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Changes for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers


The Association for wellbeing of Israel's soldiers (AWIS) and  the 'LIBI' fund are merged into one entity under the name of 'Yachad le'maan Ha'chayal'


The fundraising expenses and their realization for salaries, vehicles, managements and general needs – are funded by the Israeli Ministry of Defense

The wellbeing of the Israeli soldiers is the main goal of each donation


The chairperson of the new organization is Major General (Res.) Yoram Yair- 'Yaya' who mends the position voluntarily


'Yachad Le'ma'an Hacha'yal' is the exclusive entrance channel and donations transference entity for the IDF soldiers and units.



Seventy Five years after the Association for wellbeing of Israel's soldiers(AWIS) was established, and forty years after the foundation of the 'LIBI' organization, the two organizations have been united into one entity, and began the joint national operation for the sake of IDF soldiers - under the new name: "Yachad le'ma'an ha'chayal", as announced this morning by major general (res.) Yoram Yair – 'Yaya', the chairman of the acting board.


The novel organization joint together, "Ya'chad leman hachayal" is held under the power of the IDF, and the soldiers who come together from Israel and different countries around the globe: "The powerful bond, the identity, and the support for the Israeli citizens, Judaism, and the IDF, empowers and strengthens the soldiers standing on duty, which increases their solidarity, and strengthen the Israeli society "said Yaya, "Not everyone can donate, but everyone can volunteer, and due to this we shall support the soldiers on their journey to come". The collaboration of both organizations into one entity – saves unnecessary resources, empowers the work efficiency, and cancels out the collisions between the organizations.


According to the ministry of defense's decision, henceforth – 'Yachad Le'ma'an Hacha'yal' is the exclusive entrance channel and donations transference entity to IDF soldiers and units.   



After merging the two organizations, the new chairman insisted that all expenditure and fundraising- such as salaries and administrative expenses, will be funded and provided by the Ministry of Defenses only, not through the

donations. This change ensures that 100% of the donations will reach their destination. Without cutting any percentage in favor of overheads, salaries or expenses.



Ways of fundraising were also substantially modified: the external telemarketing operations held on expense of donations, has been discontinued. 


From now on, one can donate through our website, which allows the donor to choose directly the designation of its contribution, knowing that the donation will be transferred fully to its destination. A change aligned by the transparency policy announced by the Organization. 


In addition, 'Yachad Le'ma'an Hacha'yal' will provide lone soldiers with new contributions, such as assistance to newly deployed lone soldiers in order to help them integrate easier in the Israeli society after their army service. The association will help assist them in various fields- education, housing and employment.


'Yachad Le'ma'an Hacha'yal' will continue to assist soldiers through a variety of projects such as helping economically disadvantaged families, assisting lone soldiers, and hospitalized soldiers and more. All of this is possible thanks to the generous contributions of thousands of donors including, companies, organization individuals and volunteers worldwide.