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His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan on Sunday met with Israeli President Shimon Peres on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea. The two leaders discussed ways to revive peace negotiations in the region and means to overcome obstacles facing the peace process.

 His Majesty and President Peres stressed that the two state solution is the only viable solution to end the conflict, achieve peace between the Palestinians and Israelis and enhance security and stability in the region.

King Abdullah also highlighted the importance of the Arab Peace Initiative to realize a just and comprehensive peace in the region.

 President Peres stressed that it is time to promote peace and help build a better future for coming generations and thanked His Majesty for his efforts to promote peace.

 The two leaders hailed the US administration's efforts, led by US Secretary of State John Kerry, to revive the peace process.


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Onethousand speakers, participants and honorable guests from across the world attended the 10th Go4Europe conference at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv last Wednesday evening. Go4Europe is one of Israel's premier and most prestigious conferences serving the needs of investors and companies seeking cross-border business cooperation with Europe.The conference was hosted by Cukierman & Company Investment House and Catalyst Investments, helping European and Israeli businesses promote their relationship by providing a full array of investment banking services.
In his welcome speech, Mr. Edouard Cukierman raised a few issues currently threatening the European economy, including the decrease of capital investments, heavy debts, slow growth and lack of competition. According to Cukierman, saving the Euro, maintaining European unity and creating inflation would save the European market.
Mr. Yair Shamir, managing partner of Catalyst Investments, felt that the solution to Europe's severe economic crisis is to invest in innovation. According to Shamir, this would be the most critical, secure and beneficial investment both in the short and long term.
Greetings by President Shimon Peres were broadcast on a huge screen. In his welcome speech, Peres expressed confidence that the conference will serve to cement and further deepen the ties between European countries and Israel.

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