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The Municipality will operate a designated page on its website,, where residents can obtain up-to-date information on road conditions, schools and kindergartens, public transport, community advice and more from the city's emergency and rescue services.


The Jerusalem Municipality is completing preparations for the stormy weather and snow predicted for Jerusalem over the coming weekend.


Ahead of the snow expected in the capital, the Jerusalem Municipality will operate 230 snow plows, salt dispensers, and engineering equipment as necessary to clear main traffic arteries, as well as scores of 4x4 vehicles, during the snow. The Municipality has procured more than 400 tons of salt for snow removal and 1,500 sacks of salt, which will be distributed at community centers, in neighborhoods, and at 500 education institutions across the city.


The Municipality has thousands of shovels, heating supplies, hot water bags, emergency lighting, and hundreds of blankets and sleeping bags, which will be distributed to community centers for needy residents. In addition, the Municipality has instructed supermarkets and suppliers to prepare and equip as necessary to meet the needs of the capital's residents before the storm hits. The Municipality calls on residents to bring forward their weekend shopping to Wednesday night.


There will be changes in public transportation operations during the snowfall, and roads into the city will be closed. The Municipality advises residents of the city and visitors to bring forward the arrival to or departure from the city to early Thursday afternoon. It is possible to receive updates directly to mobile phones via the Jerusalem Municipality app, which is available to all iPhone and Android devices (see illustration).


The Municipality will assess whether classes will be held or not, and will announce its decisions via the media and other means.


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat says, "The Jerusalem Municipality has completed preparations for the snow. Snow in Jerusalem is a cause for celebration for Jerusalemites, and we expect to see the most beautiful city in the world covered in white. Snow requires municipal preparedness and personal responsibility by all residents. We call on all residents to prepare for the snow, bring forward preparations, show responsibility, and listen to the instructions of the Municipality and Rescue Services."


Instructions for the public


Prepare for the storm in time with several days supplies of food and water, and bring forward Sabbath shopping and errands.


The Municipality call on residents and visitors to listen to the instructions of the Police and Rescue Services and avoid driving on the roads during the snowfall, and do not make unnecessary trips so that municipal and rescue teams can keep traffic arteries open.


In view of the storm, major disruptions in public transport are expected both within Jerusalem and intercity public transport.


The Police will close the roads into the city on the basis of assessments of the situation and the snowfall, and the Municipality calls on residents to be ready for this.


Bring forward arrival to or departure from the city and listen to the instructions and updates via the relevant media sources.


Take personal responsibility and thoughtfulness in order to be prepared to stay at home.


For patients taking regular medications, collect medications in advance for the days of the storm. Patients requiring electrical medical equipment, bring forward preparations for the storm and prepare an alternative source of electricity as much as possible.


Other recommendations for residents


Check that emergency systems are in working order, especially systems requiring ventilation, and prepare non-electrical emergency equipment.


Clean and open gutters and drainage outlets on roofs and in courtyards.


Cut trees and branches in private gardens and close to cables, check the safety of electrical systems, and purchase emergency lighting and back-up chargers for mobile phones.


Procure shovels to clear building entrances if necessary, strengthen antennas, solar hot water heaters, sheds, and other objects on roofs.


Clear unsecured objects that are liable to fall from high places, or blow away, such as potted plants, window boxes, furniture, and signs.


The Municipality website,, will open a designated page where residents can obtain up-to-date information on road conditions, the education system, public transport, community advice, and more from the city's emergency and rescue services. The website will collect important updates and publish them in an area that will be available for residents.


Out of a sense of personal responsibility and alertness, the Municipality asks the city's residents to check whether their neighbors need any help or assistance. If necessary, community centers will operate emergency services to help the public on their daily routines (the telephone numbers of community centers will be published on the Municipality website).


It is possible to report hazards in the following ways:


The Municipality website,


The Jerusalem Municipality app


The Municipal call center, tel. 106, which is prepared to receive calls about hazards and direct municipal employees to deal with them


In the event of an emergency or to report hazards, it is possible to call the Municipal call center, tel. 106,

or to the security and rescue services, as needed

(Police – 100;

Magen David Adom – 101;

Fire and Rescue Services – 102;

Electricity Corporation – 103).



 Photo credit: Amos Fridlin