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Cofix launches its Cofix Bar that offers wines, beers and alcoholic beverages at only 5 NIS!

· Cofix Bar branches offer all the products sold in the Cofix branches combined with an additional bar, which offers alcoholic beverages starting at afternoon hours.

· The first branch opened on Monday, March 3, in 21 Lilienblum St. (corner with Herzl St.), Tel Aviv.

Cofix network, which generated a revolution in the coffee prices in Israel and leads an economic agenda of quality products at 5 NIS, launches a new and surprising initiative - Cofix Bar, which offers alcoholic beverages at only 5 NIS. These beverages include a variety of quality alcoholic drinks: Wine, vodka, whisky, beer and more, which are served in glass cups.

The Cofix Bar branches are larger than the Cofix branches, and include tables and chairs for seating in place.

The design of these branches is based on the design concept of the network: a train wagon where the food and drink products are offered, and at the side, separated, a designed bar, where the alcoholic beverages are served.

The alcoholic beverages are sold according to the law, starting at 18-year old visitors only. The beverages are served in glass cups.

The alcoholic brands offered include the best products from the best manufacturers in Israel and the world.

Avi Katz, the network initiator, says: "Cofix Bar will generate a revolution in the alcoholic beverage market, similar to the coffee revolution of Cofix. This revolution will lead to the decrease of alcoholic beverage prices for the end consumer, and will be another layer in the price revolution that we are leading. This is an additional proof that it is possible to offer the consumer quality products at fair prices."

About Cofix:

Cofix network opened its first branch on September 30 in Ibn Gvirol St., in Tel Aviv. It counts now eight branches, four in Tel Aviv, and the rest in Netanya, Rishon Lezion and Holon.
So far, more that a million items have been sold.
The economic vision that serves as basis for the founding of this network, which is the sale of coffee and food that is fast, low priced and easily accessible in strategic locations in each city, is proving itself. The network, which already acquired the customers trust, continues gaining public support and sympathy.
Cofix offers food and drinks in Take-Away system with a new and unique system.
The network branches offer a variety of food and drink products, such as quality coffee, fresh sandwiches, toasts, fresh pastry (sweet and salty), soups, cakes and cookies, soft drinks, fresh juices, and more .... and all this at a single and fixed price of only 5 NIS.

Photo Itzik Biran