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Romanian Ambassador Mr Edward Iosiper, Minister Yaakov Margi and Mr Shlomo Morgan Minister Counselor Protocol Department 
Photo Silvia Golan 
On the occasion of the traditional celebration of the National Day of Romania marking 64 years since the reunification of the country, Mr. and Mrs Edward Iosiper
have invited friends and dignitaries to a nice reception on the lawn of their home in Herzelia.

In his welcome speech, Ambassador Iosiper described the fruitful, productive, bilateral ties between Romania and Israel.
 Mr Iosiper noted that new agreements in research, development and health have been negotiated. He went on to say "There are more than 5000 Israeli companies operating on the
Romanian market reaching a mutual volume trade of 420 million dollars in addition to the 3 billion dollars of Israeli investment in Romania".
The Ambassador also added that this year Rumanian representatives experienced for the first time the danger, fear and agony Israeli citizens in the south had to endure for the last 12 years.
According to Losiper "A just and lasting solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict can be reached only through direct negotiations"
The Ambassador also reitirated Romania's strong stance against any attempt of de-legitimization of Israel."


Standing in between the two flags of Israel and Romania Minister Yaakov Margi congratulated Romania at the celebration of its National Day.
Margi noted that Romania and Israel have been enjoying a very special and excellent diplomatic relationship uninterrupted for the past 64 years - Romania being the only country
in the Soviet Bloc to maintain such relations with israel.
"The special ties" added Margi "are based on a broad common foundation: common values, similar strategic outlook and an interwined history of accomplishments
and tragedies".

In conclusion Minister Margi conveyed wishes for Romania to prosper and hopes that the friendship between Israel and Romania be a shinning beacon for all nations of the world.