“Monarch” Flies to Israel Again.


 Getting to and from London for Israeli residents has just become easier. Joining the airlines that already service the Israel-England route is Monarch Airlines, adding 4 weekly services to the British capital – three from/to Tel Aviv and one from/to Eilat.


This is not the airline’s first time in Israel. More than a decade ago the airline operated charter flights between London and Tel Aviv. The new services will be of a scheduled airline, with choices for passengers that include baggage, hot meals and seat selection. Andrew Swaffield, Chief Executive Officer of The Monarch Group: “These two new scheduled routes are the result of the ongoing work we are doing to develop our winter programme which showcases a number of winter sun and ski destinations. Tel Aviv and Ovda [for Eilat] are growing in popularity once more with tourists and with the diverse offerings of both these destinations we are sure they will be a very popular choice for winter holidays. We are also looking forward to welcoming visitors from Israel to the UK.”



The first flight landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport on the 3rd of December, with an impressive welcome ceremony, in the presence of his Excellency the British Ambassador David Quarrey, and Yariv Levin, Israel’s Minister of Tourism. Also present was Monarch’s CEO Andrew Swaffield (who came from London for the occasion), and many other tourism-related business executives. Mr. Swaffield noted that London is an extremely popular destination for Israeli tourists. (We know too that members of the diplomatic community in Israel visit Britain frequently as well.)



The Israeli Ministry of Tourism has welcomed the additional services between the two countries – the fruits of Israel’s new “open-skies” policies. The flights to Eilat represent the interest that European travelers have in taking winter breaks in warm and hospitable destinations.


As an aside but very relevant to the aviation industry, the British Ambassador tweeted recently: Congrats @RollsRoyce, selected by @EL_AL_AIRLINES to power new Dreamliner fleet. UK's biggest ever export to Israel. Kol hakavod! Trade and tourism between the UK and Israel are on the increase and everyone benefits.




Photos : Silvia Golan





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"Diplomacy Staff  would like to express deep sorrow over the passing of Israel's fifth president, Yitzhak Navon, and send  condolences to his family


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With the Jewish festival of Chanukah to begin on Sunday evening (6th December), President Rivlin issued the following message to Jewish communities around the world.


A video of the greeting is available here - https://youtu.be/WKhtyRL5z4g



“My dear brothers and sisters in Israel, and around the world. At Chanukah we stand around the lights, watch as they glow, and sing together Maoz Tzur, a song that tells about the many challenges that have risen against the Jewish people in the past. We celebrate the survival of our people and our faith against all the odds. We celebrate the freedom that was won in those days, and that we enjoy today with Israel as the national home of the Jewish people. It is no coincidence that the symbol of the Government of Israel is the Menorah, the symbol of Jewish independence, which lights our path. In each generation we must find that path; to reinforce the bonds between Jews across the world, to share together, to hold high the torch of freedom. To bring light where there is darkness. Just as it was for the heroic Maccabim, the light of the Menorah inspires us all.


“Today, hatred, incitement, and terrorism threaten the whole world. In the face of these threats we need to be firm and strong like a rock – like Maoz Tzur – in our beliefs in freedom, justice, in the values of our tradition and of democracy. So this year as we gather with our families and communities and look at the wonderful lights it is my prayer that we will be reminded of the bonds that we all share, and the important role we all have of being a light unto the nations.


“Our thoughts at this time are of course with those who will be celebrating with a heavy heart; the injured and the families who have lost loved ones in the wave of terror that has struck in Israel, and around the world. To them especially, and to all the Jewish people, I wish a very happy Chanukah. Shalom from Jerusalem.”






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President Rivlin addresses 5,000 Christian visitors to Jerusalem at Tabernacles Feast


President Reuven Rivlin this evening (Tuesday) addressed the 36th Annual Tabernacles Festival of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, attended by 5,000 Christian visitors to Jerusalem from 85 countries, among them around 50 ministers and members of parliaments, from around the world, who are members of the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation.


President Rivlin welcomed the visitors to Jerusalem, and stressed the importance of the Jewish people’s return to Zion, both in ancient and modern times, as an inspiration to all peoples, "What an inspiration," he said, "was the return from exile in Babylon for the Jewish pioneers of the 19th century - and indeed for the 17th century pioneers fleeing European persecution, seeking freedom in the New World, and eventually founding ‘One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all’.”


The President told the attendees of his own family's arrival in Jerusalem, over 200 years ago. He thanked the visitors for their support, and for coming from around the world, and said, "Thank you for standing with us."


Photo :Christians from around the world celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem
Copyright: International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem

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