A new, cutting- edge technology that allows for complete medical information confidentiality was implemented at Rambam last week. The BIG DATA software enables physicians and researchers to conduct a wide range of searches quickly, all while maintaining patients' medical record confidentiality.


This innovative technology was developed by the Israeli company- MDCLONE and transforms real medical records into "synthetic" information. It scans through all the real medical records and "invents"/ "clones" patients. This means that all the information is identical to the information in the real database; however, each case contains no real information about the patient’s' identity. 


Today, with the use of this new technology, there is no concern regarding the information researched, as it is comprised of "synthetic patients". Dr. Irit Hochberg, an Endocrinologist at Rambam, is the first to use this cutting-edge technology, after conducting a research study that checked BIG DATA’s accuracy. Dr. Hochberg compared parameters found in real life research with data collected through the BIG DATA technology. The results she received were identical.


Prof. Rafi Beyar, Rambam's Director and CEO said, "This technology puts us at the forefront of science and research, so that every physician who receives approval will be able to conduct research, while maintaining complete patient confidentiality. This will allow for quicker and more available research, cut research costs, and most importantly ensure complete patient anonymity."


Photo provided by Rambam Health Care Campus






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