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President Rivlin this morning (Thursday), addressed a visiting delegation to Jerusalem, of more than 200 representatives of the Jewish Federation of New York marking 100 years since its founding. The President was greeted by Eric Goldstein, CEO of the UJA-Federation of New York.

President Rivlin welcomed all the delegates to Jerusalem, and congratulated them on marking the organization’s centenary, and spoke of the important bond between the Jewish communities around the world. He said, “We are all one family. And being part of a family, means we all have the duty, and the obligation, to look after each other. We have the shared responsibility, to fight anti-Semitism. We have the shared responsibility, to educate our children about their Jewish identity. And we have the shared responsibility, to the State of Israel, our national home.”

He said the President there was an obligation for all, “to teach an understanding of all the Jewish world.” He noted the wide range of meetings held at the President’s Residence with all the different Jewish communities, and stressed the importance of the shared commitment to the State of Israel. “The State of Israel is not just a place, it is an idea. It is Herzl’s safe haven for the Jewish people. But it is also Ahad Ha’am’s rebirth of the Jewish identity and culture; the dream that the State of Israel, would be part of the lives of all Jews. I believe that this mission; of making the State of Israel, the focus of the Jewish people, is a shared, and ongoing mission for all of us. To be successful in this mission, we must understand the realities in Israel today; the changing face of Israeli society. Israel is a society made up of different groups; secular, Haredi, Modern Orthodox, Arabs. I believe that the task of building an Israeli hope, for all the people of Israel, is a supreme mission which lies ahead of us. It is the task of creating a shared Israeli identity, based on values ​​of equality, and a shared sense of responsibility.”

The President concluded by thanking the Federation for their partnership in this mission, and congratulated them on reaching the important milestone.

Photo credit: Mark Neiman (GPO)