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Mrs Tamayo Marukawa, the Minister of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games, arrived a few days ago for a brief 72 hour work visit in Israel. Mrs Tamayo visited Jerusalem immediately upon her arrival in Israel. She was then hosted at the Olympic Experience in Tel Aviv, the visitor's center of the Israeli Olympic Committee. During her tour of the Olympic Experience Mrs Tamayo was accompanied by Alex Gilady, a fellow of the International Olympic Committee, Japanese Ambassador Koji Tomita, and Gili Lustig, the CEO of the Israeli Olympic Committee.

The Tokyo Games Minister was candid about her excitement at the end of the tour, in particular from hearing the stories of Israeli Olympians, and the tragic story of the 1972 Munich Games. Maraokawa, who arrived with eight of her staff, and hold a work meeting , before departing Israel on Monday.




The Olympic Committee of Israel is considered the umbrella organization for sports in Israel, operating under the Charter of the International Olympic Committee. Its members include representatives of all the Olympic sport Federations and Associations, sports centers and selected Olympic athletes and public figures.

The Olympic Committee of Israel was admitted to the Olympic Movement in 1952, the year when the very first Israeli delegation competed at the Olympic Games in Helsinki.

As the body responsible of preparing and sending the Israeli delegations to the Olympic Games and to international sports competitions under the auspices of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Committee of Israel operates in cooperation with the Sports Federations long-term professional programs to nurture its potential athletes through its professional unit – The Elite Sport Department, 

The Olympic Committee of Israel is a partner in and operates the Foundation for outstanding Athletes, which grants monthly scholarships and achievement awards to Israel’s top athletes. 

The Olympic Committee of Israel is a equal partner in the Tel Aviv National Sports Center Ltd (Hadar Yosef), together with the Tel Aviv Municipality, and has representatives on Wingate Institute’s Board of Directors and on the Israel Sports Betting Board.

The Olympic Committee of Israel spreads the Olympic message throughout Israel, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Education, local authorities and other voluntary organizations. In addition, the Olympic Committee of Israel works continuously to commemorate the 11 victims of terror at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, both in Israel and around the world.

In 2009, the Olympic Committee of Israel inaugurated the Olympic Experience Museum, a one hour, interactive multimedia presentation conveying the Olympic values of excellence, competitiveness, determination, perseverance and solidarity.

The Olympic Committee of Israel is a member of the A.N.O.C (The Association of National Olympic Committees) and the E.O.C (The European Olympic Committees).

Photo 1 from right: Alex Gilady, Ambassador Koji Tomita, and Gili Lustig.
Photo 2 : Lustig, Marukawa, and Gilady.

 Photo Credit The Olimpic Comitee