EXCLUSIVE lighting furniture (http://exclusive.co.il/en), the leading lighting equipment importers, and decorative and architectural lighting designers, provide you with important tips to improve the looks and atmosphere of your house in the New Year by changing and upgrading the lighting design. This is possible without getting into complicated and expensive changes and repairs of the house structure.




 Gail Slutski

 The change and upgrade of the lighting design is a great way to achieve house improvement with simpler and cheaper means for two reasons: first - lighting has a decisive influence on the space character and atmosphere; and second - enables the achievement of a dramatic change with a relatively moderate effort and cost.

We will focus our main effort to the "public" parts of the house, where we will host our guests, and where we require greater lighting versatility for the different situations in our day-to-day lives (e.g., lighting that is warm and intimate for 4 persons turns grim and dark when 10 persons are present). We will deal with three areas within this framework: dinning area, salon and guest service room. A new and proper lighting implement will provide these spaces with completely different looks and atmosphere.
We will not deal here with the "proper" lighting for each area nor the selection of the specific lighting implements, which change depending on this area. We will just point out that there must be a number of lighting planes to achieve depth and ambience: the general lighting, which provides most of the functional light in the space and background (not dealt with here), the focused lighting, which focuses the attention to certain to areas and points in space, and the ambience lighting, which is expressed by implements that are decorative in their nature and their role is mainly to support the present atmosphere and space.

1. Our first recommendation is the use of dimmers. Regardless of the lighting purposes, the dimmers allow us to control the light intensity and determine the lighting focus. The capability to manipulate the intensities between the different lighting planes is the most significant issue for the atmosphere in space and its depth.
2. The use of light spots in the space (sunk, attached or aligned) enables us to stress specific points in this space at will (e.g., paintings, sculptures or other special objects), and so to focus the viewer attention, create depth and even drama in the space. Light spots also enable us to create movement using light beams and stress different textures in space, such as covered walls or curtains.
3. Standing light equipment placed on the floor, table or shelves, create focusing points in the space, influence our perception of the space, and generally create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for our guests.
4. In special occasions, a chain of LED candles on the dinning tablecloth or behind an organza curtain make wonders for the evening ambience. If you want to abstain from using strings or wires by the table, you can find and buy a variety of lighting gadgets based on batteries. A combination of such gadgets on a table can make a great and lasting impression among your guests. We do not refer to designed implements, but to gadgets that cost a few NIS and even resemble toys. The original composition, imagination and design talent will carry you in the right direction.
5. Another option is to combine in the space LED gadgets with controlled RGB lighting, which enables you to choose the light color at any time to suit the situation, or select automatic change of colors.
6. In any case, it is important to remember: The purpose of lighting and lighting implements is to support the space and atmosphere that you want to create, and not to become the main issue. Whatever suits a coffee shop / restaurant / event and looks good not necessary will suit a space where you plan to spend a long time like you home space. The lighting versatility and the possibility to suit a large number of options will contribute more than a specific gadget.

We Wish You a New Year Full of Light !!!


Photos  Silvia Golan