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The EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Economy and Industry Eli Cohen, on 17 May to discuss Israel's
successful participation in Horizon 2020, European Union's research and innovation funding programme.

 The Commissioner also had a working breakfast with Israeli women innovators, which included finalists of the EU Prize for Women Innovators. He also visited Be'er Sheva's Advanced Technologies

Park and met with students and industry figures to discuss the growing tech community in Be'er Sheva. Together with leading Israeli researchers, he celebrated the 10th anniversary of the ERC
(European Research Council), an event jointly organized with ISERD, the Israel Europe Research and Innovation Directorate.

Commissioner Moedas said: "Horizon 2020 is open to the world, and Israel's participation is a clear testament to the mutual benefits of this openness. It has enabled excellent cooperation with
European researchers in a wide variety of fields, but also support for individual Israeli researchers doing ground-breaking research."



Head of EU Delegation in Israel, Ambassador Lars Faaborg-Andersen said: “EU-Israel cooperation in technology and innovation has never been stronger. Israel benefits greatly from the Horizon 2020
programme, not only the researchers, companies and universities which participate, but also Israeli people from the products and services which they develop and design using this funding. This is the
real back-bone of the Start-Up Nation”.

Israel was the first non-European country to be associated to the EU's research and innovation programmes which are among the largest publicly funded R&D schemes in the world. The current
programme, Horizon 2020 has a budget of nearly €77 billion for 2014-2020, and is the leading source of competitive public funding for research in Israel. The participation of Israel in the EU Framework
Programmes is managed by ISERD, the Israel Europe Research and Innovation Directorate, who has been responsible for the last 20 years to advance Israel's successful participation in the Framework

The association to Horizon 2020 provides Israeli researchers, universities and companies with full access to the programme. Over the last 20 years, Israeli participants in over more than 3250 projects
have received over €1.7 billion in EU funding. Israel's association to Horizon 2020 also makes it one of few non-EU countries eligible for the "European Capital of Innovation", a contest currently under
way where the winning city will receive a million euro prize.

In 1996, Israel was the first non-European country to be associated to the EU's "Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development". These programmes rank among the
largest publicly funded R&D schemes in the world. The current programme, Horizon 2020, which Israel joined in 2014, has a budget of nearly €77 billion for 2014-2020. Since the entry into force of
the Association of Israel to the Framework Programmes in 1996, more than 3,250 projects with Israeli participation have been funded through FP5, FP6, FP7-H2020, where Israeli entities have
participated more than 4,804 times with €1,721 million in EU financial support. On its side throughout these years, Israel has contributed over €1,277 million to the Framework Programme.

The Framework Programmes (FP) invest in a wide range of research and innovation activities through diverse funding tools, and are open to participants from academia, industry and the public
sector. Beyond the possibility of winning prestigious research and development grants, they have enabled Israel to integrate with the European academic research community, to cooperate with key
players in Europe, to have access to cutting-edge research infrastructures and to be exposed to massive European research projects.

 Photo  Credit   © European Union , 2017 - EC / Photo: Gil Cohen Magen