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Today's issues: Israel's false peace partner, ahead of a disaster in Gaza, the foolishness that is making terror attacks possible, and copycat terrorism.



The Jerusalem Post believes that the incitement that comes out daily from the Palestinian Authority played an important role in last Sunday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem, and states: “The failure by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to condemn the attack by Monday night – more than 36 hours since it took place – is part of a culture of hate, violence and intransigence. A ‘peace partner’ does not remain silent when innocent 20-year-olds are deliberately run down by a truck on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Jerusalem. A real peace partner speaks up, shouts and condemns.


Haaretz contests Israel’s claim that since the 2005 disengagement, it no longer controls the Gaza Strip and has no responsibility for Gaza&rsquo ;s some 2 million residents, and asserts  that whether it’s responsible or not, Israel holds the key: “Israel must create a supervised, transparent and humane process for patients to leave Gaza, as a first step toward a fundamental revamping of its failed tactic of blockading the Strip. It must send water to Gaza in quantities large enough to save the aquifer and run additional electricity lines to Gaza to halt the environmental devastation. Israel has both the ability and the responsibility to prevent the UN’s warning from coming true: that in 2020, Gaza will no longer be fit for human habitation.


Yediot Aharonot criticizes the annexation of 22 villages to Jerusalem, although they are not part of the city proper and serve as a breeding ground for crime and terrorism, and calls instead for the building of a separation fence between them and Jerusalem. The author notes that already today, 40% of Jerusalem residents are Arabs, and adds: “A new separation line, which will not affect the city’s unity, would give the Jews an 80 percent majority.” The author declares: “If we wish to know what the right wing's vision of ‘one big state’ looks like, we don’t have to wait for the future. It’s already here. Instead of a united Jerusalem, we have received a large, violent city of conflict,” and argues: “The process can be stopped. For this purpose, the Right must come to its senses. For the sake of Jewish Jerusalem and in order to stop the Jewish bloodshed, this had better happen fast.


Israel Hayom contends that Sunday’s terrorist attack was neither the work of a dangerous, underground terrorist cell, nor was it a sign of a new wave of terrorism but rather simply and most likely a surprise attack on untrained soldiers insoired by similar recent attack in Europe. The author believes that “The main challenge security forces must face is to prevent a renewed outbreak of terrorism,” and adds: “Contrary to what was implied on Sunday, there are no Islamic State cells or operatives in Jerusalem, and the organization has no operational capability in Israel. What we saw was a lone terrorist, armed with a truck and hatred -- a familiar and fatal formula for which we have yet to formulate a conclusive response. This will continue to challenge Israel in the future.” 


[Ben-Dror Yemini and Yoav Limor wrote today's articles in Yediot Aharonot and Israel Hayom, respectively.]