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President Reuven Rivlin this afternoon (Tuesday), met at his residence with a delegation of the heads of Israeli diplomatic missions to North America.

“We are going through significant changes with everything that relates to our relationship with the US,” began Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director General Liora Herzl, who spoke of the current period as being one of many opportunities, but also not without its challenges.

The President began by speaking about the recent incidents of anti-Semitism in the US. He said, “The Jewish people certainly for generations and for generations to come, cannot allow such phenomena to pass unchecked. When we say ‘Never Again’, it means anywhere in the world."

"I think the issue of anti-Semitism is an issue that the State of Israel and its representatives must stand unequivocally against, shoulder to shoulder. I also want to express my appreciation to President Trump for his clear words last week, and for his clear position. These things need to be repeated and reiterated without hesitation."

On the issue of the concerns of the Jewish community in the US, the President said, “Amongst American Jewry there is an uneasy feeling, and I am aware of this. A feeling that results naturally from disagreements between the State of Israel under any given government, and between the USA.” In such cases, the President clarified, that the US’s support for Israel did not come from a political view but was based in values, and that it would remain as such even if from time to time there were differences of opinion. “The partnership between the citizens of the United States and the State of Israel is a moral symbol, a beacon carried by the American Jewish community.”

The participants spoke about the challenges facing all the different streams of the Jewish community, and the different identities, approaches, and concerns of the different communities – especially on the issue of the peace process and relations with the Palestinians.

The President offered his support to the participants and told them that in their position representing Israel to the different communities where they served, they were honoring the state and its citizens. He praised them for their professionalism and dedication, and said that was at their disposal as they needed.

Photo credit: Mark Neiman (GPO)