The news desk editors must be going insane. The Japanese earthquake tragedy is the top story; bigtime news. Shutting out everything else. In some of the media, the questions raised about the future of nuclear power almost overshadow the human tragedy. Everyone has his/her priorities …

By Jonathan Danilowitz


Here in Israel, at Itamar, the slaughter of an innocent family, including a 3-month old infant, apparently by Palestinian terrorists (the army is still searching), was also largely overshadowed by news of the Japanese earthquake. Israeli news media reported it at large, but it hardly made a blip on international radars. Five people - the parents and three young kids - had their throats slashed as they slept.


Finally, the world’s liberals and human rights activists made soothing statements and declarations of how inhuman & barbaric the perpetrators were. However, some even managed to hint that the victims were actually at fault, for being Israelis, for being Jews, for living in Itamar.


I was sickened at the crocodile tears. The self-same people who incite hatred and terrorism against Israel, were wringing their hands at the “awful tragedy”.


Except that they should have been scrubbing their hands to remove the blood. Because the blood of the murdered civilians will forever taint the hands of the very people who bemoan the fate of the children now, but who were inciting against Israel just a moment before.  They are as guilty of the murders as the murderers themselves.


Today, more news: The “Viktoria”, stopped on the high seas by the Israeli Navy, is being unloaded of its ghastly weaponry, sent from Syria/Iran to the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. I’m waiting to see which, if any, of the leftist liberal organizations condemns the arming of terrorists out to murder civilians.


I’m not holding my breath.

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Photo provided by Jonathan Danilowitz