. The website lists upcoming events (like poetry readings, discussions, lectures and more) at the bookshop/restaurant. (Most, but not all, of the events would be in Hebrew).



Breakfast, lunch or dinner. This might be the one place for you to impress your guests with your knowledge of the real insiders’ secrets about Israel’s capital’s in-places to meet and eat.


Israeli restaurants can be good, even though sometimes we see the strange choices of English-language menu translations. We always wonder: if the owners can’t be bothered with the small things like finding a professional to translate the Hebrew into perfect (or at least understandable) English, can they be trusted to bother about the big things, like training the wait staff, fresh raw materials, proper cooking and more? At “Tmol Shilshom” your critic did not find even one tiny flaw in the entire English menu. (Well maybe one: they spell “filet” with a double “l” (fillet), but that’s just nitpicking about British/American spelling and we don’t want to go there …. ).




 Photos  provided by the restaurant





Get to Know the Green Side of Israel - Events in Nature


Get to know the green side of Israel with KKL-JNF! KKL-JNF holds exciting tours and events all throughout the year, in KKL-JNF forests, parks and sites all over Israel.

Upper Galilee Vineyards Festival: Biriya Hike


Upper Galilee Vineyards Festival: Yaakov Shwekey
4.8.2015 9:00 PM
Shows and events for the week of Tu b'Av in Biriya Forest
Friday - Wednesday, 31 July - 4 August, 15 - 19 Av


Upper Galilee Vineyards Festival: Shlomo Artzi
6.8.2015 9:00 PM
Shows and events for the week of Tu b'Av in Biriya Forest
Friday - Wednesday, 31 July - 4 August, 15 - 19 Av


Dr. Arthur - Father of the Pioneers
7.8.2015 8:00 AM
Bus trip to Ben Shemen Forest and environs
Friday, 7 August, 22 Av, at 08:00


Free on Friday: Arazim Valley
7.8.2015 9:00 AM
Every Friday, free!
Fridays in August, at 09:00


Streams, Water and Everything in Between
14.8.2015 8:00 AM
Jeep trip in the Lower Galilee
Friday, 14 August, 29 Av, at 08:00


Free on Friday: Nahal Ketia
14.8.2015 9:00 AM
Every Friday, free!
Fridays in August, at 09:00


Klezmer Music in the Forest
18.8.2015 4:00 PM
An excursion by car in the forests of Meron and Biriya
Tuesday, 18 August, 3 Elul, at 16:00


More info :







Torii Ramat Aviv's Asian Restaurant  celebrates its 3rd birthday  with a selected menu from across Asia and selected wines from the whole world

Torii – Asian Restaurant & Bar, located in Neve Avivim, Ramat Aviv, is a place that lies in the borderline between Asian Restaurant and updated Wine Bar, and is inspired by both worlds; thus, it offers intimate recreation experience, where the stress is on the atmosphere as well as on the food quality. 

Torii ("Entrance Gate to Sacred Temples" in Japanese) has opened a gate to the modern Asian kitchen with all its tastes and scents for its customers for 3 years; this kitchen combines east and west, traditional and contemporary, high-quality wines and selected menus from wide areas in Asia. In celebration of its 3rd birthday, starting in July, Torii will treat its customers with a treasure of surprises, sales and new dishes, including live shows every Friday, starting at 3 pm, hosting of leading chefs, such as cooperation with Indian master chef Sarandha, converting Torii into a modern Indian Restaurant; this, with a sale of unlimited wine at 33 NIS, and more.

Torii was founded owing to a great demand for a high-quality food and recreation place that is accessible to sushi and wine fans from Northern Tel Aviv and Ramat Aviv while saving a trip to the congested Central Tel Aviv. Accessibility is also a key word in a variety of other aspects, including service, prices, menu, and good food.

The forces combined behind Torii are the "Nelson" Group, which operates, among others, the "Tailor Made" Bar & Restaurant in Tel Aviv, and the "Nelson 33" Restaurant Chain, with branches in Givatayim and the Neve Avivim commercial center. The "Nelson" Group combined with two additional partners from the "Okinawa" Restaurant to achieve this project. This partnership provides this place with sparks of night life combined with excellent Asian food.

The menu was prepared by the chef of the "Okinawa" Restaurant and includes a variety of dishes of the new Asian kitchen, such as a variety of sushi dishes, first dishes, soups, main dishes, salads, Asian noodles, and great desserts. The alcoholic drinks offered include a variety of Japanese beers, and about 20 types of wines, including Israeli boutique wines.

We recommend you to check Torii's worthy business dishes, served from Sunday thru Thursday at 12 to 4 pm, where you can enjoy first and main dishes at the price of main dish only, from the offered menu.

Not only the restaurant's name is related to the Asian culture; its design includes Asian details, such as plates of light wood positioned in different places, carbon lamps, Bonsai trees in external planters and world music played in the background.



Torii : 13 Oppenheimer St., Neve Avivim, Tel Aviiv – 03-6204777

Opening hours: all week from 12 pm to 00 am


  Photos Silvia Golan










The Dan Hotel chain enriches their hotel's and restaurant buffets with menus that will combine a selection of favorite Thai dishes which Israeli guests and tourists love.

 As part of the move, the network has sent two of its top chefs, chef Ofir Kedem at the Dan Eilat and chef Eric Porat from the Dan Acadia to study at the "Cordon Bleu" in Bangkok and experience professional tours in hotels and restaurants in Thailand to learn the secrets of the Thai cuisine to bring back with them to the guests at the Dan Hotels in Israel.

 Upon returning to Israel, chefs Kedem and Porat preceded by a special seminar which included 14 of the top chefs from the Dan hotels and guided them to the secrets of Thai cuisine. In addition, the Thai chef Swalli Eldar participated in the workshop and gave her Thai kitchen tips.



 Haim Spiegel, director of food and beverage hotels Dan said: "Thai cuisine has won over a large body of fans in Israel with the eclipse of Chinese restaurants. At the Dan hotels we were happy to 'take up the challenge', we sent two top chefs to study in Thailand and we are pleased to have our Far Eastern cuisines included at canteens and restaurants,"

The Dan Hotel chain enriches their hotel's and restaurant buffets with menus that will combine a selection of favorite Thai dishes which Israeli guests and tourists love.

The honorable ambassador  of Thailand Mrs.Angsana Sihapitak and members of the embassy was also present at the event , as well as Eyal Katzdan CEO of "F lying Carpet" tourism, and Stella Yudko producer and headliner of the exciting concert "Unforgettable".


I recommend it  !!!!!!!!


Photos Silvia Golan












VIDEO: Jerusalem biking festival combines sports and fun

This year, over 5,000 bikers took part in the Tour Jerusalem annual biking event.


Jerusalem Biking festival combines Sports & Fun

Biking up and down across Jerusalem's hills, while enjoying the iconic walls of the old city and the many green parks is a unique experience. This year, over 5,000 bikers took part in the Tour Jerusalem annual biking event, which is being held for the third consecutive year.


 credit of this video the MFA.






Raman Winery invites you to taste the good life.

Raman Winery is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the winning of a silver medal in the "Eshkol Hazahav 2015" competition. Raman is inviting you to spend your Saturday in a different, pastoral atmosphere, accompanied by wine tasting and boutique cheeses.


The event will be held on:

Saturday, June 6th, at Raman Winery, Moshav Nir Banim.

Entry and tastings are free of charge.

During the event wine will be sold at discounted prices.

For more information: 0542-099663, 0508-674505


Raman winery:

Raman Winery is a family boutique winery (with a capacity of 10,000 bottles per year. It is located in Moshav Nir Banim. The winery was founded in 2005 by Yair Raman, out of his passion for fine wine and the desire to involve his family with the business. Yair is the chief winemaker, an attorney by profession and has degrees in Accounting and Finance. Yair believes that winemaking is a type of art, and that for him winemaking is a combination of art and therapy.


 Photo provided by  Raman Winery PR








Bar Giora Restaurant announces a new menu. The well-established restaurant that is located just a step from Dizengof Center mall is very popular and offers a wide selection of excellent meals, beverages and entertainment.

The restaurant is not new; it opened sixteen years ago and was purchased by Emanuel and Hugo Jorlette, two Belgian brothers, a couple of years ago. Emanuel and Hugo have enhanced the activities and concerts and now offer a new and improved menu with many unique entrees and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages.

Bar Giora has a nice open-air terrace that enjoys a pleasant breeze from the sea. It has a great atmosphere and is well-suited for business meetings, for a good meal after shopping, and also features romantic seating areas. There is also an indoors dining area with a trendy bar, and an Indy concert venue. It is also open for small events. 



The new menu offers tasty starters and entrees, many of them are unique to Bar Giora and they are all worth tasting! The new menu includes also vegetarian/vegan dishes. Here are a few examples from the new menu:
Chicken Liver Pate – served with Melba toasts and home-made pumpkin conserve.

Fried Mushroom & Cauliflower – fried in beer dough, served with spicy mayonnaise and teriyaki chili.

Sweet potato baked in the oven with warm lentils salad, spinach and roasted red onion.

Beet & Feta Salad – grated fresh beetroot with tomatoes, red onion, rocket leaves, grated feta cheese and a decoration of walnuts.

Surprise burger – Freshly ground beef, stuffed with goat cheese or Emmental, served with vegetables and fries.

Salmon burger – freshly ground Norwegian salmon, with caramelized onions, garlic confit, and herbs, served in a bread roll with vegetables and fries.

Steak & Egg sandwich – thinly sliced pieces of Entrecote with Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, red onion, tomato, rocket leaves, sunny side up and fried onion.

Tofu Tortilla – tofu covered with bread-crumbs served over guacamole, tomato, cucumber, and red pepper with a basket of tomatoes.

Peter Luger Cookie – home-made chocolate chip cake, served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Cadaif basket – served with mascarpone cream and seasonal fruit.

Noa Berry – spicy rum shaked with lemon, crème de casis, lychee liquor, and vanilla extract served with berries. Just the look of this will make you dizzy!

The full review in English:

The full review in Hebrew: Bar Giora Retaurant

Article written by Taly Sharon

Eat Relax Enjoy


 Photos  Silvia Golan






Sarona grows and flourishes in the heart of Tel Aviv.


In the past – a Templar settlement, and today – a center of shopping and entertainment.


Ambassadors and their spouses arrived (despite of the hot weather) to a festive visit, to get a taste of the past, and experience the present of Sarona.


The event was organized by Israel's Diplomatic Portal (, directed by Ms. Silvia Golan, in association with Sarona's Management Company under the chairmanship of General Manager Iris Rar-Berz.


We met in the “Tasting Room” to taste Israeli wines.


We continued with Ms. Paul Kedem-Racover - certified and experienced tour guide, specialized in guided tours in Tel Aviv.


We toured between the picturesque balconies, lawns and parks, the pool with water flowers, the stores, and sport facilities.


Ms. Kedem-Racover started by presenting the history of the place; she told us about Sarona, which was the fourth settlement that the German Templers built in Israel in 1871, by the west bank of the Ayalon river.


The Templers were members of the "Temple Society"- a German Protestant sect, with roots in the religious movement of the Lutheran Church Protestant, originated in the middle of the 19th century. The founder of this movement, Christoph Hoffmann, intended to promote spiritual cooperation to advance the rebuilding of the Temple in the Holy land - Palestine at that time - believing that this foundation will promote the second coming of Christ.


When the Nazi regime took power in Germany, members of the Templar community in Israel started to be involved in Nazi political activities. The British mandate government put them in confined camps, and considered them as enemies (spies) and deported many of them to Australia. The British also liberated some of them in exchange to Jewish people with Israeli citizenship that were held in concentration camps in Europe. The Templers' possessions, including the high-valued real estate of their settlements, were transferred to the management of the trustee of absentees' properties.


In 1948 the Hagana forces conquered the Waldheim and Galilean Bethlehem, and the last Templar’s settlers were deported from Israel.


The process of transfer of compensations to the Templers lasted about ten years. Up to 1962, the Israeli government paid 54 million German marks to the Templers and their successors - about 13 million dollars, as compensations for their lands and possessions.


And finally…

We completed our tour with a lunch picnic in the Sarona lawns, under the auspices of the Little Italy restaurant. We enjoyed the pizzas and Italian pasta, and excellent champagne.


Who needs more than all this to learn from Ms. Kedem-Racover about the past, and enjoy Sarona in the present?


The ambassadors thanked the tour organizers, and expressed their pleasure for the enrichment of their knowledge about the Templar period and the delicious culinary.


Link to the original article in Hebrew, written by Sima Lahat:!שרונה-–-מהטמפלרים-לכפר-קניות-ובילוי/c1kod/555c8c340cf21fee13a20f0b




Photos Silvia Golan












“I’ve learned a lot about Israel during this trip and I’ve been most impressed by the scenery and the people.”

Diplomats from a variety of different countries who belong to the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel took a day off to tour the north with KKL-JNF and visit the In the Paths of Wine Festival. The day out included an excursion to Hagit Forest, to which KKL-JNF is transplanting old trees from other sites in the north, bird-watching at Lake Hula and a festive evening event at the wine fair in Rosh Pina.



“We’re making this trip so that the diplomatic community can see something of KKL-JNF’s impressive activities for themselves,” explained Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, President of the Ambassadors’ Club. “It’s important to show how KKL-JNF contributes to Israel’s environment and development for the benefit of all its citizens. KKL-JNF’s willingness to place its knowledge at the disposal of the rest of the world greatly helps Israel’s foreign relations.”


More :



Photo  1  

Deputy Ambassador of Guatemala Jose Ortiz Cicnado and Thailand’s Ambassador to Israel Angsana Sihapitak. Photo: Yoav Devir


Photo 2

Yitzhak Eldan. Photo: Yoav Devir
















'Tel Aviv Loves all Genders'    Asia's Largest Gay Parade (12.6) Expected to Draw  Record 180,000 Participants from Israel and Around the World


This Year's Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade to focus on supporting the Transgender Community. 2014 Eurovision star Conchita Wurst to arrive in Tel Aviv to participate. Events include parade along the city's world-famous beach, LGBT culture festival, film festival, conferences, ongoing chill-out beach and Tel Aviv's largest ever Gay Party (to host 7,000 party-goers at the City's football stadium).


The "Nonstop City's" 17th Annual Pride Festival will be taking place between June 7-12, with its highlight being the City's largest ever gay parade, with an expected all-time record 180,000 participants (2014 saw 130,000 participants in the parade) – making it Asia's largest ever gay pride event. This year's events will focus on supporting the Transgender Community, a fact that made Eurovision Star Conchita Wurst (Austrian Winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest) decide to come to Tel Aviv to perform in the parade.


Tel Aviv has, in recent years, become one of the world's leading and most famous gay tourist destinations, thanks to its tolerant atmosphere, warm weather (300 days of sun a year), famous culinary scene and world-leading nightlife scene. ranked Tel Aviv as the "World's Best Gay Tourism Destination", Lonely Planet considers Tel Aviv one of the world's Top 10 hedonistic city breaks and CNN ranked the city as 'one of the 10 best gay honeymoon hotspots'. The estimated 30,000 international visitors to the parade are expected to spend 40% more than general tourists, staying an average of 3.5 nights in the city.


Hila Oren, CEO of Tel Aviv Global:
"The Nonstop City is proud to host LGBT visitors from around the world for this year's Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade. In Tel Aviv, there is a place for everyone, regardless of gender, religion, lifestyle or sexual orientation. In Tel Aviv we celebrate our differences - and we believe that the people are what makes our city - whoever you are - there's a place for you in Tel Aviv."


Yaniv Weizman, Member of Tel Aviv City Council (Portfolio of the Gay Community):
"We are pleased to see the vision we have cultivated this year - pride events reflecting the diversity of the LGBT community, and bringing the transgender community to the forefront - become a reality. Tel Aviv celebrates all those who help make it, every day, the city that loves all genders."



Youtube 1  : On Thursday, June 7, 2013  U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro marched in Tel Aviv's gay pride parade. Speaking to a crowd of thousands of marchers, he acknowledged the achievements of the Israeli LGBT community for gaining equal rights and emphasized the work of the U.S. government to raise awareness of LGBT rights around the world. After the speech, Ambassador Shapiro marched with Embassy personnel for the full parade route to Tel Aviv's Gordon Beach.



Youtube 2   Gay Pride 2014 Tel-Aviv (Israel)





The Marina Tel-Aviv non-smoking hotel is perfectly located on the shore line, right in the heart of the city’s seaside boardwalk and the marina. Its unique location provides a relaxing experience with great accessibility to the city’s business leisure and cultural center.

Throughout the hotel the guest find a variety of artwork by well-known Israeli and International artists that are part of the Dubi Shiff Collection, which includes more than 300 paintings and drawings. The paintings are exhibited in all the hotel public areas and rooms.

The Marina Business center and amenities is especially tailored for our corporate guests.

The lounge offers meeting areas in a peaceful atmosphere, dynamic business surrounding with computers, wireless internet access, copying machine, fax, office services and daily newspapers and magazines.

Light snacks as well as hot and cold beverages are served.

The roof top swimming pool is surrounded by a magnificent view of the blue Mediterranean Sea, the marina and the sky line of Tel Aviv, decorated with wooden decks for sun tan and relaxation. It is perfect also for different events.

Exclusive bar serving snacks and light refreshments.

The pool opens during summer months only.

Lobby bar with direct access to the Tel Aviv promenade beach and the marina. A place to gather with friends and enjoy light dairy meals, hot and cold drinks and alcohol beverages.

Free WIFI.



Parking is available at an additional charge.

For observant guests  we have Synagogue, Sefer Tora and Shabbat Elevator.

From intimate gatherings to grand occasions, seven multi-purpose modern meeting rooms, from 15-200 participants, offering flexibility in capacity and configuration.

For business or pleasure, Marina's experienced team will happily coordinate the meeting or event to ensure ultimate success.

Choice from 86 Club Rooms, 9 Club Family Rooms, 44 Superior Rooms, 2 Superior Rooms for the disabled, 8 Superior Family Rooms, 6 Suites and one Presidential Suite.

Address: 167 Hayarkon st., Tel Aviv 61032


E-mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 03- 5211777

Fax: 03- 5211772



 Photos Silvia Golan













 Gastronomical and cultural event will take place in Ha-Tachana (Tel-Aviv) on 15-16  May 2015.

Program of the Hungarian Days  HaTachana, Tel-Aviv – 15-16 May 2015

15 May 2015 (Friday)

11.00 – Opening ceremony of the Hungarian Days:
Speakers: Mayor Ron Huldai and H.E. Andor Nagy, Ambassador of Hungary
11.00 – Rubik’s Cube competition at balcony
11.15 – Palóc folk dance group’s performance from Szécsény/Hungary
12.00 – Farkas Zsolt Trio Jazz Band’s concert
13.00 –Palóc folk dance group’s performanc from Szécsény/Hungary
15.00 – Final Rubik’s cube competition – on stage
15.45 – Award ceremony – on stage
16.00 – End of event

16 May 2015 (Shabbat)

11.00 – Yotam performance for children
12.00 - Palóc folk dance group’s performance from Szécsény/Hungary
12.30 – Yotam performance for children
13.30 - Farkas Zsolt Trio Jazz Band’s concert
14.30 – Palóc folk dance group’s performance from Szécsény/Hungary
15.00 The Barcza Gergő folk music band’s performance
(Moldovan and Balkanian folk music)
15.45 – Lottery ceremony – on stage
(prize are WizzAir tickets and Budapest Cards)
16.00 – End of Event

There will be two tables offering you the flavours of the most famous Hungarian dishes some of them prepared there : Goulash, Kürtős-kalács (sweet hungarian pastry) Palacsinta (Hungarian pancake) Lángos (deep fried flat bread), goose liver (not kosher) Pick-szalámi (hungarian special salami - not kosher)


Photo Hungary Embassy




L’Chaim! Tel Aviv’s “Salute 2015” Wine Festival Coming to HaTachana


Against the backdrop of the beautiful beachfront promenade, the much anticipated “Salute 2015” wine festival, featuring many of Israel’s award-winning wineries will take place in "HaTachana", one of Tel Aviv’s trendiest cultural settings, on Wednesday, May 13 and Thursday, May 14 (18:30-23:00).

The “Salute 2015” event is being sponsored by the Municipality of Tel Aviv’s cultural department in cooperation with the E & M Production Company.

Participants in the festive “Salute 2015” happening will also be treated a various music interludes including vocal jazz bands, Latin music and other live performances. The unique lighting, decor, wine, fragrances and music, will accentuate the unique atmosphere surrounding the "Salute 2015" Wine Festival.

The festival itself has garnered a reputable image amongst Israeli wineries, winemakers, and wine enthusiasts. Tel Aviv’s “Salute 2015” Wine Festival is part of a series of wine festivals, which place on an annual basis across Israeli cities including, Haifa, Ashdod, Ra'anana and Jerusalem.

“Salute 2015” will introduce revelers to nearly 50 different wineries (which will be located in pavilions within the facility), including large and well-known wineries, as well as high quality boutique wineries.

Visitors will be able to purchase a special wine glass (cost 75 NIS / NIS 55 for holders of Tel Aviv resident Digital Card) and sample a delicious variety of 150 different types of wines. The wine festival attracts a wide array of people from the metro Tel Aviv region including business people, hotel, restaurant food and beverage professionals, as well as local citizens who enjoy sampling the country’s most exciting wines.


Sagi Epstein, the owner E & M Productions added, "We see that the exposure of quality Israeli wines in the mass media, as well as the increasing consumption by Israelis of local wines as an important development. Thus, we are working to promote this festival for the benefit of all wine lovers, where they can sample great products amidst a cheerful atmosphere and enrich their knowledge about Israel’s emerging wine culture."

Wineries who will partake in “Salute 2015” include:

Carmel Winery, DaltonWinery, Tishbi Winery, Barkan Winery, Segal Winery, Recanati Winery, Teperberg Winery 1870, Har Bracha Winery, Hasdera Winery, Kishor Winery, Tanya Winery, Tishbi Winery, Kinor David Winery, Stern Winery, Jerusalem Wineries, Arza Winery, Passionfruit Man Winery, Aligoté Winery, Or Haganuz Winery, Lavie Winery, Psagot Wines, Dalton Winery, Ella Valley Wineries, Talmey Shadai Winery, Galai Winery, Shamayim Winery, ‏Raman Winery. Agencies and importers who will also be featured at the event include: Aswine Path (NativYain), Tzor, BiBoViNo,


What would a wine festival be without cheese and other delicacies? Booths of artisan cheeses, pastries and delicacies (prepared by "Man Haadama") will also be available to visitors for tastings and purchases.



The Salute Festival was first held in Beersheva (2007) and then spread to other cities. It is now an integral part of annual cultural activities held in cities such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod and Ra'anana.

The E & M Production Company under the direction of Sagi Epstein has produced the series of wine festivals for the past 7 years, as part of an on-going effort to foment Israel’s wine culture. With each passing year the numbers of participants has grown, with nearly 5,000+ expected to partake in the Tel Aviv event. The next wine festival event will take place in Ra’anana (Area Park, June 24 & 25).







The Jerusalem Municipality opens the first urban nature park of its kind in Israel - a kind of nature reserve in the middle of the city - complete with a herd of gazelles and dozens of varieties of other fauna and flora, ponds, streams, walking trails and bicycle paths.


The Jerusalem Municipality is currently putting the finishing touches on the first nature park of its kind in Israel. Slated to open at the end of this month, Gazelle Valley stretches over 250 dunams, and features five ponds, both natural and manmade, two flowing streams, bird and rodent watching areas, the natural habitat of untamed animals, a manmade island accessed via wooden bridges, and the park's namesakes - dozens of wild gazelles roaming free.


The completion of the park is an unprecedented victory for the municipality and the public over the real estate tycoons who sought to build high-rises on the land. The park will soon be open to the public, seven days a week with free admission - as of Monday, March 30.


The new city park represents an innovative urban approach of open spaces located in the heart of the city, such as Central Park in New York, Hampstead Heath in London, and Parc St. Jacques in France. This approach, applied nowhere else in Israel, stresses the importance of creating a green lung composed of natural greenery and hosting a variety of animals and birds capable of living in the heart of an urban environment, to be enjoyed by city residents as well as visitors from Israel and abroad.


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said: "The park's guiding principle is revolutionary in terms of Israeli urban public spaces - a nature reserve in the middle of Jerusalem. Gazelle Valley is one of the biggest and most important Jerusalem projects in recent years, representing above all community involvement in the city and the power of joint brainstorming and planning by City Hall and residents. For us, the Gazelle Valley project represents the direction in which we want to take the city: developing Jerusalem's green spaces together and in partnership with the community and with the backing of many municipal entities working to enhance the environment and protect Jerusalem's natural assets."


In fact, over the years, the park, located in the city's southwestern corner at the foot of Highway 50 (Begin Boulevard) and Pat Junction, became a symbol of the public and civil struggle for open spaces in the city. In the past, the grounds were home to many fruit orchards, but in the 1980s these were abandoned and the location acquired a new identity: it became known as “gazelle valley” for the herd of gazelles that inhabited the site. Over the years, the herd became trapped among busy highways, the Malha Mall and various residential projects, with no habitat left. Because of harm caused by human agents and stray dogs, the herd shrank to only five gazelles.


As the herd was dying off, real estate developers "discovered" the spot and applied for permission to build more high-rises there. In an unprecedented move, various segments of Jerusalem's population united - religious and secular, old-timers and new immigrants, members of the entire span of the political spectrum - with the help of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and other environmental organizations and social activists, and began a persistent fight against planning and zoning authorities to establish an urban nature park in the valley. Six years ago, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat joined the residents' struggle, and it was decided to establish the first urban nature park of its type in Israel.


Landscape architects from Israel and abroad paved walking trails and bicycle paths, built a wading pool for young children, and set aside shaded spots perfect for observing nature. In the future, the park will also feature an orchard and a farm pond as well as an educational center devoted to the mountain gazelle (Gazella gazella), which is native to this part of the Middle East, and will be home to the Jerusalem Center for Urban Nature. Gazelle Valley will also be part of the Jerusalem Municipality's master plan, featuring bicycle paths that will go all around the park and link up with two already existing bicycle paths running along Sacher Park and Mesila Park. At a future date, a wooden promenade will be built above Gazelle Valley and link the park to the surrounding neighborhoods.


The fully accessible park will be open to the public all week long and will charge no admission. At the entrance, it will be possible to borrow binoculars, deck chairs and mats. In the future, it will be possible to buy ready-to-eat picnic baskets as well. It will offer guided tours, educational activities on topics of the environment and sustainability for school children, communal Friday evening Sabbath services, small chamber music concerts played by local ensembles, and more.


The park is being built by the Jerusalem Municipality with help from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jerusalem Foundation.


Gazelle Valley Urban Wildlife Park in Jerusalem
Copyright: Jerusalem Municipality








March 2015, Tel Aviv, State of Israel – The Queen of the Desert, a prestigious and all-female club in Israel consisting of 7,000 women leaders in various fields, has chosen the Philippines as its next destination for its annual caravan tour.


On 12 March 2015, the Philippine Embassy in Israel met with Yosha Sigal, Manager of the Queen of the Desert, Raanan Ben-Bassat, CEO of Geographic Society (a major tour company in Israel), and Yariv Fisher, Philippines-Israel Tourism Chamber Chairman and FlyEast Ltd. CEO, to discuss plans and preparations for the Philippine tour of about 400 Israeli women consisting of executives, community and government leaders and top professionals and celebrities. The first group of "Queens" will tour the Philippines in April-May 2015, while the next batches will go in October - December 2015.


The Queen of the Desert tours are very popular in Israel. Founded by the Geographic Society in 1999, the Queen of the Desert conducts an annual expedition combining adventures in off the beaten tracks and routes not usually found in regular tourist maps, and activities that challenge the participants' physical and mental strength and teamwork skill. The tour is different from other travel experiences as it gives participants more opportunity to immerse themselves in and learn from the culture of the places they visit, and contribute to communities in the form of humanitarian projects. Joining the tour is a most sought-after "badge of honor" among Israeli women of substance who are in their 40s and up.


Philippine Ambassador to Israel Neal Imperial welcomed the decision to embark on an expedition in the Philippines and assured the group that the participants, as well as the rest of Israelis following the event, will be treated to beautiful sights and a wide range of unique and unforgettable experiences.


He stressed that "The Philippines is the most gender-equal country in Asia and the Queens will feel at home there. Our country is well-known for its smart and independent-minded women who are in the same mold as the fearless members of the Queen of the Desert."


The Queen of the Desert's upcoming trip to the Philippines will be a big boost to PH tourism, currently enjoying 30% growth in Israeli tourist arrivals. The new direct flight between Turkey and the Philippines, which started this March, offers more options for Israeli tourists going to the Philippines via Istanbul.


Last year, Israeli news and travel agencies, News1 (, Walla (, Terminal (, and International Air Services ( featured the Philippines in their websites, referring to it as the next must-visit destination for Israeli travelers because of its rich cultural heritage and world class tourist attractions. The Queen of the Desert is the latest to consider the country as a preferred destination.


The Queen of the Desert tours continue to attract thousands of women in Israel and even from other countries. It owes its prestige to the fact that applicants have to qualify in a rigorous screening process in order to participate in the expedition. Since its first trip to Jordan in 1999, the group has gathered more than 7,000 women from Israel to travel to far and exotic places in countries such as Turkey, Ethiopia, Georgia, Thailand, Romania, Morocco, Uganda, Spain, South Africa, Albania, Lapland, China, India, France, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, and Laos.


Photo  : Yosha Sigal, Manager of the Queen of the Desert, Philippine Ambassador to Israel Neal Imperial, Raanan

Ben-Bassat, CEO of Geographic Society, and Yariv Fisher, Chairman of the Philippines-Israel
Tourism Chamber Chairman (from left to right).






Premier has exclusively captured the unique benefits of the Dead Sea with the most advanced, patented processes of purification available in the field of cosmetic science.


These unique, potent, paragon free, fortified formulations containing Dead Sea actives, phospholipids and stem cells capture the earth's rejuvenating secrets.


Featuring an exceptional, unique and exclusive combination of Dead Sea salt with silica to form precious ''silica salt'' capable of re-igniting the skin's luminosity.


Premier's most advanced and innovative skin care collection, SUPREME.


Unique, potent, parraine free, fortified formulations containing Dead Sea actives, phospholipids and stem cells capture the earth's rejuvenating secrets.


Driven by the everlasting quest for the most advanced and powerful natural age defying ingredients, Premiers research team scours the earth searching for new innovations.


This quest has led to a 7 year research unfolding the secrets of skin aging.


Today Premiers researchers are writing a new chapter in the history of Dead Sea mineral skin care.


They have discovered an exceptional, unique and active combination of ingredients, each capable of complimenting the other to offer unprecedented age defying powers.


Premier is among the leading manufacturers of high-quality skin-care.

Thanks to expert aerospace dermatologists and chemistry professors who specialize in anti-aging, Premier has developed innovative formulas and purification processes that are the heart of the award-winning products.

The secret behind the ultra-modern purification process is its ability to extract the necessary ingredients for renewing and rebuilding skin cells and combine them with an innovative liposome and phospholipid complex.

The new award-winning generation of Premier's products stands tall among all others because of its unique and innovative cosmetic concept, which is one of the most recent discoveries in the field of cosmetics.


Premier's research team is constantly exploring the opportunities found in nature and in the advancement of scientific discovery and applying these to the products.
It is this expert combination of science and nature that delivers the best nature has to offer your skin with the most effective means of producing real, visible results.

Premier is a skin care company which uses only the most advanced cosmetics technology in combination with the famed minerals from the Dead Sea. It aims to bring significant improvement to the condition of the body and health of the skin as a result of years of research and development, which continues to this day. All Premier products contain active and essential components in packages that offer high levels of hygiene, delivering maximum advantage for your skin.


Premier takes natural plant extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea and by utilizing patented and cutting-edge technology, makes luxurious, effective skin-care that far exceeds your best imagination about beautiful skin.


Scientifically developed by top dermatologists and chemistry professors specializing in skin aging, Premier's award-winning products have been recognized world-wide for their effectiveness and innovation. They are based on a secret purification process that extracts the necessary ingredients for renewing and rebuilding skin cells and combines them with an innovative liposome complex that delivers the active ingredients directly to the skin cells.


Thanks to the best natural ingredients and advanced purification methods, Premier facial products provide immediate, effective results.
Whether cleansing, detoxifying, balancing, toning, moisturizing, or nourishing the skin / Premier products enhance its health and beauty.
Among the wide array of body products, Premier features both products for general health and vitality as well as specifically targeted products to fight unwanted symptoms.


Using the most advanced purification processes in the cosmetic science, Premier exclusively captures the unique benefits of the Dead Sea, the world-s largest natural spa, and creates the finest skin/care in the world from the Dead Sea, to your finger/tips.


Premier was awarded the ''Original Dead Sea product Good quality mark''.


The good quality mark was awarded to Premier by the manufacturers association and by the cosmetic industry association.

All Premier products are made in Israel.



Premier is proud to bring the finest skin care range in the world from the Dead Sea to your doorstep.







Next week (on the 10th February), for the 21st successive year, the International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) will open at the congress center of the Tel Aviv fairgrounds.


The gala event, which takes place every year and lasts for two days, showcases Israeli and international tourist attractions in an ideal setting. Countries from around the world have stands and booths were exhibitors from those countries can present themselves to Israeli and world visitors to the fair.


Similarly, a wide range of Israeli tourist attractions and companies (some representing, and acting as agents for, international players in the tourist market) are displayed for the thousands of fair visitors.


Israel Travel News (ITN – publishers of tourism magazines, websites and newsletters) and ORTRA (Israel's premier conference organizers) are behind this successful project which has grown in leaps and bounds from year to year.

ITN, hand-in-hand with ORTRA, facilitate and organize the event which includes not only the actual displays, but meetings, lectures and live presentations (some by invitation only) on issues that interest tour operators, guides, tourist organizations, the diplomatic corps, and of course – a public hungry for information on exciting tourist destinations.


One of the desirable "by invitation only" events is the lavish pre-opening breakfast on the first day, exclusively for ambassadors of the diplomatic corps serving in Israel. All ambassadors have already received an invitation and the responses ("RSVP") are flowing in. Ambassadors who have not yet responded are reminded to do so as soon as possible.


Each year new exhibitors join the fair to benefit from the exposure. This year, a series of start-ups under the title of "Digital Travel Dome" (designated separately in the glossy catalog distributed free to all attendees) display the ingenuity of the start-up nation – Israel – in the field of digital apps that make finding information on your smartphone soooo easy. If for no other reason (and there are plenty of other reasons), make sure you get your catalog when you visit the fair.


Cross-border travel is the hallmark of peaceful coexistence. Israel-Arab exhibitors at IMTM are already well represented. Perhaps tourism will be the flashpoint of peace in the Middle East? Perhaps for world peace as well? Only time will tell.


Representatives from will be at IMTM 2015. We hope to see you there.




The National Tourism Institute of Spain will hold a unique tourism event at The International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) 2015 for the main travel agents and tourism
Operators from both countries, to strengthen the tourism relations between Israel and Spain; The event will take place at The Tel Aviv Exhibition Gardens, Pavilion 1, Hall C4, on February 10, at 16:30 


A delegation of the main officials in the Spanish tourism industry, through the Spanish Tourist Office in Rome, which is in charge of the Israel market, will give a presentation on Spain for the principal travel agents and tourism operators from both countries at The International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) 2015. This event will take place at The Tel Aviv Exhibition Gardens, Pavilion 1, Hall C4, on Tuesday, February 10, at 16:30.


Among the event's guests will be the Tourism Counselor for the Embassies of Spain, Carlos Hernández; Ambassador of Spain in Israel, Fernando Carderera Soler and representatives from Andalucía, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Aragon Pyrenees and Red de Juderias. Alongside the main travel agents and tourism operators from both countries. The event's agenda includes a presentation on Spain and celebratory cocktails.


The presentation's main goal is to introduce Spain as a travel destination, highlighting its history, rich culture and countryside diversity. Spain is one of the world's leading tourist destinations. This is hardly surprising, considering that the country is a veritable goldmine of glorious history, stunning architecture, breathtaking views and an advanced culture of song, dance, film, painting and sports. The scenery of Spain is both varied and beautiful, and includes thick forests, green plains, mountains, rocky gulfs; white, sandy beaches surrounding gothic and medieval cities; and countless castles and fortresses, all of them amazing and fascinating. The cities of Spain are stunning, beautiful, romantic and fascinating. They were the focal point of several important chapters in both European and world history, and especially in the history of the Spanish Jews.

Andalucia is a land of culture, history, fiestas, nature areas and excellent food. In Granada, you will see the Alhambra palace, the Generalife gardens and the mediaeval Albaicín neighbourhood; in Cordoba, its historic center with the great Mosque and in Jaén, the monumental sites of Úbeda and Baeza. You will also be able to experience festivals such as Easter Week, the Carnival in Cadiz, the Rocío pilgrimage in Huelva and the April Fair in Seville. Gran Canaria is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. "Mini-continent" is perhaps the best-qualified word to express the variety of landscapes in Gran Canaria. The landscape, the winds, the sea and the geographic situation on the 28th parallel, 60 sea miles from the African coast, defines the climate on Gran Canaria, island of volcanic origin and rich in contrasts.


Beautiful Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands, which form this Atlantic Ocean archipelago. This sun-kissed holiday hotspot welcome millions of people every year who are looking for relaxation, adventure, good times and fantastic weather. Surrounded by mountains with the Pyrenees in the north and the mountainous Sistema Iberico area to the south. Aragon is home to some of the finest Mudejar architecture in the world. The stunning scenery of the Pyrenees covers much of the Huesca province (Northern Aragon) making it popular with skiers and walkers.


Israel offers a large number of both direct and charter flights to Spain; operated by Iberia, Spain's national airline company, as well as Israeli airline companies. Vueling Airlines operates five weekly flights from Tel Aviv - Barcelona back and forth throughout the year. According to the 2013 data of Spain Tourist Board, 105,500 Israeli tourists had entered Spain in the year 2013. In January to November 2014, 181,000 Israeli tourists visited Spain. The total Airline capacity from Israel to Spain in 2014 (January-November) was 380,300 travelers, an increase of 40,000 in comparison with 2013.


Today, Spain is home to approximately 30 thousand Jews, many of them living in the country's two major Jewish communities in Madrid and Barcelona. There are approximately ten additional communities, united under The Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain. The Spanish government initiated the establishment of The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters - Red de Juderias - which is composed of 24 cities. This initiative acts towards the preservation and restoration of the places and structures that represent the history of the Spanish Jews and organizes cultural and educational activities.


Photo : Aragon. Courtesy: The National Tourism Institute of Spain





HOLLANDIA, the company specialized in sleep engineering, launches for the first time in Israel three innovative products:


· Tempur Sleep Center, experiential simulation room that provides a feeling of floating in space.

· Pierre Cardin collection.

· 4 SEASONS warm cover.


HOLLANDIA brings to Israel for the first time the experiential Tempur Sleep Center, a revolutionary sleep center, a sleeping room that makes you feel as floating in space.


This room is presently available in the company branches in Herzliya, Jerusalem, Haifa and other cities. Now, everyone can try the Tempur mattresses in previously unseen conditions. The experiential Tempur Sleep Center is a simulation room having adjustable beds with the pampering Tempur mattresses. The room is built without ceiling, it is not opaque nor transparent, and with soft lighting to provide sleeping room atmosphere. The screens in the room show a film that explains the unique development of the Tempur mattress, where the Tempur Sleep Center, also known as Space Cabin, operates continuously, every item in it moves, so that a vivid experience of floating in space is created.


Tempur mattresses are especially pampering. The Tempur material was originally developed by NASA for the production of space pillows for astronauts. It has an unusual capability for pressure spreading. This capability enables these mattresses to provide an experience of healthy and comfortable sleep, and a feeling of weightless sleep. The Tempur mattress structure provides all the conditions for natural, deep and continuous sleep.


The Tempur Sleep Center experience is offered free of charge for everybody.

Simulation duration: 7 minutes.

This room is available in the company branches in Herzliya, Jerusalem, Haifa and other cities.


HOLLANDIA presents, toward winter of 2015, a new collection of blankets, bed covers, and a variety of textile items from Pierre Cardin's fashion house.


HOLLANDIA offers also a collection of blankets, bed covers, and textile items manufactured by the French prestigious Pierre Cardin's fashion house.


The designs of the blankets and bed covers are inspired on nature and characterized by a variety of earth coloring, such as brown, red, dark gray, and more. The blankets are manufactured from natural and synthetic fibers in different textures, and weaved with high-quality embroidery, and the exclusive Pierre Cardin's logo impressed in their center. The unique design of these blankets allows their use with no need to cover them, and their wide sizes make them suitable for use as bed covers.


The blankets and bed covers are part of a larger collection that includes a separate set of towels in 3 sizes for the hands, face and body, and another set that includes the towels, and an additional set that includes the towels plus a bathing robe. The collection also includes towels in a variety of colors and shapes.


HOLLANDIA launches an innovative blanket: 4 SEASONS.

A special patent makes this blanket suitable for the coming winter and the following seasons.
A high-quality blanket that is healthy, and friendly to the user and the environment.




The blankets and bed covers are part of a larger collection that includes a separate set of towels in 3 sizes for the hands, face and body, and another set that includes the towels, and an additional set that includes the towels plus a bathing robe. The collection also includes towels in a variety of colors and shapes.


HOLLANDIA launches the 4 SEASONS innovative, high-quality and pampering blanket, for the coming winter and the following seasons.


This blanket consists of two parts that can be attached or separated, as needed, and, as labeled, can be used during all 4 seasons. In the transitional seasons, autumn and spring, you can use a blanket that weighs 250 grams. In the summer you can suffice with a 125-grams blanket, and in winter you can attach both for a warmer and pampering 375-grams blanket.


The blanket is made of 100% fine and softened polyester micro fibers, with a texture made of squares. The blanket quality is determined by the number of contained stitches. Since this blanket contains long fibers and relatively few stitches, the quality of its isolation is high.


The 4 SEASONS blanket is especially healthy. It is anti-bacterial and repels dust mites. The blanket fibers undergo a special treatment that impedes living space for dust mites. In addition, the blanket is well ventilated and enables pleasant and good sleep during the whole night.


The blanket is very comfortable for use. Unlike other blankets, it can be cleaned very easily, using a washing machine, and dried easily using a drier.


The blanket is produced in Spain using 100% recycled materials.



Single-size blanket, 150-200 cm at launching price of 785 NIS.

Double-size blanket, 200-220 cm at launching price of 1275 NIS.


Selling place:

HOLLANDIA chain stores throughout the country.



HOLLANDIA chain is owned by the Barseset family. It includes 7 branches throughout the country and a logistic center in Sderot. It represents the international companies TEMPUR, AUPING, Elegante and Pierre Cardin in Israel.


 Photo Silvia Golan






"Padani Jewelries" Chain opens the first luxury store of its type in Israel, which enables an exclusive buying experience, together with a service and professionalism of the highest world standards. It offers jewels of the best international brands, which lead in quality along with the unique designs of "Padani Jewelries".


For the first time, the "Padani Jewelries" Chain launches the news in the prestigious jewelries category with its "My First Padani" collection – at special prices, suitable for the young population and for whoever seeks her first jewel, and the first step in the prestigious world of jewelry.


This collection includes pendants and bracelets, and in the near future also earrings and rings, starting from 740 NIS up to about 1980 NIS. The jewels in the collection for the young are made of 18-karat yellow gold, combined with diamonds, in young and modern designs.


The "My First Padani" collection includes, in the line of pendants, gold pendants designed in the form of dragonflies, keys and hearts. In the line of bracelets, the collection includes jewels with designs in the form of dragonflies and violetto flowers.


 The "My First Padani" collection will be displayed in all the stores of the "Padani Jewelries" Chain. The chain is also launching an innovative Internet website, , with an overall investment of 150,000 NIS. This website is designed for operating with mobile phones and tablets. Its operation is integrated with the new Facebook page of "Padani Jewelries", which already includes more than 10,000 friends.


The Internet website shows a leading selection of collections of jewels and watches, which are iconic of "Padani Jewelries", and provides a platform for updating the chain customers on all the innovations in the prestige jewelry field, and for establishing immediate connection.


"Padani Jewelries" will nearly open an Instagram page and launch a newsletter for its customers.


Besides, the "Padani Jewelries" Chain displays its iconic prestigious jewelry collections for 2015, among them: VIOLETTO, DRAGONFLY, LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, SIGNET RINGS – TOTALLY YOU, SYMPHONY, PLIAGE, and ICE.


About "Padani Jewelries":


From its start, more than 60 years ago, "Padani Jewelries" specialized in the design and production of jewelry collections of the highest quality and at international standards.


In the last years, the chain has launched unique jewelry collections, which add to their aesthetic design human feeling messages, such as love, friendship, loyalty, motherhood, and more. These collections are offered at accessible prices, starting from only 1,000 NIS.


Due to its strict preservation of the highest quality and international standards, "Padani Jewelries" has been chosen by the leading jewelry brands to be their representative in Israel.


The "Padani Jewelries" Chain includes 9 stores throughout the country: four in Tel Aviv, one in Raanana, one in Jerusalem, one in Haifa and two in Eilat.


Photos  Silvia Golan








Mrs Dafna Kuper , General Director of the Chain , explain us :


In our chain, each woman receives high-quality underwear products that suit her body.

Our chain includes 14 stores spread out in the country. We also have an Internet store, at website AT4U.CO.IL , where you can shop online everywhere in the country. Following our event in which we launched our winter collection, we are happy to the readers of this message with a special benefit, 30% discount on our house collection. All you have to do is approach any of our stores and show the saleswoman the attached coupon or say the code "Blog 30".


About the Chain of Women Underwear "AT":


The chain of women underwear "AT" was founded in 1978 by Dafna Cooper, who envisioned the idea "Women for Women". She believes that every woman can look sexier and yet feel very comfortable. From then and up to now she cares to develop this field and invest many resources in qualified personnel to provide each woman with the best response to her needs.
For over 34 years of experience and expertise, we provide the place is where a woman feels at home, when trying underwear and getting an advise. Each woman receives personal matching and leaves each of our stores more feminine, maximal comfort and with the most suitable underwear for her body.


Our slogan: First of all "YOU"


Chain stores: The chain includes 14 stores spread out in the country from Ashkelon in the south up to Kyriat Bialik in the north. We plan to open two additional stores in 2015.
We also have an Internet store, at website AT4U.CO.IL , where you can shop online everywhere in the country. All our stores are operated professionally with soul and love.


Intended customers: Our chain specializes in women underwear, and we stress good service and professionalism. "AT" addresses its intended customers in all range of ages, and offers a huge variety of products for all population layers, at different socio-economic levels. Each store of the "AT" chain presents the largest variety of underwear and bathing suits available in the market. These products are offered in many models, all sizes and a large variety of colors. We also supply products for women with especially large breasts and for women following breast operations and prosthesis. In this way, the "AT" chain provides solutions for all its customers' needs.


Service and professionalism: In each store of the "AT" chain work many professional sales women with 25 to 30 year experience in the women underwear business. The workers undergo special training in clothing, sales and customer service. The "AT" chain employs dressmakers whose role is to suit the underwear to the customer's body and special needs. During the sale, we are strict in solving the of each woman's problems having to do with her chest, including health problems, such as mastectomy (breast removal), prosthesis, and operations for breast enlargement and reduction. We deal with the solutions to these problems with utmost care, good service and warm attitude.


Exhibits and brands: Brassieres, lower underwear, body shapers, undershirts, dressing and sleeping gowns, bathing suits, prosthesis, and other products of the world leading brands.

Chain specialties: prosthesis, brassieres and bathing suits designed for women after breast removal.


"AT" Chain provides the best prosthesis in the world and the largest variety of brassieres for prosthesis of the brands ANITA and AMOENA. These brassieres can be smooth, padded, with or without lace. The brassieres and bathing suits are offered in all sizes.


Each woman is special and different from others, and every operation leads to different result. Thus, the prosthesis and brassieres are personally suited to each customer by professional personnel with special training.


Site :  AT4U.CO.IL 

   1800- 200-234


Photo  Silvia Golan



Delta israeli clothing company widens its operation and launches its 2014-15 winter collection, and shows a glimpse to its innovation for the years 2015-16.


Delta's cooperation with the Israeli company Cupron widens, for launching a series of special underwear (מאצ'תונים) for soldiers, which incorporates new technology in the production of underwear for men. Cupron also enters the production of clothes for women during and after pregnancy branded "Nearly Nude Maternity".


Zvika Shwimmer, Delta-Israel's CEO, said that "launching innovative technology is the company's cutting edge. We intend to continue and bring to our customers the technological innovations in the field of underwear clothing for women and men. This season, for the first time, we will let our customers a glimpse to part of the innovations expected in the coming year."


Shwimmer pointed out that Delta will enter in the category of clothes for women during and after pregnancy branded "Nearly Nude Maternity".


He also added that: "among the remarkable innovations, within the cooperation with Cupron, Delta will launch special underwear (מאצ'תונים) that include copper fibers, which provide the underwear with anti-bacterial qualities, renew the skin cells, and evaporate sweat, during the whole product life".


He announces that: "Delta opens a new store, following the revolution that we led last year. This store will provide a special buying experience and a division in worlds of contents (intimate world, house world and active world). This is one of the stores that underwent an innovative transformation. Until 2016, all Delta's stores will undergo this transformation."




About Delta

Delta Marketing

Delta Israel is a subsidiary of Delta Galil Industries Ltd., a private label world wide manufacturer of Intimate Apparel, Men's wear and Socks. Delta Galil is a provider to major leading retailers such as Walmart, Marks & Spencer, Hema, JC Penny, Target, GAP, C&A and more... Delta also provides to leading brands such as Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Hugo Boss and more... Delta also holds her own brand DELTA - the local brand in Israel.


Delta Galil was established in 1975 in the north of Israel and today is spread over four continents with manufacturing centers in the Middle East, the Far East and East Europe, marketing offices in NY, NJ, London and Israel, with a total workforce of over 10,000 associates, and a million products produced daily and shipped to the finest stores world wide. Our customers receive the finest products as Delta is known for it's great innovation, design, high technology and fabric development.


Delta's main share holder, Chairman and CEO is Mr. Isaac Dabah, owner of GMM Capital LLC. Mr. Dabah has enterd Delta in 2005 after purchasing Sara Lee's shares. In 2007 he completed his control by purchasing most of the shares held by Dov Lautman, founder of the company and Chairman until July 2007. Mr. Dabah holds a long years experience in the Textile industry; among his former roles are CEO of Gloria Vanderblit and CEO Jones Apparel Group.



At Delta Galil our experts leverage the company's vast knowledge base and core manufacturing competencies, to deliver comprehensive solutions that address the dynamic changes in the industry.



We anticipate new fashion trends and develop cutting edge technologies and fabrics, all in-house and all built on a 37 year tradition of uncompromised excellence in manufacturing, marketing and service.



Ever aware of the pulse of the marketplace, Delta Galil is depended on by leading apparel designers and retailers worldwide to help them introduce new products and innovative manufacturing solutions that answer consumer demands and help grow their market share. With an eclectic offering of made-to-order products, Delta Galil's range includes: intimate apparel for men & women, active wear, socks and kids & baby wear. We are proud to have contributed to the success of: Wal-Mart, Marks & Spencer, and Target as well as leading fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike, Hugo Boss and Victoria's Secret. In addition Delta Galil sells its products under brand names licensed to the company, these include: Wilson, Maidenform, Tommy Hilfiger and others.



From our original base in Israel, in over 3 decades we have established strategically located design, development and manufacturing centers spread across four continents. We employ 9000 people worldwide and serve over 50 industry-leading customers in the US, UK, and Europe. At Delta Galil we are proud of our global spread and multi-cultural nature. We employ individuals from all over the world and believe in mutual respect and co-existence, amongst ourselves and within the communities and environments in which we work.



Established in 1975

Manufacturing and marketing is spread of 20 countries

Multi cultural workforce of 9000 employees worldwide

Human and professional diversity

Over $32M are invested in R&D per year

500 M products are sold yearly by the Company

4 years of consistent growth

Sustainability driven, GRI approved


Photo Yariv Fain & Guy Koshi



The Courcelles Patisserie French chain, which offers French desserts and pastry, has grown and opened its 6th branch in #1 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv. The 1st branch opened in Dizengoff Avenue, Tel Aviv, in 2010. Following the success of this branch, additional branches opened in Ben-Yehuda and Ibn Gvirol Avenues in Tel Aviv, and in Raanana and Givatayim. The new branch in Rothschild Boulevard offers, besides pastry, other specialties of the French cuisine.


The new bistro menu is rich and offers a large variety of special French food. Among the special first dishes, we can find Feuillete, salty pastry based on flaky dough that combines spinach, Emmental cheese or Peta cheese and tomatoes. Additional dish straight from the French cuisine is salmon hamburger, with special salad in Bernaise sauce. For dessert, we can choose any of the great variety of Courcelles Patisserie's cakes and pastries


The tastes, smell and atmosphere in the new branch make the customers feel as like they arrived to Paris. The patisserie offers a culinary experience different and special, unlike any other place in Israel.


The festive opening of the branch in #1 Rothschild Boulevard was honored by the presence of the French Ambassador to Israel, and guests from the culinary and bakery fields. As in the best tradition, delicacies of the French cuisine with special cocktails were served.


Michael Kabrit, General Manager of Courcelles Patisserie, thanked the guests for their presence in the opening event and said: "I arrived to Israel with my family 10 years ago due to my feeling of Zionism and love for the country. We asked ourselves what we could do in the county, where there is everything - "country filled with milk and honey"!


He pointed out that Courcelles Patisserie's vision is to learn the strict rules of French art of bakery. This in order to spread the quality of the French bistro dishes throughout Israel. "Our goal for the two coming years is to open more branches of our chain in the country, and our main project is to open a school of bakery in cooperation with an important French bakery firm.


1 Blvd Rotschild , Tel Aviv  


Tel  03-  5221346


Photos  Silvia Golan









The Waldorf Astoria Hotel offers now the possibility to experience a sensational breakfast experience accessible to the general public.


The menu combines specialties from the Palace Restaurant together with a reach buffet that includes different types of fish, bread, salads, yoghurts, cheese, seasonal fruits, natural juices and desserts.


The Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria Hotel offers its breakfast to the general public. The menu combines specialties from the Palace Restaurant together with a reach variety of the best dishes in the frame of an aristocratic atmosphere.


The menu includes, amongst others, omelets with salmon, champignons, goat cheese, mozzarella and pecorino, benedict eggs with hollandaise sauce accompanied by smoked salmon and spinach, fresh pastries, Belgian waffles and even oat cereals with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and seasonal fruits for the lovers of healthy food.


Besides the above, the Palace Restaurant offers the most extensive breakfast buffet ever seen in Israel. This buffet includes various types of fresh and smoked fish (smoked and coiled herring, smoked salmon, tuna fish, halibut, mackerel and home maid garb lacks) as well as a series of fresh salads, warm dishes, different seasonal vegetables, soft and hard cheeses (Manchego, Camembert, Brie, Saint Moor, Grana Padano, Gouda, red wine goat cheeses), a variety of yoghurts and seasonal fruits.


Guy Kleiman, the manager director, stressed that "Those who are looking to enjoy an extraordinary breakfast adventure, either a romantic encounter or a business meeting, will have the pleasure to meet a unique experience never seen in Israel before. The aristocratic international atmosphere, the unique gastronomic variety as well as the outstanding service assure the guests an unforgettable experience".


In addition, a healthy corner provides sugar free tarts, gluten free bread, a big variety of exotic dried fruits, vegetables, etc. The cost per person is 144 New Shekels.


Breakfast times:

Sunday to Friday: 06.30 to 10.30 hs.

Reservations: Tel. 02-5423353 – Address: Irgun St. 26, Jerusalem

It is advisable to reserve places in advance.

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel that was built on the foundations of the re-known Palace Hotel in Jerusalem, is considered the most expensive hotelier project in Israel. Its cost required an investment of about 150 million dollars. The hotel, the first and only international prestigious hotel in Jerusalem, counts with 226 rooms, 29 of which are suites, an elegant dancehall, high elaborated meeting rooms, gourmet restaurants and a highly qualified service that was not yet seen in Israel.


In order to make a reservation to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem or to learn about the Waldorf Astoria chain of hotels all over the world you are invited to visit the site .


For additional information about the chain please look into the following web address














American Comfort presents: Designed comfort for home

American Comfort launches a line of fabrics of top designers for home TV arm chairs

Hermes, Missoni, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Sonia Rykiel, and more.

American Comfort arm chairs are manufactured using advance technology and offer quality of life, comfort and pampering.

Roni Schwartz, Aminach Group's CEO, said: the variety of the designer fabrics provide design upgrade to the comfortable and pampering arm chairs of American Comfort. If in the past, selection was made between design and comfort, today, design and comfort can be combined with no compromise. The line of fabrics arrives from the leading designers in their fields, and fit the different design styles".

American Comfort launches a line of fabrics of top designers, for the design of a line of home TV arm chairs of the Hampton model. This model is designed in a circular classic line that does not get out of fashion, and has accessories that provide an advanced multi-position mechanism. Besides comfort, the designed arm chairs add an interesting and special look to every space and style. The arm chair price starts at 6,900 NIS (depending on the designer).

Eran Guri, American Comfort home designer, said: "The modern Israeli home is changing in accordance with an updated lifestyle influenced by the world new trends. The consciousness to design and aesthetics is at its top, synergy and fitness are the name of the game, and one of the dominant changes is the partial erasure of the limits between fashion and product design. In this process we actually define anew the concept of home dressing, fit the newest word in haute couture to the product, and sew suits of fabrics designed by top designers to the TV arm chairs that the Israeli clients like so much".


Photo   Silvia G Golan 




Castro placed an additional flag on the Israeli Fashion map, when it exposed its Autumn-Winter Collection 2014-15 in an amazingly beautiful display.

Castro's experienced model, Gal Gadot, was not present on the exhibition lane due to previous commitments in Hollywood. The exhibit opened with the model Liraz Dror, and the men collection was led by Omer Dror. It was an aesthetic feast reflecting on all senses.

Castro is Israel's response to world fashion. In its designs, it displays love and respect for its customers by fashion, quality and design; while stressing out Israel's special way of life. When Castro build a new collection and design new models, they don't compromise for Israel's lifestyle, favorite outfits for work and recreation, favorite colors, comfortable and updated dressing patterns.

The solution for Castro's customers, is expressed in three main lines:

· Red line - casual and young-age fashion for high school and university students.

· Black line - sophisticated and elegant line for people in the career world.

 · Blue line - Jeans line in different patterns that upgrade the body look.



 Moreover, if this is not enough, there are complementary collections, from shoes to bags, passing through inner clothing, eye-glasses, jewelry, and even bicycles and accessories; this, along with Castro's children line. The variety and richness of the collections, enables Castro to accompany its customers during the day and in the evening, during vacation and at work, from student to carrier outfits, in the small moments and grand events.

The inspiration for the exhibit lane collection selected this season, by Castro's fashion designers, is a combination of eastern and western cultures, while integrating their own point of view. The astonishing textiles used in the collection design derived from near and far places (such as Turkey, India and China), but the design is carried out in Castro's studio in Israel.

In the women collection, the designers chose to create a winning combination: ethnic, oriental and bohemian look, with a modern and sportive touch. The patterns are based on traditional and basic lines, such as rectangles and squares, kimonos, binding technique, envelopes, and square sleeves combined with flowered prints, oriental elements combined with embroidery in cloth. The collection coloring includes caramel, olive and mustard, combined with patterns, with a look that varies from oriental to kaleidoscope and stained glass.

In the men collection, the shapes, textures and materials, are based on the Levant world of concepts. Coloring varies from marine blue and petrol to shades of Boudreaux, olive green and mustard, combined with textures, and black with stone, with touches of white. For the silhouettes, classical and oriental shapes were used, such as "basic work kimono"; these become updated items using a variety of lengths and shades, which creates a western interpretation to oriental clothing and vice versa.



Castro designers learn their lessons and reach conclusions. Following the success achieved by their exhibit lane collection in the summer, they enlarged their unique collection, which is manufactured in limited editions.

How about acquisition possibilities?

Immediately after the fashion show, most of the exhibit lane collection is provided for online acquisition in Castro's website, and it is also displayed for sale in Castro's main store in Tel Aviv and its store in Ramat Aviv. The exhibition lane collection is sold online in the website using a new, friendly and easy-to-use technology, which enables quick viewing and acquisition of each item, while viewing the exhibit video.

Congratulations to Castro, pride of Israel, for the continued renewal, and for leading the world fashion adapted to its customer needs, in all kinds of fashion and lifestyle, while keeping fair prices.



 Photos : Silvia G.Golan




A Czech, a Kenyan, a Costa Rican and a Canadian meet at an Israeli wedding. Who has the most fun? That's easy – the Australian of course!


Diplomats reading this know that would never reveal the answer and thus risk favoring (or insulting) someone. For the non-diplomats, let me reveal that .... uhhh you need to have more information.


The truth of the matter is that it's not a joke, and that it all depends on where the wedding was held. The standard answer to the question concerning real estate – and in this case, event venues – is location, location, location.


This August alone, no less than 14 weddings for couples with French roots were held at one of Israel's premier wedding and event locations, "The Villa at Gan Oranim". Without going into the whys and wherefores of French culinary arts and chic, 14 events for French people in one month at one location has to tell us something about the place. 14 events where the hosts discovered the location only by word of mouth.


It's the background. Gourmet meals and haute cuisine are the hallmarks of French culinary artistry and hospitality, and herein lies the secret: Firstly, Chef Colin Gillon, Israeli born but French trained, orchestrates every event at The Villa. Chef Colin trained at the renowned Paris culinary institution "Le Cordon Bleu", where he was subsequently awarded "Le Grande Diplome" (the highest ranking for graduates). He later gained experienced at the 3-Michelin-star "Taillevent" restaurant, the 2-star Apicius (no small achievement) and worked at Fouchon and the very prestigious George V Hotel, also in Paris.


It was at Taillevent that he first met, rather casually, the present owner of "The Villa", Norbert Attali, who was then still a resident of Paris. In their wildest dreams, neither Chef Colin nor psychiatrist Dr. Attali foresaw them cooperating in Tel Aviv at an events location. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.


When he retired some 6 years ago, Dr. Attali (he prefers to be called Norbert) and his family immigrated to Israel. Norbert, who was born and raised in Algeria but lived in France from age 11, became the silent partner of the then owners of Gan Oranim, a successful wedding venue in North Tel Aviv. Through a quirk of fate (ask Norbert one day, he'll tell you the details) he suddenly found himself to be the sole owner and active manager! The psychiatrist began a catering business; is it any wonder that he soon engaged the likes of Chef Colin and a team of experts to help him?


Norbert's classical, exclusive European finesse, with just an elegant touch of Algiers – a touch that highlights the venue's prestige – is everywhere at the Villa,. Norbert is one of those rare personalities who put you at ease at once. (Did we mention psychiatrist?) His has published several books (alas, in French only) in which he examines such issues as "Judaism and Sexuality" "Psychiatry and the Cinema" and – how not? – issues of food and satisfaction. A self-made man, he and his wife are at the forefront of aiding those less fortunate than themselves or in need of support – at this very time his social welfare efforts are magnificently directed at soldiers fighting on the front lines in Israel's struggle against terrorists.

We were delighted at the exalted standards of every aspect of the "Villa". It seemed casually extravagant, but befitting the Villa's slogan "The Best or Nothing".


Isn't that what Diplomacy is all about?






 Photos  Silvia G Golan



A Passage to India     A look at Indian Culinary at its best through Tandoori Restaurant

The chain of Tandoori Restaurants in Herzliya and Tel Aviv serves authentic Indian food prepared by the loving hands with the charming laugh of Chef Reena Pushkarna.

The traditional dishes, the kind service and the unique design of the restaurants, make the visit a feast of taste, color, and exotic aesthetics.


Chef Reena Pushkarna serves authentic Indian food, which doesn't change with fashions, and doesn't try to flatter the guests. She is strict with the selection of the quality of the raw materials, the traditional cooking techniques and the precision of the rich food taste.

The rich menu includes dishes from different regions in the country, and it seems that even ten visits to the restaurant won't be enough to taste the great variety of delicacies prepared by the skilled hands of the chef.

Tandoori is the perfect place for an indulging lunch, wrk meeting, rich dinner and family meals, in a different atmosphere. The kind and attentive staff will turn the visit to an even more pleasant occasion. The fans of Indian food will be able to fulfill all their culinary and vegetarian dreams. Vegans and health-food fans will find here a gastronomic paradise of rich tastes.

Tandoori offers as well delivery services, preparation of private events on site, and catering services, which will bring the eastern fragrance an tastes to all private and business events.

For more information, see our website:


Photos provided by Reena Pushkarna  /  Tandoori 









How does it work? How many times in life can you afford to enjoy the most prestigious and desired fashion brands in the world?

Much more than you think!!

What makes more sense to you: Spending a monthly salary on a known designer's dress or handbag, to go out with once or twice, and then push them deep inside the closet so that, in no way or circumstance, you will be seen recycling the same appearance once again?

Or just renting the same items, either for a one-time event, or for a period of your choice, and at a reasonable and affordable price? I bet you would choose the renting solution, right? We think so too.

FNBrally allow you to rent breathtaking exclusive high fashion products and the best accessories of the leading top designers in the world at very convenient prices, for a memorable evening, or for a short period of your choice.
To complete the total look, you can also purchase on our website at exclusive prices, luxurious lingerie and unique items which are not for rent.

So how does it work?

The FNBrally website offers different fashion items, for rent and for sale in several ways. Below we shall detail these ways. If you have any questions about the procedures involved in the rental or purchase processes, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Products Rental Process:
If you wish to rent the items displayed on the website, you can place your order through the website, or alternatively you can access our showroom, following the details on the "Contact Us" page, and place your order with us.

Order through the website:
1. The list of items available for rent is divided into different categories. Clicking on the "Rent" link will display the categories under which you can browse the various products.

2. After selecting and clicking on the item you wish to view, you will be transferred to the item's page. This page shows additional information about the product, its availability and price for the desired renting period.

You can rent an item for different time periods. The mode of supplying the item to the customer can also be chosen. Rental categories and modes of supply are as follows:

· 2 days-1 night: Personally collecting and returning: Renting under this category is conditional to personally collecting the item from the showroom from 12:00 on the first day of the rental period, and personally returning the item to our showroom until 14:00 on the last day of the rental period.
· 4 days-3 nights: Personally collecting and returning: Renting under this category is conditional to personally collecting the item from the showroom from 12:00 on the first day of the rental period, and personally returning the item to our showroom until 14:00 on the last day of the rental period.
· 7 days-6 nights: Personally collecting and returning: Renting under this category is conditional to personally collecting the item from the showroom from 12:00 on the first day of the rental period, and personally returning the item to our showroom until 14:00 on the last day of the rental period.
· 7 days-6 nights: Delivering and returning by courier: Supplying the item under this category will be carried out by courier to the address specified by the customer on the order form. The supply by the courier will be made on the first day of the rental period, until 16:00, with precise timing coordinated by phone. Gathering the item back by the courier will take place on the last day of the rental period, until 18:00, with precise timing coordinated by phone.
Under this category, the one week order can be done only on Tuesdays.
The deliveries and collections times and schedules, to settlements beyond the Green Line / Judea and Samaria, the Arab communities, and some Golan Heights and Arab towns, may be different than usual. In these cases, the site representative will contact the customer to coordinate dates for delivery and collection.
· 14 days- 13 nights: Personally collecting and returning: Renting under this category is conditional to personally collecting the item from the showroom from 12:00 on the first day of the rental period, and personally returning the item to our showroom until 14:00 on the last day of the rental period.
· 14 days- 13 nights: Delivering and returning by courier: Supplying the item under this category will be carried out by courier to the address specified by the customer on the order form. The supply by the courier will be made on the first day of the rental period, until 16:00, with precise timing coordinated by phone. Gathering the item back by the courier will take place on the last day of the rental period, until 18:00, with precise timing coordinated by phone.
Under this category, the two weeks order can be done only on Tuesdays.
The deliveries and collections times and schedules, to settlements beyond the Green Line / Judea and Samaria, the Arab communities, and some Golan Heights and Arab towns, may be different than usual. In these cases, the site representative will contact the customer to coordinate dates for delivery and collection.
Renting will be not possible for a period exceeding 14 days. In case a customer wants to extend this period, she/he would have to fill out a new order, as long as the additional renting period would not be less then 7 days and would not exceed 14 days.

3. Booking can be made, not later than 48 hours before the required delivery date.
4. Payment on the website can be made via credit card only in accordance with the guidelines on the paying page.

5. An electronic payment confirmation will reach the customer with the payment, and in any case, not later than one business day.

6. Each item offered for rent needs to be in a separate order form, so that in case of ordering more than one item, it is necessary to have equal number of orders and items.

Order in the showroom:
1. You can also place an order in the website's showroom located at the address stated in the "Contact Us" link.

2. Payment in the showroom can be made either by credit card or in cash.

Return of rented products:
At the end of the rental period the client needs to return the rented item to the site at the time and place specified in the product's order form, whereas the item is undamaged, clean and sound and in the same condition it was delivered from the site, excluding reasonable wear and tear resulting from normal and reasonable use.

Client responsibility:
Client agrees to be present at the time and place specified in the order form, both while receiving the product from the courier on behalf of the site, and while returning it to the courier. Customer shall bear the cost of an additional courier in the amount of 100 IS in case of not being present at the time and place prescribed, all without derogating the site's entitlement to compensation for failure to return the item on time, as stated in the site's "Terms and Conditions".

Process of selling / purchasing products:
Alongside rental of products, the site invites its users to purchase 100% original products and various prestigious fashion items, which will be offered on the website for sale from time to time. Among the items offered for sale are brand new products, as well as gently used discounted products which were rented to others, but are in excellent condition.

All products, whether new or gently used, will be marked and noted prominently as such.

In case you are interested in purchasing the due for sale items, displayed on the website, you can place your order through the website, or alternatively, you can visit our showroom and make the purchase there.

Purchasing through the website:

1. The Items offered for sale are divided into different categories. Clicking on the "Sale" link will display the categories under which you can browse the various products.

2. After selecting and clicking on the item you wish to purchase, you will be transferred to the product's page. This page shows additional information about the product.

3. After reviewing the product, and by clicking "Add to shopping bag", the product will be saved for you for a limited time.

4. After selecting the product for purchase, you can return and explore other products and add them to the shopping bag as well.

5. After examining the products, and gathering them to the "shopping bag", by clicking the "shopping bag" link, the client will be able to go through the products selected in the shopping bag once again, and confirm or remove them from the list.

6. After confirming the products and by clicking the "Proceed to purchase" you will be transferred to an order form page that has to be filled in carefully.

7. Payment on the website can be made via credit card only, in accordance with the guidelines on the payment page.

8. An electronic payment confirmation will be sent to the client with the completion of the payment, and in any case, not later than one business day.

Purchasing at the showroom:
1. You can also place an order and collect it personally from website's showroom at the address stated in the "Contact Us" link.

2. Payment in the showroom can be made either by credit card or in cash.

Supplying the acquired products:
1. The delivery will be carried out either by courier on behalf of the site, or by post mail.

2. Delivery to all parts of the country will be made within 5 business days.

3. Deliveries to settlements beyond the Green Line / Judea and Samaria, the Arab communities, and some Golan Heights and Arab towns, may be different than usual. In these cases, the site representative will contact the client to coordinate dates of delivery.

Visit our show room!
Sunday - Thursday 10:00 - 18:00 / Friday and Holidays Eves 10:00 - 14:00
We invite our clients to visit us at our Showroom at 58 Yehoshua Ben Nun Street (Ground Level) in Hertzelia Pituah. In the Showroom our clients can get the feeling about all our products being offered for rent or purchase on the FNBrally website, to review the products, or just to have a social conversation about the most updated fashion trends and issues. The Showroom is opened from Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00. On Fridays and Holidays eves from 10:00 to 14:00. In case of interest, private meeting can be scheduled by phone.

Q. How can I be assured that all items on the website are authentic?
A. All items offered on the website, or in our show room, are 100% guaranteed authentic. The authenticity is evidenced by official certificates as it is being done in fashion industry all over the world. You can be assured you will demonstrate only 100% complete and unquestionable authenticity while using our products.
Q. Are all items on the website are brand new?
A. The items on the website, or in our show room, are new, or "pre loved" (after being offered for renting). All items are being fully inspected prior, and right after, every renting period, and if needed are being treated to look at their best. In case of sale, brand new item will be marked as new, while "pre loved" item will be marked as such and will be offered at a special discounted price.
Q. What are the benefits of making transactions on the website?
A. Designers Brand Names items are generally costly. Although we pay high price for such items, we find ourselves, more than once, in the dilemma, of whether to use the item over again, on an event on which we may meet people, who have already seen us with this item. Renting allows us to make an impressive statement by appearing every time with fashionable and luxury items, without worrying whether we were already seen with this item on a previous occasion. Furthermore, the items being offered for purchase on the website are offered at special and attractive prices, lower than prices in the stores.
Q. Can I rent or purchase items not through the website?
A. Yes. You can see, choose and if needed to measure the items in our showroom. Additional information in this regard can be found by visiting the "Contact Us".


Photo Goy Cohen




 "Desert Oasis", beautiful estate of Health and Spa, provides:

· 9 large and especially designed treatment rooms, and beautiful lobby.
· Large variety of health treatments, among the most advanced in Israel, provided by specialized masseurs.
· 2 special treatment rooms for couples, which include private Jacuzzi tubs that provide intimate, romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

· VIP Spa site - private Spa facilities and especially designed lawn, which includes sun-tanning terrace, comfortable sun tanning with outdoor Jacuzzi and Spa.

· "Spa in the Desert" is suitable for private events, fun days and social celebrations.
· Culinary experience, lead by the chef chain of Guy Peretz, Eli Uzan – a variety of traditional and new menus per order.


"Desert Oasis", the estate of Health and Spa, is located in the Ramat Negev region, 20-minute drive south of Beer-Sheva, and covers an area of 8000 square meters. It launches these days the "Spa in the Desert", a new and elegant Spa site. This new site has a unique design, which provides its visitors with a feeling of entrance to a calm, harmonic and charming world. This Spa site was built with an investment of 3 million NIS.


"Spa in the Desert" is a secluded site within the "Desert Oasis" estate, and the entrance to this site is allowed to the Spa visitors only. This site is roofed, and has a vast parlor at its center. It includes 9 especially designed treatment rooms that inspire a relaxing atmosphere, where light food and refreshment are served. Two of the treatment rooms are dedicated to couples, and include private 2 beds and Jacuzzi tubs that provide intimate and romantic atmosphere for a few hours.


The Spa treatments include: Medicinal massage, massage with hot stones, massage with hot sesame oil, Ayurveda massage, massage of body extremities, and body massage combined with feet massage.


The VIP Spa site is located outside the roofed "Spa in the Desert" site. It is open and limited to the VIP guests. It includes private Jacuzzi and sauna, sitting spots and sun-tanning terrace in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The Spa guests are provided with personal dressing rooms, which include two bathing rooms and personal lockers, so they can walk around comfortably within the site. Each VIP guest receives at the entrance an elegant robe and personal Spa shoes.


Among the first guests at the VIP Spa site inauguration, was President Shimon Peres, who invited the president house workers and their families, about 70 people, to a charming and relaxing evening that included a variety of indulgences, dinner and public singing in the "Desert Oasis" estate and the new Spa site.

Udi Zilberstein, "Desert Oasis" CEO, said: "This new Spa site is one of the most prestigious in Israel and we invested millions of NIS in its construction. The site was planned and designed to provide the Spa guests a special physical and spiritual experience, so that along with the professional treatments, they can enjoy the unique, inviting and relaxing design. The site provides suitable solutions for guests interested in privacy and enjoyment of personal Spa facility, and for others that prefer social celebrations in this estate."


I strongly recommend it !!!






Photos courtesy of  Spa in the Desert










Yair Malca: "Following the success of the vegan menu that we launched a year ago, we decided to enlarge it, and it will include, from now, 22 portions, including vegan desserts and home utensils".

With the launching of the new menu, the chain starts a wide campaign evaluated in 1 million NIS

The Greg chain, owned by Yair Malca, Gilad Almog and Nir Edri, is launching, in about 94 branches throughout the country, an rich and varied summer menu,   composed by leading chefs, such as Nadav Marom.

This menu includes 40% of new dishes, and is based on inspirations and tastes from the whole world. Among these cuisines: Italian, Asian, American, Balkan, Suisse, Mexican, and, of course, Israeli, which are served in a fully vegan menu, health dishes, vegan desserts, cocktails and even home utensils.

The chain also offers in its 94 branches take away dishes, in new and especially designed packages, with no need for waiting.

Photo Asaf Levi


During this event, a selection of aging wines in limited stock will be offered for sale in the winery store, in wine stores and in selected restaurants between March 15 and April 14

Passover, a holiday of a lot of food and wine, provides a great opportunity for wine lovers to open and enjoy festive wines, unique and unusual, which integrate perfectly in the holiday atmosphere.
Honoring this holiday, Ramat Hagolan Winery will open its basement and archive to wine in a feast of aging wines from grape harvest years 2000 till 2007, among these the unusual years 2003, 2004 and 2007. The wine variety offered will be especially great and impressive, including wines that express the whole region, and also wines from a particular winery, in 750 milliliters, magnum and double magnum. This event is a unique and unusual opportunity to become exposed and enjoy the best-kept treasured wines in the winery.
About the winery and aging wine:
The aging capability of a wine is a sign of its quality, and tells a lot about its history, concerning the grape growth and processing, and the professionalism of the vine grower and the wine maker.
The wines of Ramat Hagolan Winery, part of which will be offered for sale in this unique event, have great and unusual aging capability in the Israeli wine scene.
The winery invests the best means and resources, both human and technological, in an uncompromising ambition to produce most of the potential contained in the raw material – wine grapes, involving lot of consideration in each of the wine production stages, and close look at each of the small details related to the production process. Besides, the wine quality depends highly on the strictness of the group of vine growers relating the growth of quality vine strains suited to the vine growth region, and on the uncompromising attention of the wine producers along the whole manufacturing process.



Cofix launches its Cofix Bar that offers wines, beers and alcoholic beverages at only 5 NIS!

· Cofix Bar branches offer all the products sold in the Cofix branches combined with an additional bar, which offers alcoholic beverages starting at afternoon hours.

· The first branch opened on Monday, March 3, in 21 Lilienblum St. (corner with Herzl St.), Tel Aviv.

Cofix network, which generated a revolution in the coffee prices in Israel and leads an economic agenda of quality products at 5 NIS, launches a new and surprising initiative - Cofix Bar, which offers alcoholic beverages at only 5 NIS. These beverages include a variety of quality alcoholic drinks: Wine, vodka, whisky, beer and more, which are served in glass cups.

The Cofix Bar branches are larger than the Cofix branches, and include tables and chairs for seating in place.

The design of these branches is based on the design concept of the network: a train wagon where the food and drink products are offered, and at the side, separated, a designed bar, where the alcoholic beverages are served.

The alcoholic beverages are sold according to the law, starting at 18-year old visitors only. The beverages are served in glass cups.

The alcoholic brands offered include the best products from the best manufacturers in Israel and the world.

Avi Katz, the network initiator, says: "Cofix Bar will generate a revolution in the alcoholic beverage market, similar to the coffee revolution of Cofix. This revolution will lead to the decrease of alcoholic beverage prices for the end consumer, and will be another layer in the price revolution that we are leading. This is an additional proof that it is possible to offer the consumer quality products at fair prices."

About Cofix:

Cofix network opened its first branch on September 30 in Ibn Gvirol St., in Tel Aviv. It counts now eight branches, four in Tel Aviv, and the rest in Netanya, Rishon Lezion and Holon.
So far, more that a million items have been sold.
The economic vision that serves as basis for the founding of this network, which is the sale of coffee and food that is fast, low priced and easily accessible in strategic locations in each city, is proving itself. The network, which already acquired the customers trust, continues gaining public support and sympathy.
Cofix offers food and drinks in Take-Away system with a new and unique system.
The network branches offer a variety of food and drink products, such as quality coffee, fresh sandwiches, toasts, fresh pastry (sweet and salty), soups, cakes and cookies, soft drinks, fresh juices, and more .... and all this at a single and fixed price of only 5 NIS.

Photo Itzik Biran






Tambour, the leading paint company in Israel, opens the paint season 2014 with complete solutions in the world of construction and development of the category by education in the market of products with upgraded benefits

Michael Dayan, Tambour Company's CEO, said: "Tambour Company has grown in 63% in the last 5 years, and continues developing and bringing to the customers the next product that will provide them with the perfect and complete solution in the world of construction. The entrance to the worlds of content, which complements the world of paint, is part of our business and marketing strategy from the entrance of Tambour in the field of construction products and plaster plates, up to the addition of products with added values."

Tambour opens the paint season 2014 with a consumer strategy of market increase, which focuses in the education in the market of products with upgraded benefits in the solutions for houses, with sales increase of 8% in 2013 in the local market, and aspiration to cross promptly the milliard NIS threshold and provide product innovation next Passover.

Paint market in the coming Passover:

Passover is a significant marking point in the upgrade and painting of the house. In the survey of painting plans conducted by Tambour, it turns out that 52% of the population intends to paint or repair their houses for Passover. In Jerusalem, Haifa and the north of Israel over 75% of the population intends to paint their houses for Passover.

Product innovation - functional benefits:

The paint market in the world in general and in USA in particular, is a developed one, in which there is a demand for products with functional benefits, besides the basic need for long-lasting durable paint. Now, Tambour is investing in the education of the Israeli market about upgraded products:

· Supercryl Clean - quality paint from the Supercryl series, easily washable; enables cleaning stains from walls frequently, easily and quickly.

· Supercryl Super Mat - Tambour has invested significant development resources to achieve quality upgrade in its products, and launches the next generation of Supercryl series products – the paint with the best surface covering in the market (enables painting of larger surface using the same amount of paint – 13 m2 per liter! 20% more than the other products), and with the best concealment capability.

· Cholit (חולית) - new effect among Tambour's effect series, which gently introduces nature into the house and provides a look of beach sand to indoor walls. It is provided in two finishes (mat and shining mat) and ten shades, for suiting the taste of the Israeli public, which prefers "50 shades of white". This effect enables a real upgrade with delicate look.

 Photo Shuka Cohen



IKEA has invested 380 million NIS in this and provides direct connection with the shopping center.

IKEA Kiryat Ata, which will be opened on March 11, will extend throughout 27 square meters, will offer 450 seats in its restaurant, 51 display rooms, many design areas and over 2,000 parking places.

New feature in the family recreation experience: a cup of coffee with free refill for only 8 NIS, and a "Children Kingdom" with an innovative design.

Shuki Koblenz, CEO of IKEA Israel, said: "We are very excited facing the opening of IKEA's third branch in the north of Israel in Kiryat Ata. As we have demonstrated in Netanya and Rishon Lezion, we believe that this new shopping center will become a source of attraction to the city residents, will lead the creation of opportunities for the development of commerce, new jobs and recreation, and even will improve the business quality in the region".


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 EXCLUSIVE lighting furniture (, the leading lighting equipment importers, and decorative and architectural lighting designers, provide you with important tips to improve the looks and atmosphere of your house in the New Year by changing and upgrading the lighting design. This is possible without getting into complicated and expensive changes and repairs of the house structure.




 Gail Slutski

 The change and upgrade of the lighting design is a great way to achieve house improvement with simpler and cheaper means for two reasons: first - lighting has a decisive influence on the space character and atmosphere; and second - enables the achievement of a dramatic change with a relatively moderate effort and cost.

We will focus our main effort to the "public" parts of the house, where we will host our guests, and where we require greater lighting versatility for the different situations in our day-to-day lives (e.g., lighting that is warm and intimate for 4 persons turns grim and dark when 10 persons are present). We will deal with three areas within this framework: dinning area, salon and guest service room. A new and proper lighting implement will provide these spaces with completely different looks and atmosphere.
We will not deal here with the "proper" lighting for each area nor the selection of the specific lighting implements, which change depending on this area. We will just point out that there must be a number of lighting planes to achieve depth and ambience: the general lighting, which provides most of the functional light in the space and background (not dealt with here), the focused lighting, which focuses the attention to certain to areas and points in space, and the ambience lighting, which is expressed by implements that are decorative in their nature and their role is mainly to support the present atmosphere and space.

1. Our first recommendation is the use of dimmers. Regardless of the lighting purposes, the dimmers allow us to control the light intensity and determine the lighting focus. The capability to manipulate the intensities between the different lighting planes is the most significant issue for the atmosphere in space and its depth.
2. The use of light spots in the space (sunk, attached or aligned) enables us to stress specific points in this space at will (e.g., paintings, sculptures or other special objects), and so to focus the viewer attention, create depth and even drama in the space. Light spots also enable us to create movement using light beams and stress different textures in space, such as covered walls or curtains.
3. Standing light equipment placed on the floor, table or shelves, create focusing points in the space, influence our perception of the space, and generally create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for our guests.
4. In special occasions, a chain of LED candles on the dinning tablecloth or behind an organza curtain make wonders for the evening ambience. If you want to abstain from using strings or wires by the table, you can find and buy a variety of lighting gadgets based on batteries. A combination of such gadgets on a table can make a great and lasting impression among your guests. We do not refer to designed implements, but to gadgets that cost a few NIS and even resemble toys. The original composition, imagination and design talent will carry you in the right direction.
5. Another option is to combine in the space LED gadgets with controlled RGB lighting, which enables you to choose the light color at any time to suit the situation, or select automatic change of colors.
6. In any case, it is important to remember: The purpose of lighting and lighting implements is to support the space and atmosphere that you want to create, and not to become the main issue. Whatever suits a coffee shop / restaurant / event and looks good not necessary will suit a space where you plan to spend a long time like you home space. The lighting versatility and the possibility to suit a large number of options will contribute more than a specific gadget.

We Wish You a New Year Full of Light !!!


Photos  Silvia Golan





Aerial map of Rosh Tzippor, which looks like a bird's head. Photo: Yoav Devir

On December 18th, a ceremony was held to celebrate the laying of the foundation stone for the new Rosh Tzippor bird-watching center to be established in the forest with the support of the Besen Family Foundation and Friends of JNF Australia. Among those present were KKL-JNF officials, the Mayor of Tel Aviv, the Australian Ambassador to Israel and relatives of the donors.

"Residents of central Israel deserve to have a green area that will be accessible to everyone. The bird-watching center will add another natural gem to Yarkon Park," said KKL-JNF World Chairman Efi Stenzler at the ceremony. In his speech he recalled the task that JNF Australia had taken upon themselves in the wake of the Maccabiah disaster: to work for the rehabilitation of the Yarkon River. "In those most difficult times the community displayed exceptional generosity of spirit," said the world chairman.

KKL-JNF began to plant the Rosh Tzippor (Hebrew for bird's head) Forest in the 1950s, and work still continues there today. The first trees to be planted were eucalypti, themselves natives of Australia. In recent years, however, local varieties such as Tabor oak, Judas trees and two species of mastic tree have been added to the mix.

Aerial map of Rosh Tzippor, which looks like a bird's head. Photo: Yoav Devir
The forest has dense undergrowth and it is home to a variety of songbirds and waterfowl. These, however, are not the source of its name, which derives instead from the shape of the forest: when viewed from the air it has the appearance of a bird's head with an eye in the appropriate spot.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, a former pilot and commander in the Israeli Air Force, is probably long familiar with the landscape of the park as seen from above. In his present capacity as mayor, he is well aware of the park's special importance to the residents of his city. "This park is a miracle, a green oasis surrounded by fast highways and urban development," he told those present at the ceremony.

The mayor added that the site is one of the most frequently visited in the country. And, indeed, on a weekday morning the park is thronged with people: cyclists, joggers, groups of schoolchildren, courting couples and parents with baby buggies.

The park is crisscrossed by a number of walking routes, cycle paths and jogging trails. The easier footpaths are suitable for family outings and accessible to people with disabilities; children will enjoy the zip lines, rope bridges, roundabouts, seesaws and wooden climbing equipment in the adventure playground.

Other places to visit in Rosh Tzippor Forest include the historic Seven Mills (Sheva Tahanot) site, where water mills constructed along the banks of the Yarkon River in the 19th century remained in use until around a hundred years ago. On Napoleon Hill the remains of settlements dating back thousands of years can be seen.

Right: Eva & Marc Besen, Efi Stenzler, and H.E. Dave Sharma sign the document to be placed in the cornerstone. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive.
Left: Birds on the Yarkon River. Photo: Yoav Devir

Australian Ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma said that on his travels around the country he had been greatly impressed by everything Israel has managed to achieve in such a short time against all the odds. "Thanks to the active Zionist Jewish community of Australia and its collaboration with KKL-JNF, we have had the privilege of taking part in the building of the State," he added.

The main contribution towards the establishment of the bird-watching center was donated by the Besen Family Foundation of Melbourne, and over thirty members of the family took part in the ceremony. Foremost among them were Marc Besen, who celebrated his 90th birthday in the course of the visit, and his wife Eva.

"Our family has grown since our last visit to Israel, and the State, too, has grown and developed," said Mr. Besen. "We are very happy to be here playing a modest role in making the region green and contributing in a small way towards the growth of the State of Israel as a whole."

Australian donors Geoffrey and Velmae Morris of Perth were likewise present at the ceremony. "I learned from my father that Israel is our native land and our second home, and everything we can do for the State brings us great happiness," said Geoffrey Morris. "I regard the rehabilitation of the Yarkon River as a particularly important project, and, of course, developing nature tourism in Israel is vital, too."

The list of Australian donors who contributed to the establishment of the bird-watching center includes the Ferster and Schaffer families, the estate of Stephen and Rita Gerstl, Sussanne Pinkus and Esta Blashid; an additional donation was made by the Beer-Gabel family of France.

After the speeches were over, all those present made their way to the spot where the foundation stone would be laid. Before the hole was covered up with cement, the participants filled it with documents bearing their signatures in order to mark the establishment of this new site.

Architect Gidon Sarig presented the plans for the bird-watching center, Dr. David Pergament, Director of the Yarkon River Authority, told those present about the park and the rehabilitation of the waterway, and the day's activities concluded with a tour of Yarkon Park in a vehicle resembling a motorized train. Like the residents of Tel Aviv and its surrounds and visitors from all over the country, the Australian guests enjoyed the lake, the tropical garden, the rock garden, the park landscapes and the riverbank scenes.



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Photo Mayor of Hertzlia City Moshe Fadlon and Mr  Sandeep walia

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C. opened its first hotel in Israel, the Ritz-Carlton Herzliya Hotel on Sunday, December 15, 2013.

This new luxurious hotel that is the firth kosher Ritz-Carlton in the world , has 115 spacious guest rooms and 82 residential apartments, and it is located at Herzliya's Marina.

Distinguished guests were in the opening event included Ofra Strauss, owner of the Strauss Group and his family, Ami Federman, President of the Israel Hotel Association, Stas Misezhikov, former Israel's Minister of Tourism, Ran Rahav, communication and PR figure in Israel.


 Photo  Ofra Strauss & Gadi Hassin the Ritz-Carlton Herzliya Hotel Manager

Mr. Gadi Hassin, the Ritz-Carlton Herzliya Hotel Manager said: "We are excited to join the international Ritz- Carlton Hotel Company and proud to launch the first hotel of this network in Israel. The Ritz- Carlton Hotel Company brings to Israel new standards in the field of luxury hotels. Now everything is ready to make the stay of our guests an unforgettable experience, as suitable to the high standard presented by the network and reflected in our request to our guests: "Let us stay with you". Our service enables an extraordinary hospitality that meets the needs of each customer. This is our worldly identification mark, expected by the guests who return to us".


Photo  Adi Strauss


Mr. Hervé Humler, President & COO of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, said: "The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is pleased to open its first hotel in Israel, and provide to our guests from the entire world the opportunity to enjoy legendary service and prize-winning hospitality. The hotel location in Herzliya combines the unique possibility of business and pleasure. The sea coast along an established business area will provide our world-wide guests a luxurious and extraordinary experience".


 Photo Gil Geva

Accommodation and Services


The Ritz-Carlton Herzliya Hotel with very selected team offers the following accommodation and services:


· 115 spacious guest rooms


· 82 residential apartments


· Spa - joint venture with Shiseido spas


· Fitness centre


· Rooftop pool and bar


· Business and events facilities


· Herbert Samuel Herzliya restaurant - Yonatan Roshfeld offers modern Israeli cuisine in Kosher version. This makes the Ritz-Carlton Herzliya Hotel the only one with Kosher cuisine in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.


· Lobby lounge


Address and Communication Means


The Ritz-Carlton Herzliya Hotel
4 Hashunit St.
Herzliya 46555, Israel


+ 972 9 373 5555



Photos  by  Silvia G.Golan




Royal Caribbean International launches Quantum-Class Cruise Ships


Unseen cruise ship design that includes free-flight experience, crushing car games, wheel skating, virtual terraces, and more…

As part of over 40-year heritage of innovation and creative design, Royal Caribbean International is looking forward to launch the Quantum-Class cruise ships, starting with the delivery of its latest ground-breaking ship, Quantum of the Seas, in November 2014, which continues the company’s strategy of developing the next generation of cruise vacations.


These cruise ships will change the rules of the game in cruise ships experiences, including free flight of guests of over 100 meters, the largest onboard sports and entertainment area, with crushing car games, wheel skating, and more. The cruise ships will also include the largest and most advanced onboard cabins. These cabins will provide innovative design, storage and comfort, including the first onboard virtual terraces.


Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCCL) recently held its third quarter earning call communicating that 2013 Quarter Three results were better than expected, driven by stronger close-in demand and good cost control which more than offset the revenue and cost impacts from Celebrity Millennium's unscheduled drydock. Constant-Currency Net Yield for the third quarter increased 2.6%, which was 110-basis points better than the mid-point of previous guidance.  Stronger close-in demand in Europe and Asia, as well as robust onboard revenue drove the revenue improvement. The order book for 2014 remains ahead on both load factor and rate.


Mrs Helen Beck, Regional Director, International Representatives, Europe, Middle East, Africa in conversation about the Israeli market said: “ We are pleased to see an approximately 10% increase year on year for our 2013 sales over 2012 with bookings being split between Europe and the rest of the world including the Caribbean, Alaska and Asia.” She continued: “The forward bookings for 2014 are very positive being currently well ahead of same time last year giving a good indication that the Israeli market is recognising the value of booking earlier to secure the best rates and availability


Uri Schnabel, CEO of Sunorama Tourist Services Ltd, RCCL’s appointed representative for Israel commented: “This is particularly encouraging and important as we are already seeing rates for European cruises increasing steadily due to there being less capacity deployed for the 2014 European season. Equally encouraging is the increasing interest that we are seeing in the Caribbean ships and itineraries throughout the year.  The demand from the general public, particularly for Royal Caribbean’s Oasis and Allure of the Seas, remains high as these ships are well-suited to the multi-generational families that we see now travelling from Israel to the US”.

Photo Silvia Golan







GINDI TLV FASHION WEEK 2014 will take place in the TLV Fashion Mall between the days 9-12 in March 2014. The TLV Fashion Mall belongs to the companies that promote and own the FASHION WEEK: Gindi Investments, Moshe and Yigal Gindi, הריבוע הכחול נדל"ן and Fashion Producer Moti Raif.


GINDI TLV FASHION WEEK 2014 will be supported by public institutions, such as the Israel Institute Export, Manufacturers Association of Israel, Ministry of Tourism and Tel Aviv Municipality.


The FASHION WEEK will count with the participation of 22 leading Israeli fashion designers, who will present the fall and winter 2014-2015 collections and the summer 2014 collection to the major fashion community in Israel.


The FASHION WEEK will also count with the participation, for the first time, of international commercial buyers, who will be exposed to these collections, in order to promote the expansion of the Israeli fashion throughout the International Market.


Manor Gindi, Gindi Investments CEO, said: We are very excited today, and proud to continue this second year with the  FASHION WEEK, which provides the Israeli fashion the best and most respectable stage. TLV Fashion Mall is a home for the Israeli fashion industry, and as we invest with great love and faith, so we will bring the most advanced fashion stage, such as did not exist before in Tel Aviv nor Israel.


The building of the TLV Fashion Mall stage is one of our biggest projects, and we are proud to continue and create with imagination, innovation and achievement.


Fashion Producer Moti Raif said: With the announcement of FASHION WEEK: We are more proud this year as ever to continue, create, develop and excite, and to bring the best and most creative fashion of our country to the public of fashion lovers. This year I am particularly glad because the FASHION WEEK will host international buyers, who will give us the opportunity to break our way into the international market.


Moti Raif also added: the production of the FASHION WEEK involved enormous investment, one of the largest at international level. I have no doubts that that we will produce new events of this type and others, of which will inform you in the future. We will present the best of our achievements, and wish a great success to all the participating designers.


Photo Silvia Golan


Syneron Beauty Inc., the Israeli company that pioneers the development and marketing of medical aesthetic products for the home users, announced the launch of its Pearl Brilliant White Ionic Teeth WhiteningSystem in Israel. This important event took place in the Dan Tel-Aviv Hotel a few days ago, on Sunday 3/11/2013. Pearl has been successfully soldin the USA and Canada, and declared by the American "New Beauty" magazine as the best product for home treatment for teeth whitening.

Pearl was developed to solve the increasing aesthetical need of customers throughout the world to enjoy a white and radiant smile, and obtain an attractive look. Pearl includes an electronic bite that activates the whitening gel operation, including the removal of stains located in the teeth for years. Pearl also helps neutralize bacteria that may cause a bad smell in the mouth, and so provide a white, clean and fresh smile.

The treatment with Pearl is simple: 5 minutes, twice daily, morning and evening, for 5 days, incorporated in the daily teeth cleaning routine. Clinical and technological research proved that whitening up to 7 shades can be achieved in less than a week (50 minutes of accumulated treatment only!), in an effective and secure fashion, while maintaining the teeth enamel.

DDS Veda Faith Afsahi, leading dentist in California, USA, managed a comprehensive clinical research on the Pearl system and said that Pearl is a revolutionary solution for home treatment for teeth whitening. The ionic technology on which the system is based allows the achievement of whitening results comfortably and safely, without the worries that characterize professional treatments that involve the use of high concentrations of active material. She added that Pearl is comfortable and easy to use, and the results obtained are similar to those achieved with whitening professional treatments, without patient sensitivity in most cases. Pearl is most comfortable for those seeking teeth whitening results at home, by just a short and simple treatment of 5 minutes twice a day during 5 days.

Syneron Beauty entered the field of mouth aesthetical treatment a year ago, when it launched Pearl in USA. After this event, Pearl won prestigious prizes for offering the customers an advanced solution for teeth whitening at home. The "New Beauty" magazine described it as the best product in 2012 for home treatment for teeth whitening.

Omry Khayat, Operation Deputy Director, saidthat with the launch of Pearl, Syneron Beauty continues to provide access to innovative and advanced solutions from the professional medical world, this time in mouth care. We are the only ones that offer an advanced technology of ionization for teeth whitening approved by the FDA for home use, by means of a technological patent developed in Israel, which allows our customers to obtain professional results at home that are maintained for a long time with no damage to the teeth or gums.

Adi Eckhouse, International Marketing Operation Manager, said: We, at Syneron Beauty, are proud to present a revolutionary product in the field of medicalaesthetical instrumentation to the Israeli customer, following mē™,for permanent hair reduction, and zap™, for Acne treatment. We are launching now another unique and revolutionary technological instrument for teeth whitening, which follows the line of efficient and safe home instruments sold in Israel and the world.
The participation of
Super-Pharm in Israel allows us to provide customers, in the widest distribution, of efficient and safe products of the most advanced technologies.

Syneron Medical Ltd. was founded in Israel in 2000 by Dr.Shimon Eckhouse, inventor of IPL and elōs, and is presently considered the largest and leading company in the world, with the widest variety of products in the field of medical aesthetical professional instrumentation. The company products are sold in over 90 countries at about of 264 million dollars a year. The company holds many patents in its field, lead by elōs technology.
The company is considered as a pioneer in the design, development and distribution of energy-based products for home use in personal aesthetics, specializing in the supply of professional, innovative and efficient solutions based on proven technologies in the field of clinical/aesthetical treatment, carried out in professional clinics throughout the world. The main product of the company for home users is
, for permanent hair reduction.




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