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Holon: Café Landwer Launches A New Factory Store and Training Center


Cafe Landwer is the oldest coffee manufacturer in Israel having been established in 1919 and the second largest in Israel.

It has now opened a new factory shop and training center in Holon for both the general public and professional market respectively. The complex covers a total area of 100 m2 at an investment of 1.5 million NIS.



The factory shop will receive the products directly from the factory behind it, will be used for the sale of all the Landwer and illy coffee products, coffee blends, capsules, coffee machines, macchinettas and more and is intended for the general public and coffee lovers.

The factory shop will also offer the exclusive products that are sold at the chain stores and cafés, such as unique coffee blends developed by Landwer, which carry aromas and flavors from exotic regions around the world.



 Landwer's coffee plant is the most sophisticated and advanced of its kind in Israel. The factory produces quality coffee from the best coffee beans in the world. 


Factory Store Contact Details: 

Address: 6 HaYovel St., Holon. 
Phone: 1-700-500-676

If you're a coffee lover, you'll enjoy the experience!

 For the full article refer to  https://www.israel-best-trips.com/single-post/2018/10/21/Holon-Caf%C3%A9-Landwer-Launches-A-New-Factory-Store-and-Training-Center

Photo Silvia Golan