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Torii Ramat Aviv's Asian Restaurant  celebrates its 3rd birthday  with a selected menu from across Asia and selected wines from the whole world

Torii – Asian Restaurant & Bar, located in Neve Avivim, Ramat Aviv, is a place that lies in the borderline between Asian Restaurant and updated Wine Bar, and is inspired by both worlds; thus, it offers intimate recreation experience, where the stress is on the atmosphere as well as on the food quality. 

Torii ("Entrance Gate to Sacred Temples" in Japanese) has opened a gate to the modern Asian kitchen with all its tastes and scents for its customers for 3 years; this kitchen combines east and west, traditional and contemporary, high-quality wines and selected menus from wide areas in Asia. In celebration of its 3rd birthday, starting in July, Torii will treat its customers with a treasure of surprises, sales and new dishes, including live shows every Friday, starting at 3 pm, hosting of leading chefs, such as cooperation with Indian master chef Sarandha, converting Torii into a modern Indian Restaurant; this, with a sale of unlimited wine at 33 NIS, and more.

Torii was founded owing to a great demand for a high-quality food and recreation place that is accessible to sushi and wine fans from Northern Tel Aviv and Ramat Aviv while saving a trip to the congested Central Tel Aviv. Accessibility is also a key word in a variety of other aspects, including service, prices, menu, and good food.

The forces combined behind Torii are the "Nelson" Group, which operates, among others, the "Tailor Made" Bar & Restaurant in Tel Aviv, and the "Nelson 33" Restaurant Chain, with branches in Givatayim and the Neve Avivim commercial center. The "Nelson" Group combined with two additional partners from the "Okinawa" Restaurant to achieve this project. This partnership provides this place with sparks of night life combined with excellent Asian food.

The menu was prepared by the chef of the "Okinawa" Restaurant and includes a variety of dishes of the new Asian kitchen, such as a variety of sushi dishes, first dishes, soups, main dishes, salads, Asian noodles, and great desserts. The alcoholic drinks offered include a variety of Japanese beers, and about 20 types of wines, including Israeli boutique wines.

We recommend you to check Torii's worthy business dishes, served from Sunday thru Thursday at 12 to 4 pm, where you can enjoy first and main dishes at the price of main dish only, from the offered menu.

Not only the restaurant's name is related to the Asian culture; its design includes Asian details, such as plates of light wood positioned in different places, carbon lamps, Bonsai trees in external planters and world music played in the background.



Torii : 13 Oppenheimer St., Neve Avivim, Tel Aviiv – 03-6204777

Opening hours: all week from 12 pm to 00 am


  Photos Silvia Golan