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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this afternoon (Monday, 1 July 2013), met with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) President Peter Maurer and told him that he was very pleased to meet him, adding that the State of Israel would continue to cooperate with the ICRC. The two men discussed the possibility in Israeli water and health technologies.

President Peres conducted a diplomatic work meeting with the Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Enrico Letta

President Peres to Prime Minister Letta on the attempt to restart peace talks:

 "The differences between the sides are small, especially in comparison with the dangers of not making peace"

President Peres on the situation in Egypt:

"There is no telling what will happen in Egypt but I pray that they will find a solution"

Prime Minister Letta to President Peres:

 "These very days something important is happening…we want to see hope become reality"

"I would like to draw your attention to three things: First, the peace process. I held a third meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry last night until the early morning, along with my colleagues on the negotiating team. Israel is ready to begin negotiations without delay, without pre-conditions. We are not putting up any impediments on the resumption of the permanent talks and a peace agreement between us and the Palestinians. There are things that we will strongly insist on in the talks themselves, especially security. We will not compromise on security and there will be no agreement that will endanger Israelis' security, and I believe, I think, that it is necessary that any agreement, if it is achieved, be submitted to the people for a decision.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Thursday, 30 May 2013), visited the headquarters of the Israel Security Agency and met with ISA Director Yoram Cohen and senior ISA officials. The Prime Minister was briefed on ISA activities in various fields and the direction of its future operations. He was also presented with its advanced operational and technological capabilities including those used in dealing with the threats facing the State of Israel.

"The Israel Air Force is the best in the world – it has the ability to deal with the challenges and threats we face"

"You are the young guard – the next generation of the best air force in the world"

 The President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres, delivered remarks this afternoon at the Israeli Air Force Graduation Ceremony. President Peres addressed the threats and challenges Israel is facing and said, "Over the past 50 years, Israel's Air Force remains the best in the world. When you throw your berets in the air you will become the young guard – the next generation of the best air force in the world. You will hold in your hands the controls of the airplane which are also the controls of the security of the State of Israel and protect the country and its skies. Israel is facing complex and multiple challenges. The IDF, and the IAF, has the ability to deal with those challenges and threats. The reputation of the IAF is part of Israel's deterrent system."