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CyberTech 2019: Global Cyber Summit


Not just cyber security – The 2019 CyberTech Summit, which will be held at the end of the month, will bring together representatives from major international companies with Israeli and international executives.


Primary Speaker: PM Benjamin Netanyahu


Other speakers: Yigal Unna, Director General of Israeli National Cyber Directorate

; Gil Shwed, Check Point founder; Prime Minister of Lithuania; David J. Blumberg, Founder & Partner of Blumberg Capital; Wang Kang, from the Alibaba Group; Technology Executives from IBM; Microsoft; Deloitte and other major companies from around the world.


Topics which will be covered:

  • Cyber and the elections.
  • Cyber revolution in medicine, cyber and aviation (With dozens of airports and airlines participating)
  • Round table about preparation for the era of Internet of Things (IOT), led by Nati Cohen, director general, Ministry of Communications.

January 28th-30th | Expo Center Tel-Aviv


CyberTech 2019, the largest cyber technology summit in Israel and the largest Cyber summit outside of the U.S., will be held at the end of the month at the Tel-Aviv Expo Center, on January 28th-30th, 2019, with hundreds of participating companies from Israel and abroad, in buildings 1 and 2 at the Expo Center.


Thousands of visitors from around the world will arrive in Israel for the event, that constitutes a unique meeting point for decision-makers, government officials, industry executives, entrepreneurs, major Venture Capital funds, investors, and advanced research centers.


The event focuses on the broad aspects of the cyber revolution and how it affects our daily lives- Health, Career, Transportation, Economy, Judicial, and Consumers etc. Alongside the popular cyber-attack topic, Cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computers, will be exhibited at the convention.    


The unique topics that will be covered at the summit are: cyber in medicine, cyber and aviation (with dozens of airports and airlines participating), cyber and the elections and more. Nati Cohen, director general, Ministry of Communications, will lead a round table about preparation for the era of IOT. In addition, one hundred start-ups will take part in the convention next to many companies from Israel and abroad.


Amongst the speakers in the morning of 29.1.19, PM Benjamin Netanyahu and top international executives from the cyber, business, technology and government industries, including: Yigal Unna, Director General of Israeli National Cyber Directorate; Aharon Aharon, CEO of Israel Innovation Authority; Gil Shwed, Check Point Founder & CEO; Dr. Dorit Dor, Vice President of R&D at Check Point; Dr. Orna Berry, Vice President at Dell EMC; Wang Kang, Security Specialist from Alibaba Group; David J. Blumberg, Founder of Blumberg Capital; Udi Mokady, Chairman & CEO of CyberArk; Ehud Schneerson, Brig. General of 8200 intelligence unit; Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO at RSA; Mark Anthony Thomas, VP of Economic Development for NYC; Prof. Dieter Kempf, President of BDI; Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO for Microsoft; Dr. Sridhar Muppidi, Senior Vice President of Technology at IBM; Erel Margalit, JVP Founder; Nadav Zafrir, Brig. General (in reserves), Team 8 founder and former 8200 unit commander and more.


In addition to the main summit, other unique events and debates will be held, about how the cyber revolution has affected our reality, including:


Cyber Hygiene – is a relatively new term in the industry but will no doubt become key in the near future. Cyber Hygiene is composed from the applying of precaution steps by the user and verifying that their systems work correctly and safely, so that their information is well protected.


Cyber and Aviation – The importance of finding solutions for the many weaknesses found in the aviation industry and the key role which cyber plays when preparing a defensive strategy, the tools we have today and the innovative developments in airports which have become targets for cyber-attacks.


Cyber-Med – The cyber influence on the medical industry is expanding, the summit will discuss the challenges affecting the industry and the techniques needed, to handle cyber-attacks on medical centers.


Naval Arena in the Cyber Era – As part of the specific event, a discussion about the ways of coping with cyber-attacks aimed at the industrial infrastructure on which whole industries rely on.


Cyber in the Infrastructure – A discussion about the existing solutions for protection of critical infrastructures, focusing on Israel's Electric Company, featuring Iftach Ron Tal General (in reserves), The Electric Company Chairman.


Communication in the IOT Era – A round table, led by Nati Cohen Brig. Gen. (in reserves), Ministry of Communications CEO. The round table will focus on various subjects such as: media, mobile, local government, companies and organizations who focus on Smart Cities and more.


8200 Unit's Secrets - The famed IDF unit under the microscope, the secrets behind the successful unit, the success of the unit's alumni and their integration into key positions in the high-tech industry, cooperating with 8200-unit alumni association headed by Nir Lampert.


The Financial World in the Cyber Era – The effects of the cyber world on the treasury and technology. The event will hold a round table with experts and key figures from the industry and government, from around the world, who will discuss and dissect the effects of cyber in the financial arena. Amongst the participants,  Yaniv Harel, CEO of Cyber Solutions for DELL EMC.


A convention will take place along with the summit, where hundreds of experienced companies and start-ups will showcase their innovations. Amongst the exhibitors: The Mossad, 8200 Unit, Israel Police Lahav 433 Unit, The Innovation Authority, Check Point, CyberArk, IBM, RSA, Microsoft, Dell-EMC, Deloitte, Cybereason, Symantec, OPSWAT, FireEye, Intuit, Cyber Beat, Rafael, Aviation Industry, KPMG, PWC, SOMPO and hundreds more.

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