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Eli Cohen is a hair professional who specializes in hair extensions and wig building. He has utilized his 30 plus years of experience to implement an improved method of application of hair extensions.

The technique that he uses was inspired by the African braid culture and is based on weaving in the hair accessory to only 8 points whereas common methods used today tape or glue the accessory to 100 points along the scalp.

The whole process takes only 40 minutes. The accessory weighs 50 grams and is woven with a high-quality PU thread that is also used in medical operations. Once every month and a half or two, the accessory is removed and reattached to 8 different spots.

The advantages of this technique are that it cannot cause accidental burns and bald spots, it takes less time and less points of hair bear weight in parallel. Moreover, the 8 weight-bearing points have time to recover their strength because the spots are changed with each maintenance adjustment.



The hair extensions come in wide variety textures and colors so that they are suitable for a multitude of cases such as: thinning hair and avoidance of a transition phase when growing hair or when growing back to white.

All the additions used by Eli Cohen are based on natural hair imported from Europe. The extensions are sown on site and have a one year warranty. They are suitable for curly, wavy and smooth hair types allowing all women to enjoy thick fashionable hair in all shades without the use of soldering or chemical processes that damage the hair and its renewal.

Although not mentioned by Eli, based on his website he founded a volunteer hair salon at Sourasky Medical Center where he utilizes his experience with hair extensions and wig building to help cancer patients maintain their appearance.

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Eli Cohen - The Center for Professional Hair Solutions specializes in hair thinning and extensions. The center offers natural hair extensions and uses various methods including the above weaving method as well as clip on and other options based on personal counseling. Eli Cohen is the only one in Israel who sews and fixes hair extensions on the spot. Lastly, in addition to the hair extensions, the center offers a variety of fashionable wigs. The center is located in Ramat-Gan on the border of Tel-Aviv.

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Photo Silvia Golan