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An additional stage to reduce the high cost of living in the city:

A program for sharing vehicles in the city is underway.An additional stage to reduce the high cost of living in the city:


260 cars will start operating during the second half of 2017 in order to reduce the number of private vehicles in the road.

The budget of this sharing program is about 100 million NIS.



The program for sharing vehicles in the city is intended to make it easier for the city residents that hold private vehicles at a cost of thousands of NIS per year, and allow them to switch to economical and effective public transportation. During the last quarter of 2017, 260 mini cars will start operating, having 520 parking lots assigned to these cars, and, additionally, allowance sections of (painted with blue and white) also assigned for parking. The vehicles could be rented in one site and returned in another site within the city, while travelling could take place also outside the city borders.


As part of the preparations for the first stage of this test, Tel-Aviv Municipality workers will start painting about 80 assigned parking lots throughout the city. This first stage test-run will start at the beginning of March, in which 500 users with about 40 unmarked vehicles will be tested without pay. The first stage run will start in July, in which 1500 users with not more than 170 marked vehicles and 340 assigned parking lots. Then, a special sticker of "Oto- Tel" ("אוטותל") will be placed on the signs "preferred parking place" allowed to the city residents, but now allowed only to the vehicles involved in the test program.


The program cost, about 100 million NIS, is financed from the municipal budget. It includes the acquisition of the vehicles, their operation and maintenance. The service fees for the users will be determined near the launching date. The personnel involved in similar programs in the world report that every vehicle included in the program results in the reduction of 4-14 private vehicles in the road. Additionally, since the project has a significant advantage in the metropolitan distribution besides the urban distribution, personnel of other municipalities was addressed in order to take part of this program in the future. The program will be carried out by the CAR2GO Company from the Shagrir (שגריר) Group.


This program is another step of in a series of solutions advanced by the municipality in alternative shared transportation that provides a solution to the residents and visitors, for leaving their private vehicles and get mobilized in the city using public transportation only, such as the use of bicycles, and shared vehicles in the future. In this way, the overload in the roads and the air pollution will be reduced, as well as the cost of living.


Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv: "the shared vehicle program that we initiated is the first initiative of this type in the country, which demonstrates that we can do it differently. "Oto- Tel" ("אוטותל") is a project that should become national, and that the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Finance should be partners in it. The effectiveness of this program will be much more significant if it could be used throughout the country, or at least in the metropolitan Dan area. I hope that the local authorities around us will join this process, and we are conducting meetings with them on this subject."


Meital Lehavi, Deputy to the Mayor on Transportation, Construction and Infrastructures: "Tel Aviv – Jaffa is a pioneer in the development and implementation of the holistic policy that promotes a series options for alternative mobilization, and Tel Aviv residents are the natural and main partners in our voyage to adopt innovative transportation solutions. Such as "Tel Ofan" (bicycle transportation), "Oto- Tel" (vehicle transportation) is intended to provide cooperative economy in the city area and eliminate the dependence between private vehicles and the possibility of moving from place to place. Since there is no 24/7 public transportation, this service will be provided during 364 days per year (excepting Yom Kippur). We will work to widen this program in the metropolitan Dan area as we did with the "Tel Ofan", and, in the future, we will include in this program electrical vehicles".





Gil Leizer, CAR2GO CEO: "We are in the midst of a transportation revolution expected to reduce significantly the problems of parking, air pollution and the use of private vehicles in Tel Aviv – Jaffa".


Photos Silvia Golan