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"Padani Jewelries" Chain opens the first luxury store of its type in Israel, which enables an exclusive buying experience, together with a service and professionalism of the highest world standards. It offers jewels of the best international brands, which lead in quality along with the unique designs of "Padani Jewelries".


For the first time, the "Padani Jewelries" Chain launches the news in the prestigious jewelries category with its "My First Padani" collection – at special prices, suitable for the young population and for whoever seeks her first jewel, and the first step in the prestigious world of jewelry.


This collection includes pendants and bracelets, and in the near future also earrings and rings, starting from 740 NIS up to about 1980 NIS. The jewels in the collection for the young are made of 18-karat yellow gold, combined with diamonds, in young and modern designs.


The "My First Padani" collection includes, in the line of pendants, gold pendants designed in the form of dragonflies, keys and hearts. In the line of bracelets, the collection includes jewels with designs in the form of dragonflies and violetto flowers.


 The "My First Padani" collection will be displayed in all the stores of the "Padani Jewelries" Chain. The chain is also launching an innovative Internet website, www.padani.co.il , with an overall investment of 150,000 NIS. This website is designed for operating with mobile phones and tablets. Its operation is integrated with the new Facebook page of "Padani Jewelries", which already includes more than 10,000 friends.


The Internet website shows a leading selection of collections of jewels and watches, which are iconic of "Padani Jewelries", and provides a platform for updating the chain customers on all the innovations in the prestige jewelry field, and for establishing immediate connection.


"Padani Jewelries" will nearly open an Instagram page and launch a newsletter for its customers.


Besides, the "Padani Jewelries" Chain displays its iconic prestigious jewelry collections for 2015, among them: VIOLETTO, DRAGONFLY, LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, SIGNET RINGS – TOTALLY YOU, SYMPHONY, PLIAGE, and ICE.


About "Padani Jewelries":


From its start, more than 60 years ago, "Padani Jewelries" specialized in the design and production of jewelry collections of the highest quality and at international standards.


In the last years, the chain has launched unique jewelry collections, which add to their aesthetic design human feeling messages, such as love, friendship, loyalty, motherhood, and more. These collections are offered at accessible prices, starting from only 1,000 NIS.


Due to its strict preservation of the highest quality and international standards, "Padani Jewelries" has been chosen by the leading jewelry brands to be their representative in Israel.


The "Padani Jewelries" Chain includes 9 stores throughout the country: four in Tel Aviv, one in Raanana, one in Jerusalem, one in Haifa and two in Eilat.


Photos  Silvia Golan