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  • Magdala Center Israel, mexican historical, cultural and religious project, realized the official openning of the Visitor Center, located in one the main cities round Israel, Tiberia,

  • with the presence of Federico Salas Softe, Mexico´s Ambassador in Israel.


Israel, Galilee, octuber 7th, 2013.- Magdala Center,  religious and tourist project, header by mexicans, realized the openning of the Visitor Center with Federico Salas Softe, Mexico´s Ambassador in Israel,  the offical openning of the Archeological park which expects catholic pilgrims, local and foreign tourist, including tours and look the whole discoveries without fee.


During the Visitor Center Openning, the Ambassador Federico Salas and Fr. John Solana, CEO of the Magdala Project, toured together the Magdala ancient town with all the volunteers and the working team who supports this project. Excited, the Ambassador Salas, invited to the mexicans to support the compatriots who are doing great job at the Galilee, Holyland.


The Ambassador, who has been living at Holyland the last sixth years, congrated the mexican project and he said is proud for this terrific mexican share in the Middle East. As well, Salas, added that Magdala Center Israel, most be one of the pilgrims stop visit, cause the important device of religion, history and culture for the society.


The tourist tour offer a whole First Century experience in the Mary Magdalene ancient town, where the visitors can walk throw the main discoveries at Magdala Archeological Park, appreciate the First Century Synagogue,  of the Second Temple and Jesus age, discovered in 2009. Likewise, one of the discoveries are the right part, Mikvaot, ritual and purify bathing of spring water, used by the jewish body purification. The Mikvaot at Magdala Center, are considered unique in the World, cause the natural water source caters from the bottom grounds.


With the support of the volunteers round the world, pilgrims and donations that the project has recieved, Magdala has advanced greatly and they expect for the last days of november the Spitituality Center, Duc In Altum, will be open.


Event images: http://we.tl/bDRkjsO2Lm


About the Magdala Visitor Center.

Tourist Tours everyday of the week from 8:00 to 18:00 hrs in five different languages, english, spanish, italian, hebrew and arabic.

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About Magdala Center Project.

The Magdala Center is being developed by the Legionaries of Christ, the Catholic religious congregation that was entrusted by the late Pope John Paul II with the administration of Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center. Since it was initiated in 2006, the project has been managed by Fr. Juan María Solana of the Legionaries of Christ and is supported by donations and volunteers from around the world.

The project includes the Notre Dame du Lac Hotel, an Archeological Park, the ‘Duc In Altum’ Spirituality Center, the Magdalena Institute for Women and state of the art, the Multimedia Center.


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