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IKEA has invested 380 million NIS in this and provides direct connection with the shopping center.

IKEA Kiryat Ata, which will be opened on March 11, will extend throughout 27 square meters, will offer 450 seats in its restaurant, 51 display rooms, many design areas and over 2,000 parking places.

New feature in the family recreation experience: a cup of coffee with free refill for only 8 NIS, and a "Children Kingdom" with an innovative design.

Shuki Koblenz, CEO of IKEA Israel, said: "We are very excited facing the opening of IKEA's third branch in the north of Israel in Kiryat Ata. As we have demonstrated in Netanya and Rishon Lezion, we believe that this new shopping center will become a source of attraction to the city residents, will lead the creation of opportunities for the development of commerce, new jobs and recreation, and even will improve the business quality in the region".


Photos Silvia Golan