"I am outraged by the UNESCO resolution that was passed today. Several weeks ago, I hosted a delegation of UNESCO ambassadors on a tour of the City of David. With a Bible in our hands, we walked on the very stones where kings and prophets walked 3,000 years ago. We saw the undeniable connection between Jewish history in the city of Jerusalem and the words of the Bible- a connection that is indisputable.

The resolution that UNESCO passed today demonstrates once again the ludicrous and anti-Israel nature of the organization. Rather than support Jerusalem, they choose to side with our enemies. Our response is to continue to develop and advance the city of Jerusalem, the eternal home and capital of the Jewish people. We will not allow these unfounded declarations to discourage us from our mission - protecting Jerusalem's 3,000 years of history while leading Jerusalem into the future. Happy Independence Day to the State of Israel and to Jerusalem, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the city's reunification!"


Photo credit: Frayda Leibtag